Handmade Holiday Gift Idea: Personalized Aprons

Photography by Gabi Wells

how to make a kids apron

Handmade gifts are some of my favorites to give. Sometimes, something from the store just isn’t right for a certain someone in your life.

So today I’m sharing a really simple DIY apron that you can make for your kids, your grandkids, your spouse, your friends — anyone!

Kids especially love them though because they feel so grown up!

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DIY apron for kids
monogrammed apron for kids
apron gift idea for kids

The best part about this is that you can hand make your aprons OR you can buy them (there’s a 3 pack right here!) and then personalize them however you’d like.

You could also use any kind of cotton fabric with a fun design — my kids would die of happiness over a starwars or Lego fabric apron.

I made these little ones a few years ago and they ask to wear them every time we’re working in the kitchen together!

how to make a kids apron

Here’s what you’ll need:

1 yard lightweight denim or cotton fabric
2 packages double fold bias tape
matching thread
embroidery thread (optional – only if you’re embroidering them!)
tapestry needle (same note as above)

pattern pieces

Step 1. Cut your pieces. You’ll need the main apron piece (mine was about 18 inches wide and 23 inches tall for my 5 year old), and a pocket (mine was about 9 inches wide and 5 inches tall).

Add the bias tape

Step 2. Cut a piece of bias tape to fit across the top of the apron. Open up the double fold and slide the edge of the fabric inside. Sew across the top of the bias tape, as shown above.

pin all the way around

Step 3. Now repeat step two for the bottom of the apron, all the way around, as shown above.

diy apron tutorial

Step 4. Now measure how long you want your ties, plus how long you want the neck loop. Add this to the measurement for the scooped sides of the apron and cut your bias tape accordingly. Attach it to the sides of your apron as shown. Make sure you sew down the ties and around the neckline, stitching up the bias tape. [note: I did mine out of order and had to backtrack, so you’ll see the bottom edge hasn’t been sewn in the photo, but make sure you sew it first!]

add a pocket

5. Now it’s time for the pocket. Serge or zigzag around the edge. Then fold in all the edges about a centimeter. Make small clips with your scissors around the curved edges to make it lie flat and smooth. Sew across the top straight edge.

Once the top of the pocket is sewn, pin it to the apron, as shown below. Sew around the pocket, attaching it to the apron.

add a pocket
add some embroidery

Use your imagination and get creative with the personalizing! Our last name is White, so we refer to our home as the White House frequently. I played off of that and created each of the monograms with a little house, and their first initial inside of it.

Try it with paint, fabric markers, or any other kind of method of personalizing it!


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    Great Post, i have been looking for an apron pattern.

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