Our Daily Routine Now That We’re Back in School

our daily routine for back to school

I love knowing what other people do during the day. Do you? Here’s what an average day looks like for us from the moment I wake up til I go to bed!

Outfit Details for me:
Pink Jacket
Gray Tee
Similar White Jeans
Bow Flats

Outfit details for B:
Black Jeans

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Gray Moto
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Outfit Details for San:
French Fries Hoodie Tee
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Want to see a breakdown of our daily routine?

Now that we’ve been back in school for two weeks, I’ve been sharing little bits of our days and wanted to share a full daily routine with you.

I don’t know what it is about daily routines that I love so much, but I love knowing what other people are doing during their days. And I know you guys love it too!


Here is what our average daily routine looks like.

5:30AM: My alarm goes off. Push snooze.

5:39AM: Get up and get dressed.

5:45AM: Personal scripture study and prayers.

6:00AM: Put away scripture study things, get headphones, choose podcast, take WM Nutrition pre-workout packet. (I don’t eat before I exercise, but I almost always take half of a pre-workout packet. The whole packet is too much for me, but half works great).

6:10AM: Start workout. I do BBG on the Sweat App (I’ve written lots of posts about this exercise program HERE) on Monday/Wednesday/Friday, and then run outside in my neighborhood on Tuesday/Thursday/Saturday.

6:40-6:45AM: Done with my workout. If I have time, I take a really quick cold shower to cool down and clean off. If I’m running late, I wake the boys up first and then shower.

6:50AM: wake up the big boys. They are self sufficient with their morning routines, so they get ready for school while I go get myself ready. They get dressed, brush their teeth, put away their pj’s, make their beds, and say their morning prayers.

7:00AM: Boys come downstairs and get their lunches and water bottles in their backpacks and get their breakfasts ready. We make and freeze BREAKFAST BURRITOS so they have a good, hearty, healthy breakfast to eat on the way to school everyday. We also make muffins and freeze them if they want something different.

7:10AM: I’m pretty much ready for the day. Dressed and makeup on. My hair is usually still sweaty from my workout, so I spray it with dry shampoo, brush it out, and then let it air dry during school drop off.

7:15AM: Grab Sanny out of bed and we’re out the door to school.

7:35AM: Drop the boys off at school and head home with Sanny.

7:55AM: Back home, post my morning instagram post (oh hey! Come give it a “like” or comment!)

8:00AM: Finish up my hair — another spray of dry shampoo, brush it out, and maybe give it a re-curl or toss it in a bun.

8:15-8:30AM: Breakfast for Sanny. I unload the dishwasher while he eats, but I save the silverware for him since that’s his job, and then load any leftover dishes from the night before that didn’t fit in the dishwasher. I also prep my lunch for later — a big salad with chicken and veggies and THIS DRESSING.

8:45AM: Get Sanny dressed, help him make his bed, and put his pj’s away.

9:00AM: Piano practice for me. I’m trying to re-learn this year, so I’ve committed to sitting down every morning to play. I haven’t been 100% perfect, but I’m trying and it’s fun to get some muscle memory back. I played for 7 or 8 years as a kid. While I play, Sanny plays in the playroom or wanders around.

9:30AM: Time for Mommy School. We do a very casual pre-school together. We read some books, do a few pages out of HIS WORKBOOK, maybe build something out of DUPLOS or LEGOS, and maybe sing some songs. I don’t use a curriculum – I just make it fun learning time together.

10:00AM: Our babysitter comes and I go to work.


Once a week during work time, I shoot blog photos with my photographer. Some other days I’m headed out to meetings or errands. A lot of days I’m home in my home office.


3:00PM: I’m done with work and get a SNACK TRAY and a game ready for the boys. I shared a bunch of SNACK TRAY IDEAS HERE, and all of our favorite FAMILY GAMES RIGHT HERE.

3:20PM: The boys are home from school! Lunch boxes unpacked, backpacks put away, shoes in the basket.

3:30PM: SNACK and GAME TIME. This is such a good way for them to unwind, tell me about their day, get fueled back up, and calm themselves back down after the big release of energy post school. (They literally always walk in the door so wound up).

4:00PM: Time for homework and afternoon things. If they don’t have homework, they have to do TYPING for 10-15 minutes (THIS IS THE TYPING PROGRAM WE USE AND LOVE). B has to practice piano for 20 minutes, and Fos has to read aloud for 10 minutes.

We also have REVOLUTION MATH (an online math class B takes and LOVES — I have a post and a promo code HERE!) once a week, and piano lessons once a week.

