Christmas Gifts for Parents and In-Laws (50+ Great Ideas!)

Christmas gifts for parents who have everything. You’ll for sure find something in this great list.

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Do you need some gift ideas for parents or in-laws? This is a fantastic list with unique and great Christmas gifts for parents.


You’ll find some amazing gift ideas for parents on this list!

Good heavens, finding Christmas gifts for parents is not an easy task. I swear, parents have everything they could possibly need, and it’s hard to get creative with something they will actually want to bring into their home.

We all struggle to shop for Christmas gifts for parents, or find good gift ideas for parents, so I’ve created a really fantastic gift guide for you with 25 unique gift ideas for paren

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More than 50 fantastic Christmas gifts for parents and in-laws


Experience Christmas Gifts for parents

  • Date Night Package.
    • Keep your parents or in-laws dating! Put together a fun date with a dinner gift card, movie tickets, a treat to make, or whatever else you’d like.
  • Murder Mystery Dinner Theater tickets.
    • If your parents are into this kind of thing, it would make such a fun night out!
  • Airline ticket vouchers to come visit you and the grandkids!
  • Lessons to learn a new skill.
    • I love the idea of helping your in-laws or parents learn new things as they move toward or through retirement. Pitch in with your siblings to give them a year of tennis, cooking, dancing, golf, cookie decorating, art lessons, or any other lesson they’ve mentioned wanting to do their whole lives! Find a local rec center and see what they have to offer.
  • Online lessons. 
    • There are great websites like Skillshare and Masterclass that let you have unlimited access to online courses for cooking, making videos, learning magic — honestly anything and everything.
  • Season tickets to a local broadway theater or sporting events.
    • I’m all about experience gifts, and this is a great way to get your parents to go out and have fun together.
  • Museum passes for them and the grandkids. 
    • A great way to get them to spend time with the grandchildren!
  • At home group date night box
    • For when they invite friends over. Include nuts and candies and a fun card or board game!
  • A gift certificate for a family photo session 
    • Perfect for next time you’re all together.
  • Send them on a food tour of their city.
    • This is a fun way to help them explore their area and try some new restaurants.

Memory Christmas gifts for parents

  • Have their wedding picture restored and reframed. 
    • Your parents probably don’t have an enlarged copy of their wedding photo because people just didn’t do that as much back then. So enlarging and re-framing would be really special.
  • Give an “In Honor Of” gift
    • donate to a non-profit organization that reminds you of them! This is perfect for the parent who has everything.
  • Ancestry DNA kit.
    • This is such a cool and thoughtful gift to help your parents or in-laws learn more about their heritage!
  • Photo book with pictures of the grandkids.
    • I love Mixbook books, and these will be a treasure for grandparents. 
  • Framed Picture of your family or grandkids.
  • Give a Christmas ornament that represents an adventure or experience you had with your parents during the year.
    • Example: if your daughter went to a ballet performance with grandma, get a ballerina ornament. If you went on a trip to the beach together, get a starfish or seashell ornament.


Household Christmas gifts for parents

  • Omaha Steaks box
    • or another meal delivery service. Cooking for two people isn’t quite as fun, so give them a meal delivery service — it’s something they’ll actually use!
  • Compile all the family recipes and put them in a bound book. 
    • I’m sure your mom or mother in law has a bunch of handwritten recipe cards stored away in a box or binder, but it would be really special to have them scanned and compiled into a book. Then grandma’s handwriting wouldn’t be replaced, but would be preserved! You could easily do this on Mixbook!
  • Framed print/illustration of the temple parents were married. 
    • My parents were married in the Salt Lake City LDS temple and it’s the most gorgeous building. A beautiful photo or painting of it would make an amazing gift.
  • Magazine subscription about their interests.
  • A Nixplay Frame
    • This frame lets you upload images directly to their frame so you can constantly have new photos of the grandkids cycling through. So cool!
  • Monthly Subscription Box.
  • Security cameras for their home.
    • As parents get older, it’s nice to give them a little extra security! This would be a great gift for siblings to go in on together. There are a ton of great ones right here.
  • Portable Charger.
    • This is great for in-laws that travel a lot, or are just on the go! And this is the highest rated charger out there — I’ve heard amazing things!
  • “Yard of the month” sign.
    • This is a fun idea that a reader submitted — her father in law works very hard in his garden, so they got him a cute “Yard of the Month” sign to stick in his lawn.
  • Super cozy slippers. 
    • Every parent needs a great pair of slippers. Get a matching set for your mom and dad!
  • Echo Dot, Google Home or Amazon Alexa
    • Keep those parent’s homes high tech!
  • Facebook Portal. 
    • My parents got a Facebook Portal last year and it’s a great tool for family video chats.
  • An electric cooler
    • for their car to store their drinks or any medicine that needs to be cool.
  • A fresh wreath
    • for their door – you can order them online here and it’s delivered to their door! This is great for the Mother-in-law who has everything!
  • A special “leftovers” basket
    • for the Christmas or Thanksgiving hostess. Include a really good loaf of bread, cheese, fancy mustard, fresh herbs, etc, that they can eat with leftover ham or turkey from the holiday dinner. Include a little yummy smelling soap or candle too if you want! Tip: if you’re flying to their house, pack a foldable fabric basket to pack it in. If you’re driving, bring a nice wicker basket.
  • Letterfolk board.
  • A cute cookie jar filled with homemade cookies!
    • This jar is simple and pretty and can be dressed up with a pretty red bow for Christmas.


