The Online Math Tutoring Program My 8 Year Old Loves

The online math tutoring program that we love!

This online math tutoring program, Revolution Math, is the best thing we’ve done with our 8 year old. He is thriving and learning AND having fun!

A couple of weeks ago I talked about Revolution Math, an online math tutoring program, on my Instagram Stories.

It’s a fantastic online math tutoring program that lets your child get personalized math education with a live tutor without leaving your house.

After the story expired, I had some questions about it so I thought I’d answer them all here!

Here are the details about Revolution Math:

  • It’s a one hour session, once a week.
  • Some of the classes have several kids in them, which makes for some fun math competition, but our session only has B currently so it’s been great to have private tutoring for him.
  • It’s done on the computer using the program Zoom — it’s basically like Skype.
  • The programs are for 2nd-5th graders, but you don’t have to choose your child’s specific grade. B is in 3rd grade but is advanced in math, so he’s doing 4th grade in Revolution Math and loving it.
  • There’s a really fun story about some kids and a wicked witch and a castle, and you follow this story as you do your math problems. It makes it really fun for the kids, and B looks forward to it every week.
  • I love, love, love that it’s an extracurricular program that B can do right at home. No packing up all the children and driving somewhere!
  • For your first month, you can use code MERRICK1 to get four tutoring classes for $1, but after that it’s more affordable than our piano lessons!
  • You choose a monthly price or a yearly price — it’s all listed on their website.
  • They send you an email at the end of your trial to ask if you want to continue. There’s no bait and switch here. They’re super honest and upfront people.

We love it so much, we plan to continue it after our free trial is over

We have been doing the program for almost a month and although we got the free sign up too, we will continue to pay for it because it’s been such an incredible program for B. He is THRIVING.

If your child needs help in math, is advanced in math and wants some extra challenges outside of the classroom, or if your child just needs an after school activity, seriously check this out.

And for $1, there is honestly nothing to lose!

Use code MERRICK1 for your first month for only $1. Check it out RIGHT HERE!



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