Summer Reads From My Team

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My whole team loves reading – especially during the summer. Today my team is each sharing the best summer reads they’ve read so far this year! 

Need some book recommendations? Today my team is sharing some favorite books that we’ve been reading recently. These are all fantastic summer reads if you’re looking for a new book!

Laura’s Book Recommendations

  1. The Lion’s Den: Ooh, this book was good! I was so happy with it because it was drawn out enough to not feel rushed towards a resolution, but kept me engaged and on my toes the whole time. It’s a long one – bring it on your next long trip!
  2. By Any Other Name: This was a quick impulse pick-up at the library, and I loved it! It was quick, light, and fun. It felt like I was watching a rom-com. If you need a quick book to read in a few days, this is it.
  3. One Italian Summer: I actually found out about this author from Kristy’s last book recommendations and loved her. This is her newest book, and I absolutely loved it. Her books always end up being about something so different than I originally thought. I listened to this one, and it was read by Lauren Graham (Lorelai in Gilmore Girls) and made it 100x better!

Kristy’s Book Recommendations

  1. Every Summer After:  I just finished this book this week.  It has been all over the social media.  And, I am excited to report that I LOVED it!! It is the perfect summer read.  I think the perfect summer read includes a beach, a great love story, and an easy plot that I can pick up and down throughout the day without much thought! A great pool read! This is it! Its a story of two people who fell in love at 13 and have to find their way back to each other in their thirties.
  2. Something Borrowed:  I am sure I am late to the Emily Giffin game, but this book was recommended by my hair dresser and it was a perfect lake read! I flew thru this one and the next in the series, Something Blue in two days.  It’s the story of best friends in a love triangle.  You will fill all of the emotions with all of the characters.  But in the end, you will love them all and find that they have all ended up with their “perfect.”
  3. American Royals III: Rivals: This is book three in the American Royal series.  It just came out and May 31.  I listen to most my books on audible so I listened to the first two to get ready for book 3, so I was very ready when this one came out.  I think that by the third book most series lose their intrigue.  I am happy to report that American Royals is still captivating.  The plot is essentially following American Royalty if we had kept Royalty after the American Revolution.  It’s like reading about our very own Kate and William and I am HERE for it.

Shelby’s Book Recommendations

  1. We Were The Lucky Ones: This historical fiction novel was insightful and intriguing and kept me wondering how everything would work out the entire time! Based on the true story of a family living across Europe in WWII it wasn’t necessarily a lighthearted summer read, but was still uplifting and gripping the entire time.
  2. The Nightingale: I’ve been on a historical fiction kick this summer and The Nightingale did not disappoint in the slightest. While at times a bit heavy it is the incredible story of triumph, grit, and resilience that left me thinking for days.
  3. The Secret Keeper: This mystery kept me intrigued and totally surprised at the end. I love Kate Morton’s books for their her amazing storytelling, intriguing characters, and unpredictable endings- perfect summer reads!



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