How to Make Your Own Otterpops [Quick Read]

how to make your own otterpops

Otterpops are one of our favorite treats during the summer, especially after a hot afternoon outside. Now it’s so easy to make them yourself!

We just discovered these little disposable otterpop bags on Amazon so you can make your own pops. It’s so easy and the kids love to do it with me!

The kit comes with 100 disposable bags and a flexible funnel that makes it so easy to fill. We’ve filled them with fruit juice, smoothies, and yogurt. Yum!

Find the Otterpop bags HERE!

check out this super simple method for making your own otterpops!
easy healthy otterpops with these disposable otterpop bags!

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  1. PArker says:

    Great Idea! Now that its summer, my kids seem to think they should get to eat ice cream everyday. I like ths as a healthy alternative to ice cream that still feels as though its a treat. Plus, my kids would love to be able to make their own creations.

  2. Daria EDU says:

    I must say – your blog is just awesome 😀
    These days it is so hard to find a post where you can truly see that the author puts her heart and soul into.
    Great job and have an amazing week.
    Big fan, Daria <3

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