Personalized Christmas gifts for parents

  • Make a personalized family Guess Who game.
    • This would be a great game to play with the grandkids when they visit! There are simple instructions RIGHT HERE.
  • Family Picture Calendar.
    • This is the gift we give my in-laws every year. We put photos each month that represent the season (Christmas/snowy pictures in December, fourth of July pictures in July, etc). always loved seeing the new pictures of the grandkids every month! You could do a wall calendar or a desk calendar. Mixbook is my go-to for these kinds of printed items — their quality is amazing!
  • 100 Childhood Memories. 
    • Have each of your siblings write up memories from your childhood and compile it in a book, or type it up and put it in a frame! We did this for my dad for his 60th birthday and it was such a special night when we went around and read them aloud to him. So many laughs and tears.
  • Monogrammed Robes. 
    • If your parents are robe people, they’ll love a plush robe. Take it up a notch and add a monogram of their initials on each robe! Land’s End has amazing robes and it’s just a few extra dollars to add a monogram.
  • Personalized return label stamp.
    • I’ve always wanted one of these — it would get so much use!
  • Cutting board in the shape of their home state.
  • A charm bracelet
    • with charms to represent each child or grandchild! Add a new charm for each grandbaby. Every grandma would love this.
  • Clocks set to the time zone of each child.
    • My parents got these when their kids were living in California, Texas, Pennsylvania, and England! They made little plaques that hang under each one with the location name, and each clock was set to the location’s time zone! Simple clocks like these are perfect.
  • Make a customized book about your family
    • Last year I learned about these ones from FourBears, and with the stories and information you submit, they create a children’s book about your family stories. This would be such a treasure to keep at Grandma and Grandpa’s house to learn more about their history, or their parents history!
  • I Chart You genealogy chart
    • these are gorgeous family trees that are unlike anything I’ve seen. They’re works of art and so beautiful!
  • Photo coasters with pictures of grandkids or family
  • Customized place mats for the table with pictures or text on them. 
  • Commission a painting of the home your family grew up in
    • I did this for my parents one year and it’s so special! You can easily find artists on Etsy – here are a bunch! Just make sure you get started early so there’s time to finish the painting.
  • Digitized home videos
    • LegacyBox is an awesome system that does it all for you!
  • A special and unforgettable experience
    • one reader said she and her siblings pitched in to buy her father in law a ride in a World War I airplane!
  • Subscription to Audible.
    • The gift that keeps on giving! And you know I love audiobooks.
  • StoryWorth book.
    • This is a special book with weekly prompts to help your parents (or grandparents, or whomever) write their memoirs.
  • Sew a REALLY long tablecloth
    • One that fits tables put together or a table with extra extenders so that everyone can sit together for family dinners! I love this idea for big families!
  • Paint a picture of a tree and have everyone stamp their thumb prints on it to make the leaves.
    • Frame it, and continue to add more leaves as more grandchildren come. This is such a fun idea for larger families!
  • An engraved necklace with someone special’s handwriting engraved on it.
    • The reader who submitted this idea used the signature from an old card from her mother-in-law’s deceased mother, so her MIL had a little piece of her mom around her neck. SO sweet, right? You can buy them RIGHT HERE.
  • A handwritten “Proclamation to the World.”
    • The Proclamation”is a special statement in my church and all about families. It would be a really special gift to give your parents, especially with the personalized touch.



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    I totally just ordered the portable charger for my brother who is moving and doesn’t need more stuff but loves gadgets. PErfect!! And i’m doing the genealogy chart for my in-laws (and maybe myself too). Thank you so much!

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    Hi! I have made your cinnamon bread a few times and love it! I just went to find the recipe and it isn’t there anymore.

  6. Mindy Jollie says:

    I love all of your ideas like getting them photobooks or digitized home videos or even season tickets to an event venue. My father-in-law is a really high-level lawyer and it’s really hard to shop for him. I’ve been thinking about getting him a nice fountain pen or a set of customized cufflinks. It’s so hard to know what they’ll like sometimes!

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    My friend Sarah is an artist and has these gorgeous fill-in-the-blank family tree watercolor illustrations. They are stunning! We got one for my in-laws last year and she decorated her whole bedroom in the color scheme around it!

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    Is there Anyone i can hire to make the cards for the guess who game? I see the instruCtions but im old and it makes no sense to me

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