“What Would Merrick Wear?” – Outfit Ideas for YOUR Events

what would merrick wear wednesday

I’ve been doing a fun series over on Instagram giving outfit ideas for different occasions. Here is a round-up of my series, What Would Merrick Wear?


What Would Merrick Wear?

On Instagram, I’ve been doing a series on Wednesdays called What Would Merrick Wear, where you girls submit occasions or locations or events where you need help with outfits, and I tell you what I’d wear!

Since Instagram stories only stay on Instagram for 24 hours, I wanted to compile them all each month in a blog post so you can refer back to them.

Check them out below!

Boy Baby Blessing

This somerset dress would be perfect. Soft blue color, postpartum friendly with a stretchy waistband, and the neckline splits open enough to be breastfeeding friendly, if you’re nursing! Also the fabric has good structure so it’ll smooth over a post baby body beautifully and you’ll feel amazing and confident.



School Pick up and Drop off

Lots of outfit ideas here!



Rehearsal Dinner at BBQ Restaurant

I’d definitely check the dress code, but I think a cute dress and some boots would be a safe bet!



Career Fair

First impressions matter! Wear something professional and nice, but also comfortable since you’ll be walking around a lot. Dress pants, a blouse, and nice flats would be great, or a dress, blazer, and chic loafers!



Your Own Rehearsal Dinner

I didn’t do a rehearsal dinner for my wedding, but I think it’s a fun excuse to wear another white dress. It’s your special day and you’re the bride, so find an amazing white dress that makes you feel amazing! I saw this one recently and I LOVE it



Baseball Game

I have a whole post about sports mom outfits here!



Adele Concert in Las Vegas

I’d probably wear a super dressy, sparkly top like this with black coated jeans or leather pants and some killer black shoes.



Theater with Kids in London

I love dressing up for the theater, especially when it’s in a nice venue and I’ve paid a lot of money for the tickets. A beautiful dress or jumpsuit or pants and a blouse with heels is a great option. This is what I wore to Broadway in NYC a few years ago with our oldest son!



Business Casual Conference

I did a whole post last year about what to wear to a business conference!



Back to Work in Office Postpartum

These are dress pants that have a very postpartum friendly waistband that you’ll LOVE. The reviews are insane. You could wear with basic tops and jackets, or button ups, blouses, etc!



Mother of the Bride

This one is so gorgeous and would be amazing as a mother of the bride! I have a ton of other spring wedding guest dresses linked here!



Girls’ Night at Trendy Restaurant

This top with a pair of great jeans and strappy heels.



Easter Egg Hunt

If you’re going casual, a cute pair of blush pink pants with a tee and jacket would be perfect. Add a pair of sneakers that are easy to walk across the grass! Lots of outfits with blush pink linked here!



Women’s Spring Tea at Church

A spring dress is a great option! This white and blue one feels SO springy. Wear with sandals or tan ankle boots or flats.



Family Pictures on the Beach

I just grabbed this dress and it would be perfect for beach pictures! It would be gorgeous against the water and sand, and the rest of your family could be in various shades of cream, blush, white, and tan.



Retail Pharmacist (or job on your feet all day)

This is a teacher outfit post I did last year, but any of these would work!



Eras Tour Watch Party

I did a post about Taylor Swift concert outfits ideas last year – any of these would be perfect!



Mexico for 10 Year Anniversary

We just did a getaway to the Bahamas in November – I shared my outfits here! Links may be old, but it’ll give you some good ideas.



Brother’s Engagement Party

I don’t know the location or dress code, but this dress is so perfect for spring events and you could dress it down with flat sandals, or dress up with heels.



Working from Home

I have a post all about this!



Launch Party in Paris

With no details about the company or specific location or dress code, it’s hard to say, but I feel like this dress would be amazing!



Baby Shower Host (While Pregnant)

This one! It’s the comfiest dress, and one that you’ll feel pretty in while hosting, and also can wear throughout the rest of your pregnancy and after. I’m all about versatility! Pair it with a cute sandal or boot and a denim jacket if you need a layer.



Dad’s Surprise Party

This is perfect opportunity to wear a Better than Basic top with some jeans and casual shoes (a nice sandal, flats, or nice sneakers). This feels casual, but still like you made some effort. Shop this outfit here!



Outdoor High School Graduation

I have a post about graduation outfits for grads and guests from last year. I’ll be updating it in a few weeks, but hopefully this gives you some ideas in the meantime.



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    What would tou wear to ireland for a week? (End of may through first of june)? Staying in multiple b&b, hotels, etc. lots of walking & hiking!

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