5 Favorite Things This Month

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I’m back with another 5 favorite things post! Here are my most loved or used items from February.



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LOFT SWEATER (wearing size XS) | KUT FROM THE KLOTH JEANS (size down one size!) | SIMILAR FLATS


5 favorite things I’m loving this month.

I love sharing these 5 favorites every month! It’s fun to share what’s worked for me at home, in my beauty routine, or a favorite book I’m reading. Here are the five things I really loved this past month.

1. Amazon half zip pullover. I’ve been wearing this pullover A TON the last few weeks since I got it. It’s a really good fit, easy to wear with jeans or leggings or joggers, and is a sturdy fabric but still super comfy and soft. I wear the size small and I got the off-white color, but it comes in a bunch of colors. I’ve been told that it’s a Lululemon dupe, but I haven’t tried it to compare.

2. External charger with built in cords. I lost my old external charger in our house renovations (I’m sure it’s in a box somewhere), so I got this one after a friend mentioned it, and I’m in love with it cause it’s super slim and easy to carry around, but also has all the cables built in! It has three different styles of cables attached, and also the plug to recharge itself is built in. So convenient to have it all together – no extra cords required! I’ll be bringing this on every trip I take this year.

3. Ninja Creami Machine. I got this machine back in December, but this month we have been using it almost daily. It is an amazing machine that makes all kinds of frozen desserts, but we use it most often to make protein soft serve ice cream. It’s INCREDIBLE. I just add milk and protein powder together, freeze overnight, and then mix in the machine to make perfect soft serve ice cream. We always have a few in our freezer ready to mix up. I have directions right here. My recent favorite recipe is 1 scoop of vanilla protein powder, one cup of fairlife whole milk, and then freeze that. Once it’s frozen, sprinkle 1/2 a packet of sugar free raspberry jell-o on top and mix in the Creami machine on the “light ice cream” setting. It’ll be powdery after mixing, so add a few tablespoons of milk, scrape the sides, and re-mix. Once it’s the consistency you like, add fresh raspberries and do the “mix-in” setting on the machine to get them fully incorporated. Top with more raspberries if you’d like and some crushed graham cracker pieces. YUM.

4. Tiered skirt hanger. I got these hangers like 20-25 years ago — like in high school or college! These are a game changer for keeping your skirts in good shape in your closet, and also conserving space for hanging your skirts. This is one hanger and it hangs 6 skirts on it, but I often double up the skirts and hang 12 on one hanger. It’s only $6 and worth every penny!

5. Kut from the Kloth Jeans. I got these jeans a few weeks ago and have been wearing them several times a week! They’re super lightweight and soft, they have tummy control panels in the pockets, and they are a fun cropped, wide leg jean. Size down one size! I got a size 2 and they’re a little wide in the waist for me. I tried a size 0 and that was much better for me.


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