8 of my Favorite Ingenious Products That You Have to Check Out

necklet clasp for layering necklaces magnetic

Tried and true, life changing, ingenious products that you have to check out. These are things I use everyday and couldn’t live without!


I love sharing really cool things here on my blog, and today I want to share eight of my favorite products that are ingenious, life changing, and I use basically every single day.


1. Anker Portable Charger

I’ve talked about THIS PORTABLE CHARGER a ton because it’s amazing. It’s a little brick charger you keep in your purse and it holds up to seven charges, and charges your phone crazy fast! I charge it overnight every week or two and then toss it in my purse with a charging cord so it’s ready to go whenever I’m out and my phone battery is getting low.

Also you’re always everyone’s best friend when you whip out a portable charger and can juice up everyone else’s phone!

note: I use THIS MEDIUM SIZE ONE, but if you want something smaller, THIS ONE is about half the size (but only holds about 3 charges). They also sell a REALLY BIG ONE that holds 9 charges.


2. Coop pillow

If you’re a side sleeper, you need THIS PILLOW. It’s the most supportive, wonderful, comfortable pillow EVER. Philip and I were both having some neck and back pain a few years ago, and I started researching the best pillows. I found these and they are life changing. No more pain for either of us!

We also just got their BODY PILLOWS and we call them the puffy marshmallows. They’re so soft, squishy, cool, and perfect for body support while you sleep. We use THESE PILLOW CASES and they’re soft and cool too, and under $15!


3. Loopy Cases

I’ve always struggled with phone cases, until I discovered LOOPY CASES. The cases themselves have great protection for your phone, but the loop adds another level because you stick your finger through the loop while you hold it and you never drop your phone!

Also the designs are SO cute and they don’t rub off over time. You can get 10% off any case with code ART10!

See it in action RIGHT HERE.


4. One Step Volumizer

This is a hair tool that blow dries and gives you a blowout/straightens your hair simultaneously. It’s genius. I use mine at least once a week (when I wash my hair), and I can dry and straighten my entire head in under 15 minutes. WHAT.

I wrote a whole review RIGHT HERE if you’re interested in seeing how I use it (plus there’s a video!)


5. Apple Watch

Philip bought me my APPLE WATCH two years ago for Christmas and I have used it literally every day since then. I track my fitness on there, I send messages, check the weather, track my sleep, use it as an alarm in the mornings, call my phone (when I lose it 10 times a day), and so much more.

I love an all in one kind of product and this watch is literally worth every penny.

Note: I have the series 3, and it’s a great price now that other versions have come out. I don’t know anything about the newer versions, but the series 3 has all the capabilities i need!

I wrote a whole post RIGHT HERE about all the ways I use it.


6. Necklet

Have you guys heard of the NECKLET? It is literally the most genius product of all time for girls who like to wear layered jewelry. It’s a special clasp that holds all of your necklaces separately, and then connects with a magnetic clasp. My jewelry NEVER gets tangled around my neck, and it makes getting them on and off so, so easy.

They have a big Labor Day sale happening this week — you will for sure want to grab one if you’re a layered jewelry kind of girl!


7. Beddy’s Beds

I’m the kind of person that makes her bed everyday. So it drives me nuts when my kids beds are a mess because they’re just learning how to make their beds.

Beddy’s Beds are an all-in-one bedding set that has zippered sides so it’s easy to unzip and get in bed, and then zip up when it’s time to make the bed. No tucking, no pulling, just zip and go. My boys beds have never looked so good, and I’M SO HAPPY.

They also have the cutest designs! They’re a bit of an investment, but they’re such good quality and worth every penny in my opinion. Also use code MERRICK20 to get 20% off!

(You can see one on Sanny’s bed RIGHT HERE!)


8. Screen protection glasses

I work on my computer all day, and use my phone all the time, so about a year ago I decided to get some DIGITAL SCREEN PROTECTION GLASSES. At first I didn’t notice any difference (they don’t change the color or anything), but after a few weeks of using them, I forgot to wear them while I was working and my eyes started to burn and ache!

Now I immediately notice a difference if I’m on a screen or even watching a movie and don’t have my glasses on. They protect my eyes so much!

If you don’t already have a pair, get one! Your eyes will thank you. Mine were literally $28!


I swear by all of these — if you try any of them out, let me know! I think your life will be changed too!



life changing products that are ingenious


  1. Rachel says:

    This is so helpful. Thank you! I lOve your blog and read it almost every day!

  2. Page Miller says:

    I’ve been seeing the blue light glasses lately, and I think it’s time i try them! I’m a cpa, and working on the computer all day with two screens makes my eyes scream! Thanks for the recommendation!

  3. Jessica Camerata says:

    I have the Necklet and am always so scared to use it because it doesn’t truly “clasp” it’s like a magnet. May need to try it again!

    xo Jessica
    My Style Vita

    • Merrick says:

      It doesn’t?? Mine is such a strong magnet! Maybe shoot them an email and let them know yours isn’t working right? You maybe got a defective one, cause mine works so well.

  4. Suzanne VanKat says:

    I love the initial necklace….where can I get one ???

  5. Quincy says:

    I’m not seeing a sale for the necklet. Is there a code or SOMETHING? Love your blog and stories! Thank you!

  6. gun mayhem 2 says:

    I’m a cpa, and working on the computer all day with two screens makes my eyes scream! Thanks for the recommendation!

  7. temple run says:

    The dishes you cook are nutritious and attractive. I really like the food you cook.

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