The Best Mascara for Super Long Lashes

the best products for super long natural lashes

In the last few weeks I’ve been getting lots of questions about my mascara. I’ve done a post about this before, but I’ve tried a few new products since then and wanted to share ALL my favorites in one big post.

First, lash growth serum.

Neulash is the serum I use to help my lashes grow. It comes in a little tube, and you swipe it across your lash line every night before bed. It takes about three weeks to see results, and about twelve weeks for full results (which are huge, long, luscious lashes). I did the 12-week cycle once a little over a year ago, and after I stopped putting it on every night, my lashes went back to normal after a few months. So I did the cycle again, and now I put it on about twice a week to maintain my results.

Also, I purchased my original tube from Nordstrom, and then bought some from Amazon when I saw it for cheaper. It turns out that discounted beauty products sold on Amazon are counterfeit or expired versions of the product. I bought mine before I knew that and didn’t have any issues, but now I’m very wary of anything sold for cheaper on Amazon. I’d recommend getting the real product right here.

Oh, and one tube lasted a full 12-week cycle, and now that I don’t put it on every night it’s lasted about 8 months and it’s still not empty.

Ok, on to mascara.

I’ve tried A LOT of mascaras, and these are by far my three favorites.

  1. Stila Huge Extreme Lash Mascara. My friend, Lindsey, from Painting You Pretty gave this to me a few weeks ago and I was instantly hooked. It does all it claims and one coat has my lashes extra long, thick and dark. It’s the one I’m wearing in the photo above.
  2. L’Oreal Telescopic Mascara. My friend Tara from Rad and Happy recommended this one, and for $7 I couldn’t resist trying it. I typically don’t love thin wands, but this one somehow works magic and makes my lashes super long and fanned out. For $7, it’s basically unbeatable.
  3. Lancome Hypnose Drama Mascara. This was my original favorite, so it can’t be left out. It makes your lashes super thick, full, and gorgeous.

Don’t forget primer!

Also I use a white mascara primer, which I put on before I apply my mascara. The black completely covers the white, but the white adds extra fullness and volume AND keeps your lashes from drooping after an hour or two. It makes all the difference for me! I currently use this L’Oreal one, but I also really love this Lancome one.

If you have any questions on any of these products, leave a comment below!


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    have you tried any other eyelash serums?

  2. Megan says:

    A couple weeks aGo on your stories you showed how you apply your mascara AnD you mentioned that you actually layer two different mascaras after your primer. Which two mascaras do you layer? Thanks!

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