How I Cut My Boys’ Hair

One of my most requested posts is how I cut my boys hair. So when I cut it a few weeks ago, I took a video to show what I did.

Easy boy's hair cut tutorial

When Philip and I got married eleven years ago, he suggested I cut his hair so we could save money on his monthly trips to the barber. I had cut my brother’s hair and an old boyfriend’s hair one time each when I was younger, so I had next to no experience, but Philip somehow trusted me anyway.

I only accidentally shaved off the top of his hair one time (I was horrified and instantly burst into tears, and all Philip could do was laugh), but I’ve gotten better and more confident over time. It’s a little nerve wracking, but you’ll only get better with practice – don’t give up!

I remember so distinctly cutting Philip’s hair in our tiny condo bathroom one night and having this vivid daydream of my future self with a room full of boys, cutting all their hair. I don’t even think I was pregnant with our first baby at the time! Little did I know that those dreams, eleven years later, would become a reality!

An easy boy's haircut

How I decide on the style.

For my husband and my two blondies, I do pretty much the same haircut: #3 on the sides, and then scissors on the top. When I first started cutting Philip’s hair, I used his previous professional hair cut as a guide, and just cut it down proportionally in each area. He’s changed his hair style a few times over the years, and that first cut is just kind of our best guess, and we cut slowly and carefully until we get what we want. Then it’s easy to just copy each time after that.

For the little blonde boys, I like their hair long on top because their hair is pretty fine and if I buzzed it they’d look bald.

For B, he prefers a buzz cut so he has a #2 all over. He’s tried growing it out on the top a few times like the other boys, but he always chooses  to go back to the buzz cause it’s so low maintenance.

Our best tips for making hair cuts (especially with wiggly little boys) successful:

  1. Put on a movie. We let them pick what they want to watch on the YouTube Kids app on my phone, and it distracts them and keeps them pretty still during their cut.
  2. Make sure your tools are sharp to avoid pulling their hair. The kits that we’ve purchased come with oil for the blades to keep them from getting dull, and we replace our clippers every few years. You’ll know it’s time to replace when complaints get louder 😉
  3. Work quickly. We try to keep their entire haircut around seven or eight minutes. That’s about all they can handle.
  4. For little toddlers, have Daddy hold them. San is finally old enough to sit during his cut, but up until recently I always made Philip hold him so he could keep his arms pinned down if needed, and move and turn him around as needed.
  5. Get their hair wet. This makes it easier to cut and maneuver as you trim it. Have them stick their head under the sink before you start, or use a spray bottle.

Tools I use.

Hair cutting clippers and scissors

  1. Oster Hair Clippers. I recommend getting a kit like this one that comes with all the different guards, scissors, and even a carrying case. This one is only $30 and has great reviews.
  2. Micro Groomsman Trimmer. This is such a handy tool for around their neck and ears. So quick and easy, although it is a little noisy so it kind of freaks Sanny out.
  3. Hair cutting scissors. If you purchase a kit that includes scissors, you won’t need another pair. But if you do need a pair, these ones are $15 and have amazing ratings.
  4. Medium width tooth comb. I don’t like the super fine tooth ones, and the super wide ones don’t work either. Something like this is perfect.

Here’s our little movie we made — it’s so basic, but you’ll hopefully get the idea!

how I cut my boys' hair



  1. Nikki haymons says:

    May i ask where your dress came from, very cute!

  2. Kristine says:

    that was helpful! I’ve also been cutting my husband’s hair since we got married -almost 15 years ago! and now I cut our son’s hair, and it can be pretty tricky with super fine, blonde hair, just like your boys. I have the little trimmer too, and I’ve never thought to use it the way you do. I’ll give that a shot next time. 🙂

  3. Sara says:

    You’ve inspired me…I think i’m going to try it! 2 boys going every 4 weeks and caring about style…it’s too much! love his little faces!

  4. Joanna says:

    You did this, but I wanted to make mention-when cutting little boys hair place your hand on their head and hold their hair in your fingers, then when they move it’s not a big deal. Looks great!

  5. Alaina says:

    this was great! thank you! i have 3 boys around the same age as yours ans cut them myself too, similar to how you do it. BUT i struggle big time blending the shaved sides with the top. i know you mentioned small snips to blend but how? hah! i can never seem to do it really well without it looking like a bowl cut!

    • Merrick says:

      Watch the video a few times on that part when I’m doing the small snips. You can see how I’m taking those pieces perpendicular to the “bowl cut line” and snip them shorter toward the short hair on the sides, and longer toward the long hair on top. Then comb it down and see which pieces are still not blended. Keep doing it til the whole side is blended. Hope that helps!

  6. Nicole says:

    Such a cute little face! I cut my HUSBAND’s and boy’s hair, TOO. Both my boys prefer a buzz because it’s faster and then I don’t have to “do” it every day. It works for me!

  7. McKenna says:

    Merrick, do any of your boys have cowlicks? My son has one in back and one in front and im wondering how that will affect a cut?

  8. Vida says:

    This Video is so helpful! Thanks for sharing! 🙂

    Do you use product To stYle san’s hair? If so, what do you use? His hair is always so cute.

  9. Robert Chase says:

    Here is a good tutorial for hair cutting. It would be a better help for me to apply DIY at home. Your advice works fine. Fantastic blog post about hair caring.

  10. TARa says:

    What song is this?

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