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Hi there, I’m Merrick! Welcome to Merrick’s Art.

I’m a blogger, stylist, seamstress, clothing designer, mama of three boys, wife to a wonderful guy, and we live in north Dallas, Texas.

I started Merrick’s Art back in 2008 when I was in college getting my art degree. After my first baby was born in 2010, I discovered my love of sewing and spent a year or two doing a lot of clothing refashions, starting with this one right here. It was at least a year before I finally got brave enough to cut into a piece of fabric and start something from scratch, but I stuck with it and got better with every project (although I still threw away a lot of projects)! There’s nothing more thrilling for me than designing and constructing a beautiful piece of clothing.

Along the way, I became a style writer for Babble Style and SheKnows.com, and a contributor for Jo-Ann’s sewing blog, and wrote for each of them for several years.

Over the years I’ve become obsessed with putting together outfits and helping women feel more confident in shopping and dressing their bodies.


Here’s a few things you should check out:

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I’ve also got a ton of posts about WHAT TO WEAR to different events or occasions, and my 4 Ways to Wear it is a weekly series with outfit ideas for one particular item. Last year I started seasonal style guides, and everyone says they’re my most helpful posts!

I also share beginner and intermediate sewing tutorials, and if you want to learn how to sew, I have an online sewing course, The Modern Girl’s Guide to Sewing.

I started my own clothing line in 2019, the Merrick White Collection. It has uber comfortable, casual, everyday dresses that you’ll love.

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Some of my favorite content is over on Instagram, plus it’s a fun way to see a little more behind the scenes. Follow along over there, and if you have any questions, feel free to message me there or shoot me an email: merrickwhite@gmail.com.



“I love how you actually create content that people want to read. Your Get Dressed with Merrick series and all your posts are so helpful and so empowering to take wardrobe risks and be true to yourself. Of all the “influencers” I follow, you are hands down the only one that positively influences my life on the weekly.”


“Your blog is one of my favorites, because it is more than ‘I got this super cute shirt, here’s the link!’ try on session. Your blog offers function and education, which I love. Keep it up!”


“Thank you so much for all you do. My style has genuinely made a 180 since I started following. I’ve never felt confident shopping/styling things before now!”


“I love that you actually share useful tips and tricks that work! Some ‘influencers’ just throw together expensive designer clothes and then it’s ‘chic.’ Thank you for taking the time and effort to create such valuable and fun content! I started buying less and creating new styles with the clothes I already own. Even though we are at totally different stages in life (I’m still studying and have no kids) I can relate to a lot of what you are sharing, especially fashion wise. Thank you so so much!”


“It’s been so fun to do your closet challenge — I feel like I’m shopping my closet, since it’s clean and paired down to items that I genuinely love. Also your guidance for practical dressing is so much more accessible than expecting heels and dresses and the like every day.”


“I was at my job this evening dressing mannequins in our new spring clothes and I kept thinking about all the times from tucking in shirts or sweaters to jewelry from your Get Dressed with Merrick tips and I just gotta say, your tips are gold! Made a complete difference! Thanks for helping me look better at my job!”


“I have never had anyone explain things as clearly and simply as you do!”


“Your posts for spring closet cleaning have been gold! Thanks for all your help. I would love posts about how to know when something fits or doesn’t fit and why. When you did your Loft post, you showed a lace sleeve sweatshirt and how the sleeves were too short on you. And it didn’t make sense until you explained in words WHY it looked off. You always nail fit and I think could really benefit from someone teaching (showing and telling) me why something does or doesn’t fit well!”




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