5:00PM: Quiet time or free time for the boys (if they’re playing well together, they can be together. If they’re bugging each other, they’re each in a separate room for quiet time).

Also at 5:00 I start making dinner.

5:45PM: Boys are called downstairs to help set the table and get ready for dinner.

6:00PM: Philip walks in the door and we have family dinner. I share my weekly menus RIGHT HERE if you need ideas! Also if you need some help with family dinner, we got this pack of cards called TABLE TALK from Manners & Co. that has such good questions to ask and answer around the dinner table. I’ve seen other stuff like this and it’s never as well done as these. Seriously, check them out! You can also buy it without the placemat bundle RIGHT HERE.

6:30PM: Dinner is done. Everyone cleans up their own dishes, and we all help clear the table. Philip is in charge of dishes, so while he does those, the boys and I pack their lunch boxes for the following day and make sure their backpacks are ready.

7:00PM: The boys play for a little bit while Philip and I hang (lately it’s been working on house projects). I also post my night time instagram post (come say hi and give it a “like“)!

7:30PM: Showers for the boys, and night time routine. Individual scripture reading (the little boys use THESE ILLUSTRATED SCRIPTURES with corresponding videos — super great for teaching them scripture stories!), prayers, teeth brushed, and clothes laid out for school tomorrow.

8:00PM: Family scripture time. We follow the COME FOLLOW ME curriculum from our church — this is the section we’re on THIS WEEK.

8:15PM: Family prayer, and then Philip puts Sanny to bed in his room.

8:15PM: Philip goes for a run, and I stay with the big boys in their room and read one chapter of our current read aloud book. You can see some of our favorites RIGHT HERE! Right now we’re reading Redwall. We just finished Little House in the Big Woods.

8:30PM: Lights out. They can stay up til 9:00PM with their night lights

8:40PM: I scroll on Instagram or check my emails before getting ready for bed.

9:00PM: Philip gets home from his run and we both get ready for bed.

9:45PM: Lay my exercise clothes out for the next morning, and prep my morning instagram.

10:30PM: In bed, lights out, go to sleep!


Whew, those are long, full days. I’m so crazy about having a routine and a schedule so we get everything done, and it makes our lives run much more smoothly.

When we start sports, we’ll have to adjust a few things. Sanny will have gymnastics in the morning, and Fos and B will have basketball and golf practice at least once a week in the evenings, and basketball games on Saturdays.

If you noticed, I don’t eat breakfast. I do intermittent fasting most days right now, so I skip breakfast and then eat lunch around 11 or 12. Then I have a snack with the boys when they’re home from school, and a regular dinner. It doesn’t work for everyone, but it works for me right now.

When do I do grocery shopping? I make a menu on Sunday, order my groceries on Walmart, and then pick them up on Monday.

How about laundry? My husband handles all of the actual washing and drying of the laundry. He sorts, and keeps the loads moving on Saturday. Everything is done by Saturday night. Then on Saturday night, while we’re watching a movie or a show, I fold all of the laundry. I put it in piles for each of the kids, and then the next morning they’re responsible for putting it away in their drawers and closets.


This was fun to put together! And if you have any questions, leave a comment here or over on Instagram!

daily routine back to school

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  1. Jennifer says:

    Thanks so much for this! I love reading about peopLe’s schedules. our morning routine is awesome, but our after school time needs some help- lots of fighting among my three boys. I’m goIng to try your game time idea!

    • Merrick says:

      It does help!! Although my boys are getting more competitive as they get older, so I may switch out games for a coloring page or some kind of activity instead just to avoid unnecessary unhappiness right after school 😉

    • Milla says:

      Thank you for sharing your routine. I also have a long list of chores that I am inexplicably trying to fill out forever. Only now I’m more looking for the right products on the site https://wisemamma.com/, or constantly wash the baby and the whole apartment

  2. Milly says:

    Can you tell us more about the intermittent fasting?

    • Merrick says:

      There are lots of ways to do it and there is tons of info on the internet. But basically I just eat between 11am and 7pm everyday. I have lunch (usually a big green salad with chicken and veggies) and then a snack in the afternoon (skinny pop is my go-to), and then dinner. I still have desserts on the weekend later than 7pm, but most other days I don’t eat past 7pm.

  3. Emma Sears says:

    I love Reading about roUtines too. My boys start school next week and we have a loose schedule… but i’d like yo get it to be more solid. I know it would benefit our family! —Especially if we as parents went to bed earlier!

