Gifts for the Guys in Your Life

A few days ago on Instagram, I asked you guys for some gift ideas for the guy in your life because men are just so hard to shop for. I got so many good ideas so I’ve compiled them all below for you!

There’s something on this list for your brother, husband, boyfriend, dad, father in law…whomever you’re shopping for. I promise.


  1. Ugg Slippers. These slippers have amazing reviews and are such good quality.
  2. Ray Bans. Give him a classy pair of sunglasses that never go out of style. This pair is flattering on all men.
  3. Ties. Never underestimate the power of a good tie. Get him a classy tie, a fun tie, or holiday tie to add to his collection.
  4. Leather satchel. Make going to work or school easier with a leather satchel for in his laptop or work papers. This one is a nice cognac color that will go with everything.
  5. Fun dress socks. Add some fun socks like these ones as a stocking stuffer.
  6. Waterproof jacket. This rain jacket is so nice and comes six neutral colors.
  7. Custom tailored suit. It typically costs about $100 to get a suit tailored but it makes a huge difference. A tailored suit can make a $100 suit look like a $500 suit – seriously! Look up local tailors on Google, or ask your dry cleaner for recommendations.
  8. Cufflinks. Any guy will look sharp and put together with a pair of cufflinks like these ones. You can also add a personal touch by personalizing these cufflinks with their initials.
  9. Leather belt. Every guy should have a nice brown and black leather back.
  10. Dress shoes. These derby shoes are perfect for church, work or date night. They come in both black and brown colors.


  1. A couple’s trip. Ditch the kids and head out on a trip just the two of you.
  2. Concert tickets. Get the music loving guy in your life concert tickets to his favorite band or singer. Better yet, get him two tickets so you can go with him.
  3. Guys trip. Get his friends involved to help you book a fun guys trip.
  4. Snowboarding or Skiing Pass. Have an avid snowboarder or skier in your life? Give him a snowboarding or ski pass to his favorite mountain or resort.
  5. Broadway show. Buy tickets to a show on Broadway (NYC trip a bonus), or wait for the Broadway show to tour the country and get tickets when it comes to your city!
  6. Spa day certificate. Women are not the only ones who love a little pampering. Book him a massage and pedicure and get one happy guy in return.
  7. Year of pre-planned dates. Give him the gift that keeps on giving all year long. Plan and pay for date nights for the following year so that all the logistics are taken care of and there is no excuse to not go on a date.
  8. Tickets to a professional sporting event. If the guy in your life is obsessed with sports, then gift him tickets to go watch his favorite team.
  9. Weekend getaway. Plan a quick weekend trip with or without kids.
  10. Chocolate tasting date. Go to a local chocolatier and try as many of their chocolates as you can.
  11. Comedy show. If the guy in your life enjoys a good laugh, get him tickets to see one of his favorite comedians.
  12. Skydiving. For the daredevil, get him a skydiving jump.
  13. Groupon Experiences. Check Groupon for local experiences like cooking classes, rock climbing, race driving, escape rooms etc.


  1. Calendar for his office. Make a calendar with pictures of trips you’ve taken together or pictures of your kids and family. As a bonus, add family members birthdays and special dates on the calendar.
  2. Photo books. They’re meaningful and special and is something he will treasure forever. Chatbooks are perfect for a super easy book you can throw together in less than 20 minutes, but if you’re looking for a more extensive photo album, I’d recommend Mixbook!
  3. Framed photo. Print out a family picture or a picture from your recent travels together and frame it.
  4. Framed map of the world. Add pushpins of all the places you have traveled together to this map.
  5. Quilt. Make him a quilt with all his childhood t-shirts.
  6. DNA test. This is such a good gift to get him in touch with his ancestry and culture. Find it here.


  1. Apple Watch. This item is on the top of most Christmas lists this year. You can also pick out a nice band to go along with it. I’m obsessed with my Apple Watch leather band. It’s under $20 and comes in a ton of colors!
  2. External hard drive. Help him make sure all his memories are backed up and stored. This hard drive has over 2 terabytes of storage so he will be using it for years to come.
  3. Nintendo Switch. If you have a gamer in your life then get him a Nintendo Switch to play all his favorite games on the go.
  4. iPad. This gadget is one the guy in your life will use for everything-reminders, work, school, emails, social media, photos, etc. You can get the iPad in multiple sizes and storage options.
  5. Drone. This cool tech comes in a broad spectrum of prices. You can find a small drone for under $40, or a more professional drone for a few hundred more.
  6. Bluetooth speakers. This Bluetooth speaker is small, sleek and water resistant.
  7. Wireless headphones. There are so many options for wireless headphones. These headphones are my favorite for working out. These ones are great for travel and these ones are best for everyday use.


