“What Would Merrick Wear?” Wednesday

what would merrick wear wednesday

I’ve been doing a fun series over on Instagram giving outfit ideas for different occasions. Here is a round-up of my series, What Would Merrick Wear?


What Would Merrick Wear?

On Instagram, I’ve been doing a series on Wednesdays called What Would Merrick Wear, where you guys submit occasions or locations or events and I tell you what I’d wear!

Since instagram stories only stay on instagram for 24 hours, I wanted to compile them all each month in a blog post so you can refer back to them.

Check them out below!

A Baby Shower in Feb

If it’s for your baby, I’d wear a dress that makes you feel amazing. When I was pregnant, I wanted the area right under my bust to be accentuated so I felt like I had some shape. If you want to lean into the baby blue color, this dress is so pretty and I think sizing up would work for a bump. And you could wear a cami or pin up the neckline if it’s too low for you.



Gatsby Theme Benefit

Jenn from @hauteofftherack threw a Gatsby party for her husband’s birthday a few years ago and there’s tons of inspo there! With a theme like that, go super glitzy!



Styling High Tops

I did a post about this last year with a few outfit ideas with high top sneakers!



Casual Mid Day High School Reunion

I did a whole post about high school reunion outfits last year! Tons of good ideas that are casual in this post.


Casual First Date

I shared this casual date night outfit a few years ago and think it would be perfect for a casual first date (except don’t wear a tee that says I love you on the first date, ha!) But comfy jeans, cute sneakers, a graphic tee, and a jacket (wear a coat if it’s cold) is a great formula for a casual date.



Bridal Shower Guest in Chicago, Spring but still cold temps

I’d wear a sweater and a skirt! You could choose boots instead of heels, and wear a wool coat when you’re outside.


Smart Casual Dress Code for Work Conference

Smart casual is a step down from business casual, so nice, sleek sneakers are allowed, nice, non-distressed jeans are allowed, but you still want elevated elements. A button up blouse with nice jeans, a simple, understated dress with nice sneakers, etc. I have a whole post about work conference wear that might help, just swap the heels for more casual shoes, and skip the blazers.


Seeing Les Mis at Theatre in Little Downtown

Lots of things are appropriate for the theater, but I’d make an effort to dress up a bit. Wear a dress and boots, jeans and a nice sweater, a blouse and a skirt…whatever you’ll feel comfortable in to sit for several hours, while still being respectful of the event.


Job Interview for a Teacher

I have a whole post about this that you should definitely read. Most schools have casual dress codes, but I still think it’s a good idea to show up to the interview dressed professionally, even if you wear casual clothes the rest of your career. Choose nice pants, a top that makes you feel confident and shows your personality a bit, and a jacket or blazer if you’d like. You can do flats or heels or boots, but skip the sneakers.


Accompanying my Husband to a Work Dinner

Either a dress, or a nice skirt and basic top. They’re safe bets that will work whether people show up super casually or they’re more dressed up.


Big Presentation at Work

Definitely wear something that’s comfortable and easy to move around in while you present! I think some of these outfits would definitely work, depending on your office dress code.



Your Own 30th Birthday Party

I threw a pink dinner party with friends for my 30th, and asked everyone to wear pink, so I wore this pretty pink dress that I made myself. It’s your special day, wear what makes you feel confident and beautiful! If it’s a big sparkly dress or a jumpsuit or your favorite jeans and an amazing top, GO FOR IT.


Date to a Nice, Trendy Italian Restaurant

If you’re eating italian food, you always want something comfy at the waist. If it’s a nice restaurant, I’d choose a comfortable, nice dress, a chic jumpsuit, or a comfortable pair of jeans with a nice blouse and heels.



A Luau in Hawaii

We went to Hawaii a few years ago and this is what I wore to the luau. Embrace the bright, bold colors, and wear something breezy and comfy!


Professional Hockey Game with Coworkers

I’d wear something chic like leather pants or leggings with a cute sweater, but then add a pair of sporty sneakers.


A Funeral

First of all, I’m so sorry for your loss. I attended my grandmother’s funeral a few weeks ago and this is what I wore. I don’t think it’s necessary to wear all black (although you certainly can), but I’d avoid anything flashy or overly bold or bright with loud prints, unless wearing a certain color or item was requested by the family.


The Zoo

Obviously it depends on the time of year, but I’d wear a basic tee and comfy pants, with sandals or sneakers that allow you to walk and stand a long time without an issue. Also bring a hat or sunglasses to keep your face out of the sun! Find lots of casual mom outfit ideas in this post.


An Engagement Party at Someone’s Home

I’d ask about the dress code, but if it’s dressy, I’d wear this dress with a pair of nude ankle strap heels.



First Client Meeting as an Interior Designer

First impressions will be everything here. I’d wear a chic dress or a fun blouse and classic dress pants or dressy jeans. Show your personality, but also keep it professional.



Rainy London Sightseeing

I wore this outfit for a rainy day in Paris last year, and it was perfect for a warmer day. Waterproof boots, rain coat, and a cute dress. If it’s cold, choose a pair of skinny or straight leg pants or jeans and a sweater under your trench. See all my Europe outfits here!



Daughter’s Dance Competition

I’d recommend wearing joggers! I have some outfit ideas with joggers and they’ll give you some easy formulas to copy with things already in your closet.



8+ Hour Flight for Business Trip

Check out these outfits!



Early Saturday Morning Basketball Games

I have a bunch of sports mom outfit ideas in this post!



Girls Trip in the Mountains

It depends on your location, the weather, and the activities you’re doing, but here are some good starter ideas!



Broadway Show with Girlfriends

I just went to Mamma Mia with friends last week! There’s no dress code at theater performances like this, but I like dressing up. I wore a satin midi dress, black coat, and black heels, but here are all the things my friend’s wore and all were very appropriate.


I hope this was helpful! I’ll be doing a roundup like this every month on my blog, but I share these questions every wednesday on Instagram, if you’re following along there!




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