30+ Amazing Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

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Need a great Mother’s Day gift idea? Here are a bunch of favorites from me and my team that would make great gifts, plus a list of other great ideas for you, your mom, or your mother in law.


Are you in need of a good Mother’s Day gift?

Mother’s Day is only a few weeks away, and if you haven’t thought about something for your mom or any other woman in your life (or something for yourself so you can send hints to your husband), here are a few great Mother’s Day gifts ideas from me and the women on the Merrick’s Art team.


Mother’s Day Gift Ideas:



These are all ideas that are our current favorite things, or items on our wishlist! 

Merrick’s Mother’s Day Gift ideas: 

  1. Chic mama jewelry initial necklace. This necklace is one of my all time favorite items. I’ve had mine for a few years and I wear it all the time. It’s very well made (while still being affordable), and after 2 years of wearing it almost constantly, through swimming, showers, and exercise, it’s still in near perfect condition. Mine is the 16” with the paperclip chain and mirrored gold letters – use code MERRICK for 20% off.
  2. Modern manners book for kids from Brooke Romney. This is a must have for every mom! It’s a flip book that you can set on your counter or bookshelf, and is full of practical manners that your kids should learn. There are three versions available — two volumes for TEENS, and one volume for KIDS. I think the KIDS is the best of them all, and works for all ages, but all three are truly fantastic and also work for all ages. You’ll flip through and realize there are some manners many adults should consider and learn! My code MERRICK works for 25% off for the next 48 hours.
  3. Pura with “dusk” scent. I’ve tried lots of at home air fresheners, and finally got myself a Pura last year and immediately was hooked. They are subtle, and they last for ages, and out of all the scents I’ve tried, DUSK is my all time favorite. We got my mom a Pura for Mother’s Day a few years ago and it’s one of her favorite things ever too.
  4. Ninja CreamiThis is the new “it” kitchen tool, and it honestly lives up to all the hype. It’s a machine that lets you make at home soft serve ice cream, and it’s INCREDIBLE. I combine milk and protein powder to create really easy and protein packed ice cream, and then you can add any flavors or mix-ins you’d like. Trust me, this is worth the hype and the price. I have the LARGER size, but there’s also a SMALLER size, just depending on your kitchen storage space, your family size, and your needs.


Laura’s Mother’s Day Gift ideas

  1. Higher dose face mask.  This is FOR SURE a splurge, but I cannot say enough good things about my mask. I use it 5x a week and my skin looks better at 30 than it ever has before. It’s so relaxing to use too – the perfect gift for a busy mom who needs a little TLC.
  2. Ouai St Barts scrub.  If you can’t take your mom on a beach vacation, this is the next best thing. The smell is HEAVEN and can be used on hair and body for a total body scrub.
  3. Kindle.  My Kindle is my most used and favorite purchase of all time. My favorite part about it is how many books I can read without taking up more space on my bookshelf or in my home.
  4. Butter crock.  I purchased one of these on Merrick’s recommendation and I’m so happy I did. I’m a big sourdough baker and having soft spreadable butter ready for my loaves has made it easier to enjoy.


Kristy’s Mother’s Day Gift ideas

  1. Kendra Scott Ansel Rose Cocktail Ring– I am LOVING this new Kendra Scott line.  I saw this ring at a Kendra Scott pop up and haven’t stopped thinking about it.  I love a great statement ring and this one is it!
  2. Kindle Case– I have a boring black kindle case and I have been really wanting to get something with a little more character. I love the pattern on this and the neutral color.
  3. Perfume– I have just started wearing perfume the last couple years and have become OBSESSED! I love getting new ones, smelling them and trying all of them.  I saw this one at Sephora the other day and loved the scent.  I love floral and fruity scents and this one has me sold.
  4. Beis Travel Luggage– My family travels A LOT! We have used the same carry on luggage for over ten years and its time to get some new luggage.  I have been researching different brands and what they each offer. We only travel with a carry on and so it is important to have the largest carry on I can use.  This one has the dimensions and space that I think would be a could replacement for our current luggage without the huge price tag some of the other brands have.  I can’t wait to try it!


 Mary’s Mother’s Day Gift ideas

  1. Minky couture blanket (MERRICK45 for 45% off)I LOVE cuddling up in a blanket while reading a book or watching a show, and I am always cold, so a warm cozy blanket is a must!  We have a basket full of blankets by our couch, but I DON’T love coming into the family room and all the good blankets are already being used and I’m stuck using a not so soft or cozy blanket. This year, I hinted to my family that I would love a blanket that is designated as “Mom’s blanket” so I’m guaranteed a good blanket experience every time I need a good snuggling time.  These blankets are definitely a splurge, but they are a little piece of heaven.
  2. Honey and ice chunky gold bracelet. I think this bracelet is so classic and beautiful.  I love a good bracelet stack and I can see myself layering this with so many of the bracelets I already own and love.
  3. New dress to wear on Mother’s DayI love getting a new dress for Mother’s Day because it’s the one day of the year that I don’t get any complaints from my children for wanting to take a picture.  I gasped when I saw this dress!  I am a sucker for a good green/blue combo and the fabric of this dress took my breath away.  Another dress at the top of my list is the new Merrick White Collection White Eyelet Dress. It is STUNNING!  We’ve done a few other dress roundups lately that have a lot of great options if you are wanting a new dress for Mother’s Day.  Check them out HERE and HERE.
  4.  Frame for a large picture of me and my kids. Last year for Mother’s Day, I got a blown up picture of me and my kids that I LOVE!  I’ve been waiting to find a frame that I love for it, and I came across this one and thought it was perfect. It’s simple but exactly what I was hoping for.


Other great gift ideas for women in your life (or for yourself)!


Experience Mother’s Day gift ideas:

  • surprise visit from older kids
  • weekend getaway
  • shopping trip alone
  • spa day
  • brunch delivered
  • massage
  • car wash pass
  • car detailing
  • tickets to a local play
  • manicure + pedicure certificate
  • cooking class with mom and a kid
  • house cleaning certificate
  • gift card to nursery for new plants for spring
  • a night in a hotel by herself


So many great ideas that any Mom will love.

If you have other great ideas to add to this list, leave them in the comments!





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