All My Best Summer Tips, Hacks, and Activities with Kids

how to have the best summer ever

Today I’ve compiled a bunch of my best summer posts. From our favorite healthy snacks, to how to plan your summer, what our quiet time looks like, how to get your kids to listen to audiobooks, and tips for being a happier mom, there’s something here for everyone.


We’re officially out of school, and we’re on our first big trip of the summer! We’re traveling through Yellowstone National Park, Jackson Hole, Rexburg Idaho to visit some friends, and Utah to visit family. Follow along over on my instagram!

Now that we’re officially out of school, I wanted to share a few past posts that will help you and your kiddos survive the summer.

Check them all out below!

keeping your kids sharp during the summer
read aloud books for boys
our favorite family dinner recipes
best kid apps that don't need wifi

The best apps for kids that don’t require wifi

this is an amazing resource for road trips and plane flights!

an emergency kit for your car

An emergency kit for your car

(the best mom hack!)

the ten games I'll happily play with my kids

My family’s favorite games to play

(the ones that don’t make me want to gauge my eyes out)

how we do quiet time in our home
how I cut my boys' hair
quick and easy snacks for families
50+ ideas for planning your summer & the best boredom busters

50+ boredom busters for your kids

(and tips for planning out your summer)

how to make your own otterpops
how to start a family economy system
our favorite educational activities and programs
audiobooks for kids
7 ways to be a happier mom

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