July 28, 2016


My boys have outgrown pretty much all of their shoes from last year, so it was time to pick up a new pair for each of them. We're working on teaching B to tie his own shoes, so these Vans were a good choice, and they're so comfortable and easy to run around in. And I chose a pair of Sperry's for Fos that look like they have laces but are actually velcro so he can easily put them on himself -- which he loves.

Rack Room has tons of great brand name shoes and they always have tons of good deals going on on their site, so it's the perfect place to pick up a few new pairs of shoes for your kids for back to school!




It's crazy that we're already talking about Back To School since I feel like we just barely got out of school for the summer. But so many of you have kids heading back to school, so today we've teamed up with Rack Room Shoes to share a store that not only has a huge selection of great shoes, perfect for back to school, it also does a whole lot of good.

I love partnering with brands that do good, especially for kids and families, and Rack Room has an awesome program called Shoes That Fit that does just that.

When you purchase your shoes, you can donate to the program and Rack Room will not only match your donation, but 100% of proceeds go to families in need in your area. Last year they donated more than one million dollars through their program. It's so heart warming to hear about brands that do so much good and are helping real people.

You can check out more about their program and see all their shoes right here!

created in partnership with rack room shoes  ||  photos by rad and happy

July 27, 2016


SIMILAR TOP  ||  SIMILAR SHORTS HERE, HERE + HERE (I'm wearing these ones but they're no longer available)  ||  SIMILAR SANDALS HERE  ||  BAG

Can we all agree that bermuda shorts are hard to style? Yes? Ok, good. But shorts are a necessity during the warm months, and those of us who need the extra length in shorts are presented with a challenge -- to make them look good. 

So today I’m dedicating a whole post on how to style them and where to buy them. 

There are three basic kinds of bermuda shorts: boyfriend (usually oversized and distressed), fitted (these are usually cut from jeans and cuffed, or store-bought with a nice hem), and chino shorts. 

The key when wearing any of these shorts is to make your outfit look pulled together and purposeful. By nature, bermuda shorts aren't super flattering to your leg because they cut off right in the middle. So throwing on a basic tee is going to make your entire outfit just blah. So we need to learn how to make an outfit with shorts look stylish, pretty, and flattering. Two things -- wear the right top, and accessorize, accessorize, accessorize. 

Here we go.

First up, boyfriend shorts. 

  • How to wear them: 
    • With a fitted top. I’d recommend this only if you have a slim rectangular shaped body. The looser fit on bottom will accentuate any fullness in your lower body. It looks best if your fitted top is tucked into the shorts. 
    • Knot your tee. Tie a little knot into your tee to tighten it up and create a contrast against the looseness of the shorts.  
    • Feminine tops. Balance out the masculine feel of the shorts by wearing a feminine top, like I did here. Something eyelet, lace, ruffled, pleated, or lace up is perfect. 
    • Structured tops. A crisp button down offsets the casual boyfriend shorts, and creates a really clean and modern look. Loosely tuck it in for an effortless vibe. 
  • Which ones to buy: 

Next, Fitted Cut-Off Jeans or Fitted Hemmed. 

And lastly, Chinos Shorts.

What not to wear with bermuda shorts: 
  • Don’t wear long tops, like this one. You want to keep your proportions balanced, and long shorts and a long top will make you look you clothes don't fit properly. If your shirt is a little bit long, half tuck it into your shorts waistline to help elongate your look.

shop all my favorites here:

Did I miss anything? Leave any additional questions or styling suggestions in the comments!

photos by rad and happy  ||  images borrowed via pinterest

July 25, 2016


ON ME:  DRESS (worn as a skirt)  ||  TEE  ||  SANDALS



I had all these grand plans for summer with workbooks, piano lessons, daily projects and activities...but as we hit the last week of school, I just couldn't find the time to sit down and make a schedule for it all. After a week it never happened, and then another week, and then another. Now we're several weeks into school and we've done absolutely nothing that I planned.

But so far our summer has been one of our best ones yet. And I'm pretty sure it's because we don't have a schedule. We're just adventuring, going to the park, hitting up the beach, inviting over friends...and we don't have to plan it all out or get stressed we skipped or missed something. We just do it. We're just living.

And to keep up with all this adventuring, I'm making sure I put the boys in sturdy clothing. Old Navy has always been my go-to for clothing for my kids, and I love that I can buy things and know that they'll last through the rest of our summer and be ready for back to school.  And even better, I can get them on sale -- everything right now is 40% through tomorrow!

We have tons of Old Navy pieces we've purchased for the boys over the years, and unless they get stained, we can hand them down and they're practically in perfect condition.

Right now there are tons of great deals going on since everyone is heading back to school. Our school district gets out pretty late, so we still have over another month until school is back in session, but that isn't stopping me from picking up a few new things. Hop over and check out all their cute kids items! I'm obsessed with these plaid button downs and totally want these for Fos.

And they have tons of great new stuff in the women's section you can find right here -- I'm loving this top (I mean, white lace...are you surprised?), these super cute clogs, and this burnt orange dress.

More of my favorites in the widget below!

thank you to Old Navy for sponsoring this post  ||  photos by rad and happy
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