“What Would Merrick Wear?” – Outfit Ideas for YOUR Events

what would merrick wear wednesday

I’ve been doing a fun series over on Instagram giving outfit ideas for different occasions. Here is a round-up of my series, What Would Merrick Wear?


What Would Merrick Wear?

On Instagram, I’ve been doing a series on Wednesdays called What Would Merrick Wear, where you girls submit occasions or locations or events where you need help with outfits, and I tell you what I’d wear!

Since Instagram stories only stay on Instagram for 24 hours, I wanted to compile them all each month in a blog post so you can refer back to them.

Check them out below!


Spring Family Photos

I have a post all about how to choose outfits for family pictures here! I haven’t done a new roundup of spring family photo outfits, but any of these dresses would be gorgeous!


Playing Pickleball

I’d wear this cute tennis dress! Spanx’ new design is so smart with a cut-out in the back so you don’t have to take the whole thing off to use the restroom. GENIUS. Code MERRICKXSPANX always works for 10% off plus free shipping!


Spring Wedding with Outdoor Reception

I think this blue and white dress would be gorgeous and feel dressy enough but not overly dressy. Choose wedges or block heel shoes with it so your heels don’t sink into the grass since it’s an outdoor reception.



Sightseeing in Boston in Mid May

I have a whole post with summer sight seeing outfit ideas – this is one of three, so hop over to the post to check them all out.



south africa skirt and tee

Outdoor Evening Garden Party for Husbands Work Event- Chilly Mid May

Not sure how dressy this event will be (I’d recommend finding out), but if it’s dressy I’d wear this floral dress with some block heel shoes or wedges so your heels don’t sink into the grass. The sleeves on this are a little puffy, so a jacket over the top may feel bulky. You could do a shawl/breezy scarf or a trench coat if it has looser sleeves, or a cardigan.

If the vibe is more casual, try a nice tee with a floral skirt and flats or sandals. You could put a denim jacket over this for a layer!


Modest Mexico Resort Evening Dinner

I think this Red Dress Boutique dress would be very fun and you’d get use out of it all summer! The yellow and orange are so fun and summery, but my first choice would be the pink if it was available!


Texas Country Concert

I did a post with outdoor concert ideas here, including country!


Bed (Looking to refresh my PJs)

Lates by Kate and Tommy John are my go-tos!


Chicago Trip

We went to Chicago a few years ago for PW’s birthday and loved it! I shared everything we did and what I wore in this post. We went in mid may and it was VERY COLD.



Prom Chaperone

I’m wracking my brain to remember if the adults dressed up for my high school prom – I’m pretty sure they did! I think you could wear nice pants and a blouse, but why not take the opportunity to get dressed up! I’d wear this pretty lace dress and comfy heels since my guess is that you’re on your feet the entire night.



Beach Wedding at a Fancy Resort

Something like this would be gorgeous. Bright color, pleats to make it more formal, and breezy for the beach.


Everyday wear for Postpartum Mom

I created this postpartum style guide a few years ago, so links are old, but the ideas are good!


Kindergarten Graduation

Something like this would be perfect. Comfortable for sitting for a while, cute, and easy to toss on and feel pulled together.



Husband’s Graduation (Graduate Degree)

I just did a post about what to wear to graduation as a guest! These would all be great options.



Disney World

I’ve got a whole guide for Disney outfits here!



Saturday Morning Farmers Market

A comfy dress would be perfect, with a baseball hat and sandals or sneakers!



Backyard Wedding in June

I’m not sure what the specific dress code is, but I just did a roundup of wedding guest dresses here that would totally work. Just remember to wear wedges or block heels if you’re going to be on the grass.




Girls Night at House (Outfit without shoes, coat, etc)

Always my Spanx AirEssentials set if I’m wanting to be super comfy. Otherwise, comfy jeans and a cute sweatshirt or tee.




Cocktail Attire to Alumni Gala where my Father in Law will be honored

This is my favorite super affordable cocktail dress – it comes in a ton of colors and makes me feel amazing!



Beach with 2 Littles + In Laws

After living by the beach for four years, my go-to was a comfy romper. One that covers my shoulders was always preferable so I didn’t burned. Add some sandals and a baseball or wide brim hat and you’re good to go!



Dinner with Husband’s Retiring Coworkers and Wives

I assume you’re going somewhere a little nicer, so a dress is always a good idea! Choose something comfortable but still nice. Either a dress like this (SO COMFY), or a skirt and blouse/sweater.



Casual 15 Year Med School Reunion

I did a post a few years ago with high school reunion outfits, and they’d totally work for university reunions as well. Lots of options for all different dress codes!



Italy Vacation with Kids

Not sure what the weather will be when you go, but lightweight dresses and skirts will be your friend! Wear with comfy walking shoes (sandals or sneakers), and bring a crossbody bag big enough to hold the essentials. I have a post about our European cruise from 7 years ago with some ideas!




Denim! If it’s hot, choose a denim dress like this one. If it’s cool, choose a denim jumpsuit or jeans and a denim shirt, then add some boots!



The Grocery Store with Kids

I have a post all about mom summer outfits that might give you some ideas!



Black Tie Wedding Hot Weather

Maybe something like this! Black tie doesn’t ALWAYS have to be floor length, but this longer length with an updo and a stiletto can be totally appropriate and very dressy (unless the dress code or bride specifically says floor length)



Park Playdate in the AZ Heat

I have a few playdate outfit ideas in this post!


white graduation dresses merricksart

Bridal Shower (as the bride)

I can’t remember what I wore to my bridal shower, but I wish I’d known that I could wear something a little more special. I probably showed up in jeans and a basic top. Even if everyone else shows up in more casual clothes, YOU’RE the bride and it’s YOUR special day, so wear something you feel amazing in! This dress would be really fun if you wanted to wear white, but if you don’t want to go this dressy, at least wear a dress or nice jeans and a beautiful blouse, and add some jewelry!


merrick white collection eyelet dress, hermes leather sandals

Newborn Family Photo Shoot

This new white eyelet dress from the Merrick White Collection and would be perfect for a very clean, beautiful, neutral family photoshoot (with everyone else in grays, tans, or blues). The dress is something you’ll wear long beyond the shoot, and the buttons are functional so it’s breastfeeding friendly!


I hope this is helpful! You can see more of these kinds of posts RIGHT HERE and HERE!




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