My Favorite Gift to Give My Husband Every Year

my favorite gift to give my husband for christmas every year

Trying to think of the perfect gift for your husband? Here’s what I give my husband every year for Christmas, and it’s his very favorite gift year after year. (And it’s 50% off with my code below!)


Room & Outfit Details:
Flocked Christmas Tree
Buffalo Plaid 2-Piece Pajama Set
Fair Isle 2-Piece Pajama Set
Striped 2-Piece Pajama Set
Faux Fur Tree Skirt

My very favorite gift to give my husband every year is a year in review photo memory book

The year after Philip and I got married, I had the idea to put together a yearly photo book. It was Christmas 2007 at the time, so I made a book for 2006 — the year we met, got engaged, and got married.

I chose to do the previous year so I could include the entire year. If I’d tried to do a 2007 photo book, I would have missed Christmas, our anniversary, and New Year’s in the book.

Every year for the next six years, I made these yearly photo books, and every single year it was by far Philip’s favorite gift.

Christmas photobook idea
christmas photobooks are my husband's favorite gifts
Mixbook is honestly the best company I've used for photobooks

I put three years of photo books together in 2 days because Mixbook’s software was so easy to use!

Then one year the season got away from me and I didn’t get a book put together. And then the next year. And the next year! I’m three years behind. Yikes!

So this year I was determined to make up for the last three years and put together our 2015, 2016, and 2017 photo books.

I’ve tried every photo book company out there and I found THE BEST ONE

Over the years as I’ve made these books, I’ve tried every photo book company you can think of, and although they turned out fine, there was always some issue or other. Quality was mediocre, the binding was fairly unattractive, the software used to make the book overloaded and crashed my computer (true story)…it was always something that tainted the special photo book making experience.

So when I was introduced to Mixbook earlier this year, and made a Father’s Day Book with them, I was blown away at the quality, the formatting options, how streamline, modern, and beautiful their layout options were, and also how easy their software was to use.

I love the formatting options that mixbook offers!
try mixbook for your family photo books this year!

I’m serious, out of all the photo book companies I’ve used, Mixbook is by far the most user friendly, has the best quality, and the best layout and formatting options.

I love that they allow full page images, especially. That flower field picture is so gorgeous on a full 2-page spread. I’m obsessed.

But all their formats are beautiful, unique, and so classy.

If you’re still trying to think of the perfect gift for your husband or boyfriend (or parents or in-laws, or anyone really!), a Mixbook photo memory book is the perfect gift.

And if you use code MERRICK50 you get 50% off any photo book!

(Discount ends December 17th)


photos by Priscilla Frey
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  1. Kristen says:

    We’re really far behind on printing photos, so I’ve been thinking this would be a great way to make sure they aren’t all lost in the cloud! When you go on trips, do you include the trip in your yearly book or create a separate volume, say, one dedicated to your Japan trip? That’s an organizational question I haven’t quite figured out yet.

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