My Christmas Break Plans and Goals

Red lip and merry merry sweater

We are starting Christmas break! Here are my plans for the break and some goals I hope to accomplish during this downtime from work and school. 


Today is the last day of school for the boys before the holiday break.

My main goal during Christmas break is to just RELAX and enjoy time with my boys. But there are also a few other fun things that I’d like to do, both personally and as a family!



Christmas Break Plans

Put up the wallpaper in the mudroom

  • I have had my custom wallpaper from Wingmade in my closet for like 8 months and haven’t taken the time to put it up. I’m determined to put it up over Christmas break! It’s such a fun wallpaper that she created for us, and I’m so excited to have it on display. I’ll be sure to share on instagram when it’s up.

Run 10 miles one time

  • I haven’t been doing long distance running lately because I just don’t have the time with my busy work schedule. But during Christmas break I’d like to do a long run at least once!

Go to the temple to finish my year of temple trips 

  • One of my goals this year was to attend the temple 12 times — once per month. I’ve been able to get there every month, so I need to finish out my last month strong!

Take each of the boys on a day date

  • I used to do weekly one hour mom dates with my boys, and this year I have been much less consistent about it. My schedule and their schedules have been much busier this year with extra curricular activities, so it hasn’t happened most weeks. But I’d like to take them out one time each during this break time just to connect one on one with them!

Throw a gingerbread decorating party 

  • I do this every year and it’s one of my favorite parties. The boys each invite one or two friends, and they each make a little graham cracker gingerbread house. It’s fun and simple — I have a full post about it right here!

Make Christmas bread for my neighbors

Get a chemical peel

  • I’m way overdue for a chemical peel and my skin needs it so badly. I haven’t been wanting to do one because I’m constantly filming and didn’t want to have to deal with peeling, but Christmas break seems like a great time to check this off my list when I can stay home, out of the sun, and not have to worry about filming anything.

Go to a movie in the movie theater as a family

  • Growing up, we always went to a movie in the movie theater on Christmas Eve, and it was such a fun way to help pass the time on a day when the time moved soooo slowly. We did this last year as a family and it was such a blast. We got popcorn and snacks and it was everything you want out of a movie theater experience.

Watch the last 4 Harry Potter movies with the big boys

  • Fos and I just finished the whole Harry Potter series and now it’s time to watch all the movies! The big boys and I are going to do a Harry Potter movie marathon and watch all the remaining movies (we’ve already watched the first 4 together).

What are you doing during Christmas break???



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  1. Hildy says:

    I’ve been planning on doing more of our Christmas traditions during that typically “dull” week between Christmas and New Years- things like cookie decorating and seeing a local drive-through lights display. I love your idea of scheduling kid dates in there, too!

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