Teacher Christmas Gifts (5 No-Fail Ideas)

Teacher Christmas gifts can be tricky because they’re getting so many gifts from their whole class! These Christmas gift ideas for teachers are a guaranteed win.

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What do you get a teacher that they’ll actually appreciate and love? Here are 5 ideas for teacher Christmas gifts that any teacher will be glad to receive.


I asked teachers for ideas for teacher Christmas gifts. Here are the answers.

I’ve had a child in school for almost seven years (what!), so I’ve given a few teacher Christmas gifts in my time. Some were better than others. But this year I’m going straight to the source and asked some teachers what they actually like receiving from students and parents.

There were five overwhelmingly popular answers.

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Dry Erase Markers | Tissues | Hand Written Note | Coffee Shop Gift Card | Target Gift Card | Their Favorite Chocolate

School supplies

  • Teachers can always use more school supplies. If you’re not sure what supplies your child’s teacher might need or want, ASK THEM! Or if you’d rather it be a surprise(ish), ask the Room Mom. She’ll have a better idea of what the classroom could use, or she can ask the teacher discreetly.
  • These are a few universally helpful classroom supply ideas:


Gift cards

Don’t think of them as generic teacher Christmas gifts. Think of them as the best kind of gifts. They’re what most teachers say they want!

Here are a few ideas for gift cards:

  • Gift cards to a coffee shop
  • Target gift cards so they can buy whatever they’d likea
  • Restaurant gift cards so they can go out with their family over Christmas break. You can buy any restaurant gift card you can think of RIGHT HERE online!
  • Gift certificates to a nail salon so they can get a manicure or pedicure
  • One reader sent in this idea: “the entire class went in on a photo session for her family.” Photo sessions can be expensive and teachers are often working on a limited budget, so this is a really thoughtful idea. 
  • Amazon gift cards! I have done this a few times for teachers and it’s no-fail. Everyone loves Amazon!


  • Sweets are always a good idea. Often Room Moms will have the teachers put together a “get to know you” sheet about the teacher and they’ll list their favorite candy or treat. If they haven’t for your child’s teacher, ask the Room Mom to put one together now so other parents have it for Christmas. Or if the Room Mom has a lot on her plate already, just email the teacher directly and ask her to put a Get To Know You list together. You can use THIS FREE PRINTABLE right here!


Notes or letters from YOU

  • Handwritten notes from a parent are a great way to really show appreciation for your child’s teacher. I had one reader write in and say that a parent wrote a several page letter, mentioning specific things about the classroom and experiences her child had in the class. It was so heartfelt and clearly took some time and thought, The reader said it was the best Christmas gift she received that year.


Something hand written or made by your child

  • Those wonderful teachers love your kids, and receiving something made completely by them is just extra special. Have your kids make them a special piece of art, or a handmade friendship or beaded bracelet. Or have them write a letter on their own about things they love about their teacher. The options are endless. I’d just recommend keeping it small, so a teacher can easily store it with other gifts they’ve received.


Teacher Christmas gifts don’t have to be big or expensive — just put a little thought into it and your child’s teacher will appreciate it so much.


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  1. Ashley says:

    As a former teacher I love your ideas and great for you going straight to the source! My favorite gifts by far Were gift cards cause who needs 100 coffee mugs and 25 different types of hand lotion. LoL! I also cherish the cards And notes my STUDEnts wrote me At Christmas time – they helped keep my spirits up for the Rest of the year. It seemed like my most challenging STUDENTs always brought me to tears with their sweet and tender notes thanking me for being their best friend or like a mom to Them. Those notes were better then any scented Candle or body scrub

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