Homemade Gift Ideas (for Kids and Adults)

10 great homemade gift ideas you can DIY for, or with the kids

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Homemade gifts are the most special kinds of gifts. Here are 10 really great homemade gift ideas you can make this year.


Homemade gift ideas that even kids can make!

One of my favorite kinds of gifts to give is handmade gifts. They’re meaningful, special, and one of a kind. I have ten really good homemade gift ideas for anyone on your list, and several of them are easy enough for kids to make!

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    • This is a fun and easy gift you could make for your kids. It’s a large circular mat with drawstrings so you can lay it flat to play but then easily scoop everything up. It makes cleaning up a breeze. This is also an easy enough project to do with an older child – I’m going to have B help me make one for his younger brothers this year.
    • An easy video tutorial is RIGHT HERE.
    • And if you don’t want to DIY this playmat, you can buy one right here.



    • In our family, you get the special “birthday pillowcase” on your birthday. At Christmas, we have special Christmas pillowcases they can use all month long. We also have St. Patrick’s Day pillowcases, and more. Making a whole collection pillowcases would be such a fun gift to give another family or gift to your kids. And pillowcases are easy enough for your kids to make, so get everyone involved!
    • Follow this easy video tutorial to make a pillowcase.
    • Or, you could definitely find ones to purchase on Etsy!




    • This was an idea submitted by a reader, and also my brother-in-law’s younger brother did this for his young nieces and nephews a few years ago. So I’d heard of the idea before but I’d forgotten about it! It’s such a sweet idea, and what a treasure it will be to have that family members voice reading a favorite story forever!
    • Just go in a nice quite room with good acoustics (like a bathroom), and use the “voice memo” app on your phone. Record, then transfer to your computer and burn to a CD!




    • This would be a great gift from Grandma to the grandkids. Or your kids could make them for cousins, older siblings could make them for younger siblings, or you could make them for your kids. They’re easy hooded towels so they go over their heads when they get out of the shower. And since they’re DIY, you can choose the towel and completely customize them! Make a unique one for each kid, or get them embroidered with their names!
    • Follow this easy DIY to make your own hooded towels.
    • Or you can purchase the cutest fox hooded towel right here.




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