March 4, 2015


Saturday Sale


Kate Spade Saturday is having a huge sale right now -- 40% off everything with code EXTRA40! I've ordered a few things from Saturday over the years and not only is the quality amazing, who can resist all the black and white stripes, or gorgeous pops of color? 

I've rounded up a few of my favorites from the sale, all at total steals! Click the numbers above to shop each piece, or click through the widget below to shop even more of my favorites. 

Happy Wednesday!

March 2, 2015


OUTFIT DETAILS: dress made by me (tutorial here, similar here and here) | j.crew jacket (on sale here, wearing size xx-small) | tights | michael stars hat | kate spade bag (sold out, similar here for under $25!) | chinese laundry ankle boots

We've had a cold snap in Southern California this past week, so we've gotten a taste of real spring weather (i.e. cold). During the spring I always get the itch to pull out my summer clothes, since I'm totally sick of my winter clothes by then, but those summer clothes can be a little too lightweight for those cool spring months. This gray pleated dress is one of my favorite summer pieces, but with a few additions it's the perfect spring outfit.

Try these three tips for styling them for spring so you can get a little early use out of those summer pieces. Plus, once summer rolls around, you can wear them a completely different way (like you can see I did with this dress here) so you won't be sick of them yet!

1. Lightweight Layering. The easiest way to warm up a summer piece and make it more cold-weather appropriate is to add lightweight layers. Lightweight jackets are my favorite for spring because those days are often cool in the morning and warmer in the afternoon. So try something that will give you enough warmth for the first part of the day, but won't give you heat stroke by mid-day.

My field jacket from J.Crew is the perfect spring jacket, but I also love this one from Old Navy, and this one and this one from Gap.

2. Add winter accessories. This is the easiest way to make any dress look season appropriate. Try boots, tights, scarves, or hats to complete your cool-weather look. You don't have to do all of them, just pick and choose which ones work best with your outfit and with each other. In fact, a good rule of thumb is to wear no more than three cold-weather accessories at a time. Otherwise your outfit becomes cluttery and overwhelming.

3. Pair with dark colors. My dress here is gray, obviously, but you can style your brighter, more summery clothing using these tips as well. To make a summery dress more winter-y, add darker, warmer colors to it to make it feel cold-weather appropriate. I added a navy blue jacket, a dark gray hat, and a deep wine colored tights to complete my spring look.

Try these styling tips to get a ton more use out of your closet this spring and summer!

February 27, 2015


OUTFIT DETAILS: top made by me (similar here) | similar denim | similar wedges here and here | petunia pickle bottom bag | karen walker sunglasses | similar necklace here and here 

A few weeks ago I was prepping for a photoshoot and needed a blouse to pair with a skirt I was planning to wear. I searched on a few of my go-to clothing sites (Asos, Old Navy, Nordstrom, J.Crew Factory and Anthropologie) without finding anything that filled my vision. And then, duh, I realized I should just make a top. So I did. And it turned out exactly how I wanted it and I love it to death. It's the perfect semi-boxy, semi-structured, easy to dress up or down, perfect hemline length top. 

Click through to find the sewing tutorial! 

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