My Christmas Break Plans and Goals

Red lip and merry merry sweater

We are starting Christmas break in just a few days! Here are my plans for the break and some goals I hope to accomplish during this downtime from work and school. 


Today is the last day of school for the boys before the holiday break.

My main goal during Christmas break is to just RELAX and enjoy time with my boys. But there are also a few other fun things that I’d like to do, both personally and as a family!



Christmas Break Plans

Hang picture frames in the stairwell

  • We’ve been working like crazy to get house projects done over the last few months since we moved in. One of our big projects is a giant gallery wall in the stairwell leading down to the basement, and up to the second floor. My husband did the basement staircase a couple of weeks ago, and over Christmas break we are planning to tackle the walls going upstairs. It has tall ceilings and we’re going to have borrow or rent a big ladder, so it’s quite a big project. Wish us luck!

Go to downtown St. Charles

  • I’ve been hearing about St. Charles’ Christmas since we moved here, and I’m so excited to check it out. We’ve heard it’s the most charming little downtown with cobblestone streets and lots of holiday magic. It’s so fun to explore a new place during the holidays

Throw a gingerbread decorating party 

  • I do this every year and it’s one of my favorite parties. The boys each invite one or two friends, and they each make a little graham cracker gingerbread house. It’s fun and simple — I have a full post about it right here!

Make Christmas bread for my neighbors

Complete my 100 books read this year

  • I didn’t set out to read 100 books this year, but I decided to track my progress on Goodreads just so I could see how many books I read. I’m currently sitting at 96 books read for the year, so now I have to get to 100 books!

Go to the St. Louis Giving Machine

Go ice skating in Forest Park

  • This is another magical Christmas event I’ve heard about from locals, and skating outside in the beautiful Forest Park with my family sounds so magical and Christmassy!


What are you doing during Christmas break???




  1. Hildy says:

    I’ve been planning on doing more of our Christmas traditions during that typically “dull” week between Christmas and New Years- things like cookie decorating and seeing a local drive-through lights display. I love your idea of scheduling kid dates in there, too!

  2. Sarah says:

    my very favorite drive through light display in St Louis is “our lady of the snow.” It’s across the river, so a bit of. a drive, but we loved it! it tells the entire nativity story, and you can even take donkey and camel rides. one of our favorite st. Louis Christmas traditions!

  3. Thanks for sparking this conversation! It’s important to celebrate the happy parts and keep nurturing those good vibes in our relationships.

  4. Thanks for this post

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