    • Merrick says:

      Amen! I used to be such a night owl — now I HAVE to be in bed by 10:30 or I cannot get up so early! I’m not 22 anymore 😉

  4. KAYLA says:

    I find tHis fascinating to hear as well! Our mOrnings sound similar but our afternoons are bonkers With big kid activities – piano, soccer, vioLin, choir, rock climbing.. it never ends. Do you have an idea how you will adapt as your kids get older? alSO i feel lIke eVery day i spEnd at least one hour on erranDs/other non-Home tasks – getting oil changed, grocery shopping, paying bills, oRThodontist appointments, scheduling repairs, pTa or church calling Work – who does these at your house and when? Your day souNds so nice but i find a lot of things i would think would be in there left off.

    • Merrick says:

      I do a lot of those errands, bills, appointments, during my work time. That’s a big chunk of my day, and I don’t like for my mom time to filled with those kinds of things (although sometimes it still happens). Church callings — I currently teach a youth sunday school class, so I’m essentially prepping every morning during my scripture study, and then sit down and thoroughly plan my lesson usually on Saturday or Sunday morning. I also just got called as a self reliance class facilitator so I’ll be doing that once a week in the evenings. We’ll just fit it in and I’ll miss bedtime routine that night. I like to schedule doctor/dentist appointments for the kids during school hours so I can pull them out and then take them back without taking up our afternoons. Grocery shopping – I do it all online from Walmart do my menu planning on Sunday, order my groceries, and then send my babysitter to pick them up on Monday when she’s here or pick them up after dropping the boys off at school.

      Also remember this is just weekdays — weekends we have sports and Costco runs, and other things that I don’t fit in during the week. I’m not sure how we’ll adjust as the boys get older and we have more things on the week nights, but family dinner and family time is always top priority for us, so we’ll figure it out! Hope that helps 🙂

  5. Jenny says:

    Hi, Curious about the laundry…how does your husband keep them from getting wrinkled While they wait to be folded?

  6. EMily says:

    THIS is amazing! Thank you for sharing! I’m always cuRious about how others structure their time. How do you stay motivated? How do you keep yourself on track and not get distracted on your phone or wanting to stay uP TO watch netflix? Do you schedule time to veg and just relax?

  7. TARA says:

    Love the scheDule share, thanks! Question about getting back into piano, im in the Same boat and would love to get back into it. Are you just playing old/new pieces or are you following a CURRICULUM or anything?

  8. Tara says:

    Sorry dont know why there are crazy caps up there lol

  9. Paige mcway says:

    Will you share a picture about yoUr kids “shoes in the basket” – doea everyone do this on a regular basis?

    Also- freezIng muffins- you Make fresh muffins and thEn freeze in One large zip lock or individual?
    – love this idea as well as the burritos

    ThaNks for sharing !

  10. Tegan says:

    Thanks for sharing i love seeing other peoples routines.

    CUrious if you have a cleaner or not as you dont mention Any cleaning tasks above. Apart from dishwasher and laundry.

    Ive been thinking about getting help with My cleaning to free up time for working

  11. Amy says:

    I love “day in the life” posts like this one. It’s always interesting to hear how oTher people spend their time!

  12. Jana Dunn says:

    Thanks for sharing Merrick, I loVed reading through yoUr routine! How have You become, and helped Your family become so strUctured? I think its excellent and so good for kids to be on that sort of Schedule! it is hard for me to have the energy for it all, and mY kids someTimes refuse to stick to my schedule 🙂 do yoU give your kids CONSEQUENCES if they Don’t Do their ACTIVITIES, oR take toO long getting ready(for example)?

  13. Izaskun says:

    Good! Thanks for sharing! Many differences around here, different meal times in Spain. We incorporate the basketball and ballet schedules of the twin teenagers. And I find it difficult to incorporate my exercise schedule. But every day I try to do at least 30 minutes of exercise. HugS from spain!

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  15. Zara Wheeler says:

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  16. vex says:

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  18. I loved perusing your daily practice! How have You progressed toward becoming, and helped Your family turned out to be so structured? I think its phenomenal thus useful for children to be on that kind of Schedule! it is difficult for me to have the vitality for everything, and my children sometimes decline to adhere to my schedule.

  19. […] routines and familiarity creates a feeling of calm and safety for all of them. I wrote all about our basic daily routine RIGHT HERE. Do the same things at the same time everyday: have a snack tray after school (check ours out […]

  20. Claire Ford says:

    These are my favorite posts of yours! I come for your style advice and stay for your parenting advice. Thank you so much! Having our third child this year made it NECESSARY to have a routine. Otherwise, we go crazy! Thanks so much for the tips. Love love love them.

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