80 Affordable Gift Ideas for the Women in Your Life

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I love giving gifts to my friends and my sisters, but I’m not about to drop $100 on each of them. These eighty gift ideas for women are fun, unique, and actually affordable!

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Gifts for friends or sisters can be special without breaking the bank

My love language is gifts. I love choosing, preparing, and giving gifts, and of course I love receiving gifts.

So choosing gifts for my sisters or my girlfriends is really fun and exciting for me every year, BUT I feel like the gift guides out there for friends and sisters mostly have items that are really expensive.

I love my friends and my sisters, but spending $100 or more on a gift for them is out of my budget.

80 affordable gift ideas for sisters, friends, moms, and any other women in your life.

So how about affordable, fun gift ideas for those women in your life? I’ve broken them down into various categories so this big list is easy to navigate:







  • Some PERSONALIZED STATIONERY would be so fun and special
  • A PROMPTLY JOURNAL would be such a thoughtful gift – have you seen these?
  • Your favorite BOOK – I personally love a good novel, and anything from Kate Morton is a favorite if you’re looking for a good recommendation!
  • An ADULT COLORING book would be such a great gift — give her some good markers or colored pencils to go with it!
  • BIRTHDAY CALENDARS are such a good gift — you write everyone’s birthdays on them and use them year after year!
  • The FIVE MINUTE JOURNAL is such a sweet and easy way keep your memories!



  • Fancy TEA – package it up with a beautiful mug!
  • A box of fancy CHOCOLATES – basically everyone likes chocolates, right?
  • HOMEMADE VANILLA – super easy, and such a unique idea.
  • DELIVERED DINNER – how awesome of a gift would this be for a friend who worked out of the home, or just had a new baby?
  • HYDROFLASK or other TUMBLERS would be great for the soda or water drinkers!







  • RAD MAIL – this is such a fun monthly membership started by one of my best friends. It sends paper cards and other fun goodies each month
  • Renew her COSTCO MEMBERSHIP — such a practical gift that keeps on giving!
  • BIRCHBOX – a fantastic monthly beauty box
  • Give her a MAGAZINE SUBSCRIPTION! One of my favorites is Real Simple
  • SCENTBIRD – a fun way to let them try out a new perfume every month



  • MANICURE or PEDICURE gift card!
  • Get her TICKETS TO A PAINT NIGHT! There are locations everywhere – just look google them in your area and you’ll find one.
  • How about a GIFT CARD TO THE CAR WASH to get her car detailed?? I would love this gift.
  • MOVIE TICKETS for you and her to go see a chick flick — don’t forget the snacks!
  • Give her a NIGHT OF FREE BABYSITTING from you and a GIFT CARD FOR A DATE NIGHT so she can go out with her husband!
  • A COOKING CLASS would be such a fun gift — it would be a blast to do together!


Got any other affordable, fun, and unique gift ideas for women? Leave a comment!!


80 affordable gifts for women

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  1. cynthia says:

    Thank you for the suggestions – I’d never heard of Promptly but I have a friend expecting twins in a few months and their childhood journals are perfecT! Just placed my order for two 🙂

  2. Adriana says:

    Your site and this list are unreadable if you are on anything other than an iMac with a huge screen. Seriously, I tried to scroll through this post on my work laptop and between the top banner, all the ads that pop up on the bottom and side of the screen and the ones placed between each block of text I couldn’t get more than a few lines of text on my screen at any given moment, which makes for very unpleasant reading.

    • Merrick says:

      I’m so sorry! It looks like our top navigation bar isn’t minimizing properly when you scroll — I’ll get my team on it ASAP. Thank you for the feedback!

  3. ErIn says:

    This Is such a great lisT! So many gIft guiDes are just so impractical for Real budget gifting. Thank you so much for filling a void.

  4. Brooke says:

    This is the best gift guide i’ve seen this year. So many great ideas at an affordable price point. Thanks for sharing!

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