What Is the Best Length for Your Pants?

trench coat with dark jeans and ankle boots

One of my most frequently asked questions is, what is the best length of pants? We’ll break it down today by style of pants, which shoes you’re wearing with them, and more.


It can be tricky to know which length of pants or jeans is right, especially when flares are coming back into style, cropped jeans are in, and also it’s winter so you want to make sure your ankles are covered.

Today I’m going to break it all down for you and show you the most versatile length, and also show you good lengths for various styles of pants with different shoes.


The best length of your pants will depend on your shoes

In most cases, the best length of your pants will depend on which shoes you’re wearing. I’ll show you a breakdown of different styles of pants below, but here’s a good rule of thumb:

Your wider leg pants and jeans shouldn’t drag on the ground, and your fitted pants and jeans shouldn’t bunch at the ankle.


The most versatile length of pants

The most universally versatile length of pants, that can be worn with all different kinds of shoes, is hitting right at or about 1″ above your ankle bone.

This length is considered a “cropped” length.

You can wear this length with low cut and high top sneakers, dressy and casual ankle boots, heels, flats, and sandals.

Here are a few examples


What if your jeans are too short or too long? 

If your jeans are too long, hem them! Take them to a local tailor (your dry cleaner will have an in-house tailor or can recommend one for you), or hem them yourself with one of these two tutorials:

If your jeans are too short, either cut them into shorts (TUTORIAL HERE) or donate them.


Is it okay to cuff your pants and jeans?

Super wide cuff pants are trendy right now (like THESE), and I don’t hate them, but cuffing your pants in general can give you a shortened look.

So especially if you’re petite, I’d consider choosing jeans that aren’t wide cuffed like this, and don’t wide cuff them on your own.

If your jeans are too long, one small cuff is absolutely fine, but multiple cuffs or rolls can make them look obviously too long.




can you cuff your pants


See the universally versatile length in action

Here are some examples of different styles of pants that hit at my ankle bone (or right above it) and you’ll how this length is universally versatile.


length of pants and jeans
length of pants and jeans
length of pants and jeans
length of pants or jeans
length of pants
length of pants or jeans
length of pants or jeans

I hope this is helpful as you put together outfits, and try to figure out what length of pants you should wear with your shoes!




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