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A Simple Father’s Day Gift Under $20 That Will Make Any Dad Cry

a perfect gift for any dad for father's day

Trying to figure out what to give your Dad or husband for Father’s Day? I have the perfect gift idea. 


When Philip and I got married, I decided to make a yearly photo book for us with photos of our travels, captions of our favorite memories, and updates on our lives. I’ve been giving it to Philip as a gift each year for our anniversary, and it’s always his very favorite gift.

So this year for Father’s Day we decided take a similar approach and make him a special photo book from the boys, with quotes from them about why they love their dad.


a photobook from mixbook is the perfect gift for any dad for father's day
the perfect gift under $20 for Father's day
a perfect father's day gift that will make your dad cry
a quick and easy father's day gift
a father's day gift with a lot of m

We created the book with Mixbook, and I cannot say enough good things about them. Their site has a bunch of beautiful templates that you can use, or you can completely customize it yourself, and it was quick and easy to upload photos, toss them in, and add text. I put the whole book together in an afternoon and it was ready to order.

To create the book, I found as many photos of just Philip and the boys, scattered them throughout the book, and then did little interviews with B and Fos asking them why they loved their dad. Their responses were cute things like, “I love Dad because he loves playing the Wii with us and he beats the ship levels so I can go to the next level,” or “I love my dad because he cuddles me and sometimes lets me sleep in his bed with him.” It’s so simple, but so special.

When the book arrived, I was so impressed with the quality. Beautiful sturdy pages, clear, vibrant images, and really nice cover and binding too!

These photo books start at just $15.99, but you can get 50% off your photo book with code MERRICK through the end of June!


The second it showed up in the mail and I pulled it out of the package the boys were glued to the book, pointing each other out, and remembering our family trips and special moments. They could not wait to give it to their dad.

You can buy your man a tie or some new grilling accessories for Father’s Day…but I promise you that not only will a photo book of reasons why his kids love him make him cry, it’ll also be his favorite gift ever.

Check out all of Mixbook’s beautiful products here! They do photo prints, calendars, cards, and more!


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photos by Priscilla Frey

the perfect idea for any dad for father's day!

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