My Favorite Small Businesses to Support This Season

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The holidays are such a great time to show some small shops some love. Here are a few of my favorites!


As a small business owner myself, I know how special and important each and every sale is. I’m sharing some of my favorite small shops that I have loved for years. I own and love things from these shops, and I hope you find something you love in them. Show them some love this holiday season by choosing to shop small!


Some of my Favorite Small Businesses:

  • Better Days
    • My friend Lisa started this health and wellness company and she creates green drinks and supplements for better sleep, better hormones, and she even just released a collagen powder! The greens taste amazing and they’re a perfect little on-the-go packet that you can add to water and get your greens for the day. She also sells caffeinated greens, if that’s something you want! My code MERRICK works for 10% offFor Cyber Weekend, bundles are available at a discount, and my code stacks! 
  • Wingmade
    • Elisabeth is a really talented artist and designer and she creates art prints, wallpaper, and more! She designed a gorgeous custom wallpaper for us (I still need to hang it up and I’m so excited!) and she just released these gorgeous birth month flower prints. Code MERRICKSART works for 15% off.
  • Saranoni Blankets
  • Coconu
    • I am always hesitant to talk about sexy things on here, cause it’s private for everyone. But seriously, we tried this lubricant and saying that it’s life changing is not really an overstatement. You just can’t understand til you try it, so use my code MERRICK and get 15% off and try it!For Cyber Weekend, get 20% off with code BFCM! 
  • Comfort Cove Clothing
    • You know how much I love my Comfort Cove tank tops for working out. I wrote all about them HERE. Use code MERRICK for 10% off. They’re having sales on different items throughout this month, and my code doesn’t stack on their deals, but the 10% off always works on full priced items! For CYBER WEEKEND they have 25% off orders over $100!
  • Nickel and Suede
    • This is a fantastic jewelry and accessory company! They started out by making simple leather earrings and now they make the most spectacular, stunning jewelry that is crazy lightweight and so fabulous. You have to check them out!
  • MixHers
  • Grandpa Beck’s Games
    • These are our family’s favorite games! They’re fun and simple and clever, and have gorgeous illustrations. They’re now available on Amazon and my code MERRICK15 works for 15% off — just enter in Amazon checkout!
  • Clean Simple Eats
  • California Fresh Home
    • This home diffuser is so good, my house seriously smells incredible all of the time. I discovered California Fresh Home a years ago and have loved them ever since. Use code MERRICK20 for 20% off.
  • Beddys
    • If you’ve been here awhile, you know how much we love Beddy’s. Their prints are darling, and it’s so easy to get my kids to make their beds! For Cyber Weekend get 30% off for 3+ items and 25% off for 1-2 items.
  • Gabb Wireless
  • Merrick White Collection
    • This is my clothing collection, so of course, I’m a little biased in saying I love it! It’s comfortable and versatile women’s clothing, all made in the USA! If you sign up for our texts or create an account, you’ll get early access to our Black Friday sale! For Cyber Weekend, get 20% off plus free shipping with code MWBF and BFFREESHIP.
  • FLEKK Cosmetics
    • I use my FLEKK eyeshadow palette almost every day – one of my must-have items! This would be a perfect gift for your friends or sister, or an older-teen who’s really getting into makeup because it’s so easy to use.
      • I usually have a code: MERRICK for 20% off, but if there are sales going on, my code won’t stack.
  • Shine Cosmetics
    • All of Shine’s products are paraben, gluten, and cruelty-free! Their BB cream is one of my favorites, and they have so much good stuff. This would be a perfect gift for the makeup-loving teen in your life! I use the shade “Indestructible” in their BB Cream. My code Merrick10 works for 10% off and always stacks on their other deals!
  • Mentionables Lingerie
    • This is the most beautiful, affordable lingerie out there, and if you use code MERRICK, you get 10% off at checkout, but code CHEERS works for 20% off TODAY ONLY! They have lingerie in size XS-3X and they’re never shown on models, which is nice so you’re not comparing your body to models, and your husband can buy you some lingerie without having to look through sexy pictures of other women in lingerie.
  • Savvy Reading
    • We love this reading program! For Cyber Weekend, get $25 off per month of a math or reading program, or to add kids if they are already in the Savvy program! Code is BLACKFRIDAY
  • Rad and Happy
    • This is another amazing brand created by my friend, Tara. She makes the best planners for everyone, including planners specifically for teachers. She also has lots of other fantastic products and paper goods.
  • Daily Essential Co
    • My friend Jenna created the best skin serum ever. I use it on myself AND on my kids. TDEMerrick will always get you free shipping! For Cyber Weekend, get 15% off with code GIVING15!




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