April 1, 2015


OUTFIT DETAILS: old dress, similar here, here, and here | old chambray, similar here

I'm so embarrassed to admit this, but 9 years ago when my husband I were dating, I remember him telling me one time that I really needed to throw away a few of my clothes. I was so bugged by this, because why should I throw away some of my favorite pieces? He responded, "because they are full of holes!" Apparently I didn't think that wearing a shirt full of holes in the elbows was a problem? Or one covered in pilling?

I've come a long way since then, tossing or repairing clothes that get holes and other damage, but I also am much better about taking care of my clothing in the first place. It's such a waste of money to purchase clothing and then not take care of it; and in my case, a lot of my handmade clothing is so special to me, I want it to last forever -- I want to give it to my daughter, daughter in laws, or granddaughters someday! Pretty sure they won't be too interested in a garment filled with holes.

So today I'm teaming up with Persil Pro Clean to talk about five things I do to keep my clothing in mint condition and make them last way longer.

1. Buy clothing with higher quality material. This is kind of a given -- the higher quality the fabric, the longer it will last. This doesn't mean you have to buy expensive items, lots of inexpensive stores sell pieces that are made of good quality material. Feel the fabric before you purchase it -- thicker, sturdier, tighter woven fabrics will be more durable and be less prone to snagging, holes, or pilling.

2. Don't wash as often, and when you do, use a good detergent. I used to wash my clothing every single time I wore them. With most of my shirts I still do, but dresses and jeans can go a few wears without having to be run through the wash.

I've tried a bunch of different laundry detergents over the years, and absolutely notice the difference between low quality and high quality detergents. I want something that keeps my whites super white, and brights super bright, all while not damaging my clothing. Persil Pro Clean has three types of detergent that we use -- their Power-Liquid detergent that is amazing for keeping my colors vibrant and clean, their Power-Pearls that keeps my whites from getting dingy and gray (but you can also use it on colors!), and their Power-Caps that are amazing for fighting stains (and heaven knows I have to deal with that on my clothing since I have little kids!)

Also, following the instructions on the clothing for washing in warm or cool water makes a huge difference in the longevity of the fabric and color, so make sure you check those tags!

3. Store your clothing properly to avoid damage. I don't have a ton of closet space, but despite that I try to keep my clothes stored properly to avoid causing any damage to them. If you have the space, hang your dresses and blouses, fold your sweaters, fold your jeans, and keep your shoes in airtight containers (like these ones that I've recently added to my closet and love).

4. Rotate through your clothing regularly. Part of my problem when I was dating my husband is that I had four or five favorite shirts in my closet and rotated through those ones way more than anything else. So they quickly got worn out because of so much use. Although I'm still prone to reach for my favorite pieces more often (like everyone), give your other pieces a little more airtime to balance out the wear and tear. And like I mentioned in last week's closet spring cleaning post, cleaning out your closet every so often helps you remember what pieces you actually have so you get more use out of your entire closet!

And to help you take better care of the clothing in your closet, Persil Pro Clean is doing a super awesome sweepstakes giveaway that includea year supply of Persil ProClean and a premium night out on the town! The night out on the town includes a $300 gift card to Nordstrom, a $200 opentable.com gift card and a $150 uber credit! Just hop over to PersilProClean.com/sweepstakes and fill out the form to enter!

What other tips do you have for keeping your clothes in great condition? I'd love to hear!

*pictures by Jana Laurene

the post was created in partnership with Persil Pro Clean

March 30, 2015


photos by jana laurene

One of my favorite looks that I see people wearing all the time is bohemian. But for some reason it's always been a style that for me seems a little harder to pull off. Over time though, I've realized that the problem lies in me trying to do an entirely boho outfit, rather than just incorporating it into my personal style (which isn't boho at all). And that's the key with any style -- don't force yourself to wear a completely different style that doesn't work for you...just add bits and pieces so it's not overpowering to the rest of your style!

I recently picked up this gorgeous swing top and fringe poncho from Nordstrom Free People, both of which are very boho, and wanted to figure out how to style them in a way that still reflected my personal style, so I tested out my theory in two outfits, one with each of these pieces, and love how they turned out.

So today let's talk Bohemian. Here's 4 easy ways to incorporate boho into your look, without it overwhelming your style!

1. Add a flowy garment. Loose and flowy maxi skirts and dresses, ponchos, swing tops with loose, flowy sleeves -- they're all very boho. To incorporate it into your style, pick one of these styles and add it to the rest of your style. I paired a beautiful flowy swing top with skinny, distressed jeans and strappy ankle boots for a good mix of modern and boho. If you choose a boho maxi dress, pair it with modern jewelry and shoes. Or if you try a poncho, add a feminine bag and heels to keep the outfit more your style.

2. Try earthy colors. I definitely gravitate toward bright and fresh colors, but boho is all about earthy tones. Since I don't want to steer too far from my personal style, I choose pieces that had those earthy undertones, but still were vibrant and colorful. Even the navy poncho has some beautiful, bright embroidery that keeps it fresh and modern.

3. Don't forget a hat! Fedoras and floppy hats are both very boho, and instantly add a bohemian vibe to your look. This is also such an easy way to add a bit of boho without overpowering the rest of your style. But I personally like to add them to an outfit with an already slightly boho vibe so the hat doesn't seem out of place.

4. Add some fringe. Fringe is huge this year, and definitely very bohemian. Add a little fringe bag, a fringe kimono or poncho, or a fringe lined blouse and your outfit will get a taste of boho without overwhelming the outfit. Just make sure you pair it with other pieces that fit your personal style!

So do you think you'll try out the boho trend??

Find more of my favorites right in the widget below -- click the image to shop!

this post was created in partnership with Nordstrom Free People 

March 27, 2015


OUTFIT DETAILS: dress made by me (similar style here (only $10!), here and here) | fringe bag | karen walker sunglasses | jenny bird necklace via rocksbox (similar) | similar sandals

During the spring, maxi dresses are the perfect transitional kind of outfit. They give great coverage when you're not quite ready to show off your pasty white legs, and provide a little extra warmth during those days when the weather fluctuates back and forth from cold to warm. 

I picked up this fabric at Jo-Ann's a few weeks go, and a flowy maxi dress instantly came to mind. It has an amazing drape, and it's lightweight, but not see-through, so it's the perfect material for this kind of project.

Today for DIY Friday I'll show you how to make one -- it's really simple, so it's time to get your weekend projecting on!

(and, of course, if you're not into maxi dresses, you can always make it shorter!)

Click through to find the step by step tutorial!

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