5 Easy and No-Stress Neighbor Christmas Gifts

Don’t let neighbor Christmas gifts stress you out. Here are 5 easy neighbor gift ideas, both homemade or store bought!

cinnamon sugar swirl sweet bread wrapped in cellophane for a neighbor gift

5 easy and no-stress neighbor Christmas gifts you can give this year. Buy them, make them, give them.

Whether you buy or make, these neighbor Christmas gifts will be a win.

I love making special Christmas treats — the kinds you make only once a year at Christmas. They’re my favorite to give as neighbor Christmas gifts. But if you’re not much of a baker, I have some store bought ideas to give to your neighbors this year!

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5 Christmas gifts you can give to your neighbor this year



  • Cinnamon Sweet Bread
    • This cinnamon bread is my go-to neighbor gift. I make them 8 loaves at a time and give them to all of Philip’s employees, all of my friends, and all of our neighbors. Everyone always looks forward to them! Find the recipe HERE.


  • Homemade salsa in a jar
    • We’ve all had so many sweets at Christmas time — why not give something savory. A jar of homemade salsa is a great choice, and this recipe is so easy and delicious. Just toss it in a mason jar with a ribbon and you’re good to go!


  • Loaf of fresh bread
    • If you’re an amazing baker, you could definitely hand make a beautiful loaf of bread. But going to a local bakery and buying a loaf of bread only costs a few dollars and everyone will appreciate that. Include a little jar of jam if you’d like!


  • Trader Joe’s candle and a seasonal treat
    • This is a super easy gift you can make if you want to give something but don’t want to put anything together. Trader Joe’s to the rescue. Their candles are only a few dollars, and they have the best seasonal treats. Might I suggest the peppermint Jo-Jo’s? They’re my fave.


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wrapped christmas bread


  1. Gina says:

    Im loving all of your gift Guides! ThAnks for putting in the effort to put them together. If anyone else is a very non-homemade gift giver like i am , two of my favorite neighbor gifts I’ve done are the Mrs. Meyers peppermint scented counter spray (with a little tag that says “may even your counters be merry and bright” — idea from Sara of Our Best Bites), and a nice emergency preparedness candle (with a little tag that says “may your days be merry and bright”….and I’m just now realizing both of those gifts had merry and bright tags, haha.)

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