Christmas Gift Ideas for Co-Workers (10 Non-Lame Ideas)

There are a lot of lame Christmas gift ideas for coworkers. Don’t be lame. Check out these 10 good gift ideas.

small wrapped christmas present striped christmas pajamas

A lot of Christmas gift ideas for co-workers are things that feel like a waste of money. The kind of junk that clutters up your desk. These are 10 great ideas that are inexpensive and actually fun or useful!


Budget friendly gift ideas for co-workers

When it comes to the hierarchy of Christmas gift recipients on your list, I know co-workers are toward the bottom. But giving them gifts often feels obligatory. So how about some Christmas gift ideas for co-workers that are actually useful, fun, and affordable!

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Check out these gift ideas for co-workers — these are 10 great ideas!


If you’d rather keep your gifts more generic, here are two other options.

If you feel like you don’t want to get too personal, a gift card for coffee, a restaurant, or a pedicure is great too. Or you can never go wrong with a homemade treat.

If you need some ideas, definitely check out my post with 5 great treats to give as gifts!


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small wrapped christmas present striped christmas pajamas

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  1. Emily says:

    A Favorite gift ive given and received from coworkers are favorite wRiting utensils! I mentioned one day in passing that i COULDN’T find a pen i just loved and i ended up with several different kinds to try, and found 3 kinds that i ended up loving. I also have giVen coworkers a pack of their favorites as a gift and thEy were always excited to see it. But maybe it’s a teacher thing? Idk, but we love smooth pens, pencils, markers, you name it.

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