  1. Workout clothes. For the fitness enthusiasts, these compression shorts are highly rated, and these shirts come in four colors and are under $30!
  2. Adjustable dumbbells. These are my favorite adjustable dumbells. They come in sturdy carrying case making it easy to store and take anywhere.
  3. Golf lessons. If your guy has been wanting to try golf, gift him a few golf lessons to get him started.
  4. Running sneakers. I love Nike running shoes, these ones are classic.
  5. Protein shake bottles. Give him the ease of having his protein shake anywhere with this bottle.
  6. Kayak. This one person kayak folds up into a backpack! Easy to store and travel with!
  7. Basketball hoop for the driveway. For the basketball fan, get him a basketball hoop he can use to practice his shots.


  1. Hair clippers. This hair clipper is under $20 and has so many good reviews.
  2. Beard care kit. Help him take care of his beard with a beard kit
  3. Shaving Kit. Give him all the best shaving elements in a small portable size he can take when traveling. This kit has all the items he will need for a good shave.
  4. Cologne. All men could use more good smells in their lives, so cologne is always the perfect gift option. And if you pick it out, it gives you the freedom to find a scent you absolutely love. I love this one.


  1. A new power drill. Have a handy guy in your life? This power drill is sure to be their new favorite tool.
  2. Air compressor. He can use an air compressor for work around the house and to fill bike and car tires with air.
  3. Flashlight. These are so good to have in cars, around the house, and even when walking outside in the early mornings or afternoons when it’s dark.
  4. Digital meat thermometer. If your guy loves grilling, this meat thermometer will be perfect. It’s a wireless thermometer he can leave inside the grill and check the temperature on his phone.
  5. Stainless steel soap. This “soap” will absorb any unwanted smells your guy might have picked up on his hands.
  6. Tool box. This hardware organizer is perfect for all the small screws, batteries and nails. This heavy duty large organizer is best for larger tools.


  1. Duffle bag. Get him a duffle bag he can use for weekend getaways and traveling. Or get him a duffle bag for his gym clothes.
  2. Suitcase. Get him a durable carry on sized luggage for work trips, and weekend getaways.
  3. Toiletry travel case. This travel case is only $11 and can fit just about everything your guy might need.
  4. Personalized passport holder. These are so nice for the frequent traveler because they will keep passports from getting too worn out or damaged.
  5. Leather Wallet. Every guy carries a wallet, give him a nice sturdy wallet for all his cards.
  6. TSA Precheck. Gift him the gift of time with TSA precheck! This is a 5-year membership with a one time fee.


  1. Audible membership. If your guy has a long commute each day or just loves to read, get him a couple of months membership to Audible!
  2. Spotify subscription. For the music lover, get him a subscription to Spotify!
  3. Magazine subscription. Amazon has a ton of magazine options you can get your guy. Everything from Golf Digest to Car and Driver.
  4. Monthly subscription box. There are so many boxes out there – Dollar Shave Club, Loot Crate, Trunk Club. The best part is that this is a gift that he will look forward to every month. Like Christmas all over again!


  1. Lex sains says:

    This is so great! At first I was scrolling THROUGH thinking to myself “yeah THAt’d be great if he was into this stuff. But HE’S so casual, and project oriented. Most of this would be useless to him” oh my word, once I got to the tools and Especially the soap! Its Such a great price for such a cool and useful gift! I am so excited to get it for him thanks to this list!

  2. Anika May says:

    This is such a great post, there are so many awesome ideas here!

    Anika |

  3. Hena Tayeb says:

    Some great ideas.. boys are the hardest to shop for!

  4. Sara J says:

    What an INCREDIBLE resource! Thank you so much!

  5. Nicole says:

    Such awesome ideas!! thank you!! Also, these are our personal fav dumbbells– . more expensive, but click in, click out, super quick to change weights, we love them!

  6. K says:

    Any lower cost suggestioNs? These are great for Partners, brOthers, family but what about For coworkers, the postman, etc? Its so easy to default to baked goods buT thars so simple, Basically the adult equivalent of ‘teacher gifts’

  7. Debra Hewitt says:

    Thanks for the great ideas. Do you have a link where i can purchase the brown suede boots you are weraing in the picTure? Sorry for the all caps.

  8. Emeli says:

    And I gave my man a certificate to the best male beauty salon in the city. He had long wanted to change the image, get a new hairstyle but did not dare to do it. After my gift, he chose one of the trending hairstyles in the reviews of the site machohairstyles and get a haircut from the best barber. So I think these things can also be added to the list of gifts

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