Western Style Boots: How and Where to Wear Them

Welcome to boot camp! Today we’re talking all about Western style boots – from what pants to wear with them, how to style them, and where to wear them. 


Cowgirl or western-style boots are super on trend right now. I think shorter, subtle pairs are a fun piece to add to an otherwise basic outfit. They’re definitely not my first choice of boots — I definitely gravitate toward Chelsea boots, or block heel ankle boots, but since they’re so trendy right now, we’re including them in this week’s BOOT CAMP!


Western boots vs. Western Inspired Boots

If you’re wanting to try the western boot trend, but don’t want to look too costume-y or go full cowgirl, I’d recommend trying a western-inspired boot.

The pair that I have and really like are THESE ONES. You’ll see that they have some designs on the side that are typical of a western boot, plus a very western style angled block heel. But the shape of the rest of the boot is more like a standard ankle boot, rather than western. Look at the difference between THESE BOOTS and THESE BOOTS, and you’ll see that the first pair is definitely “western inspired,” whereas the second pair is definitely more of a true western.

The true western pair that I have (THESE ONES) are a shorter height, which I think is easier to style with lots of things.


How do you style tall western boots?

With the Taylor Swift concerts this year, I’ve seen tons of women wearing full height western boots, and personally I think it’s pretty hard to wear them without looking costume-y. I don’t own a pair, but if you’re headed to a concert, I think that’s the best place to wear them. Pair them with a cute feminine dress with a full skirt for more of a chic, elevated look. The fuller skirt helps balance the heavier boot.


How to wear any western boot without looking costume-y

There are a few things you can do to avoid a costume-y look with western boots:

  1. Don’t wear with a wide brim hat. I have one example below where I’m wearing western boots and a hat, but that’s an example I pulled from a “what to wear to a country concert” post I did last summer. If you’re going to a concert, costume-y outfits are definitely appropriate and often encouraged, so go full hog with the hat and the boots. But for everyday, if you’re trying to avoid a costume-y look, choose either the boot or the hat. Not both together.
  2. Balance the outfit when wearing heavier boots. You’ll see below that I’m wearing my western boots with a full skirt dress in one outfit, and skinny jeans in another outfit. Western boots are a little clunkier kind of boot, without a fitted ankle, so it’s easy for the outfit to feel bottom heavy. So choose a fuller skirt to add volume on the top to offset the heavier shoe. Or choose a skinny pant to offset the heavier boot and not add more bulk to your bottom half. You’ll also see that I chose an oversized sweatshirt with my skinny jeans just to add some volume to my top half to balance a heavier shoe.
  3. Pair your western boots with elevated classic pieces. Classic pieces are a great way to make any trendy piece feel more elevated. Try dark wash jeans instead of light wash jeans for more of a classic look, a chic blazer instead of an oversized denim jacket, or a classy fuller black dress instead of a trendy bodycon dress.


Here are some shopping options for western boots


And some shopping options for western inspired boots



Outfit ideas for western boots


western boots
dark floral dress with western boots
denim skirt with blazer
western boots with black dress
paisley sezane skirt and camel sweater
denim shirt with midi skirt with ankle boots
stripes-and-a-neck-scarf copy
graphic sweatshirt with western boots

I hope this is helpful!

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