Postpartum Capsule Wardrobe

postpartum capsule wardrobe style guide

It can be hard to put together outfits when you’re postpartum and need a new wardrobe. Here’s a postpartum capsule wardrobe that’s affordable and will make you feel cute and confident. 


How to feel cute postpartum without breaking the bank

One of my most requested blog posts is about what to wear when you’re in between sizes, specifically for postpartum mamas.

It’s frustrating when you’ve had your baby and spend the next months or years fluctuating sizes. It’s not financially realistic to buy a whole new wardrobe for a new size, especially with your body changing, so I put together this list of 10 postpartum closet essentials and found them at super affordable prices.

You can pick up a few pieces (or all 10) guilt free so you feel comfortable, cute, and put together during those postpartum months when you’re not back in pre-baby clothes, but never want to look at your maternity clothes again.

10 Postpartum Capsule Wardrobe Essentials


1. Tiered dresses

  • Dresses are a great one-and-done clothing option for postpartum that help you feel put together, comfortable, and covered up. Tiered dresses specifically are great for flowing over your body and not hugging or accentuating any weight you’re probably still carrying. If you’re breastfeeding, choose one with buttons or a wrap style…I found a few great ones and linked them below. Grab one or two for church, any nice events you’ll be attending postpartum, or family pictures.

I’ve rounded up a few great ones at low price points



Here’s how to wear a tiered dress…

wrap dress how to wear


2. Girlfriend or boyfriend jeans

  • Most women are not interested in throwing their skinny jeans back on anytime soon after birth. Especially if you just had a c-section. A pair of boyfriend or girlfriend style jeans that are a softer material and a looser fit are a great option to feel like a human in jeans but you’re not wearing anything constricting. Go a size up for a comfortable, loose fit!

I’ve rounded up a few great ones at low price points



Here are a few ways to wear these boyfriend style jeans…


how to wear boyfriend jeans



3. Flowy tops

  • When you’re postpartum and things are a little softer and jigglier than normal, lightweight t-shirts can accentuate and hang on that extra weight. A flowy top with a little structure breezes away from body and hides the mommy belly and gives great, easy access for breastfeeding. You can certainly still wear a t-shirt…but this is a great option if you’re needing a little more coverage and camouflaging in the months postpartum. They look particularly great with a pair of jeans and a cute flat or sneaker.

I’ve rounded up a few great ones at low price points


Here’s how to wear a flowy top…

flowy top postpartum



4. High rise leggings

  • Some people want nothing fitted after having a baby, but I loved a pair high rise leggings to hold everything in place (including the giant pads we all had to wear days after giving birth). Plus, they’re great options for wearing with flowy tops or tunics or sweatshirts or t-shirts to look cute and pulled together. Or just wear them for lounging around the house!
  • If you want to invest in a higher quality pair, THESE are my all time favorites. But THESE are a great option too and more affordable.

I’ve rounded up a few great ones at low price points


Here are some outfit ideas for high rise leggings…

leggings outfit postpartum



5. Henley Shirts

  • When I breastfed all my boys, I almost exclusively pulled up my top and breastfed that way (I always wore a tank or nursing tank underneath). But if you prefer to unbutton from the top, a henley top is a great option and they’re so comfy and cute. You can wear them with leggings or jeans or sweats and feel cute.

I’ve rounded up a few great ones at low price points


Here are some outfits with a henley top…

collage with henley top postpartum



6. Fluffy, cozy cardigans

  • When you’re spending hours in the nursery or in bed or on the couch sleeping or napping or breastfeeding or holding the baby, you need some super cozy pieces. A fluffy and cozy cardigan is a great option! There are some really good high end ones out there, but you can absolutely find great ones at low prices.

I’ve rounded up a few great ones at low price points


Here’s how to wear a fluffy, cozy cardigan…


cardigan capsule wardrobe postpartum



7.  Matching sets

  • Matching sets are a momiform dream! It’s sweats and a sweatshirt that look put together and cute! You can wear these with sneakers and add a baseball hat or a ponytail and a denim jacket if you want, and you literally feel so comfortable but look like you spent some time on your outfit.

I’ve rounded up a few great ones at low price points

Here’s an outfit idea with a matching set…

how to waer matching set postpartum



8. Button-up shirt OR dress

  • A shirt dress or button up shirt are both great options for postpartum. It’s easy access for breastfeeding or pumping, and they’re a really nice piece if you’re headed back to work.

I’ve rounded up a few great ones at low price points


Here’s how to wear a button up dress…

shirt dress postpartum

9. Wrap/cross-front dress for nursing

  • Wrap dresses are a dream for nursing moms who want to wear a dress but still need breastfeeding access. These are often a more expensive dress, but I found a few great ones that are affordable. These are the kinds of dresses you can wear to a baby shower for another mom, a spring or summer wedding, or throw a blazer over the top if you’re heading back to work.

I’ve rounded up a few great ones at low price points



Here’s a cute way to wear a wrap dress…

wrap dress postpartum capsule wardrobe collage



10. Nursing cami 

  • A nursing cami was a must for me, and so many of you said they were an essential postpartum. Lots of you recommended THIS ONE by Undercover Mama. You can wear them by themselves, under an open cardigan, or underneath your sweaters or tops so you can pull up your shirt to breastfeed without showing your whole middle area. I also found a great one on sale for only $6 that comes in a ton of colors!

I’ve rounded up a few great ones at low price points


Here are some ideas for wearing a nursing cami…

nursing cami outfit ideas

All of these collages are shoppable RIGHT HERE on my shop my Instagram page, or in the LikeToKnowIt app!


Why you should grab a few of these pieces for postpartum

I hope this is helpful as you navigate postpartum! You don’t need all of these pieces to feel confident and cute, but picking up a few in your current size will make a world of difference in how you feel as you navigate motherhood (whether it’s your first baby or your tenth!).

Instead of feeling sad about everything in your closet that you can’t currently wear, spend a little bit of money on some things that fit right now so you feel confident and happy and comfortable.



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