A Review of My Apple Watch + The Best Apple Watch Apps

A Review of my Apple Watch and best apple watch apps

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For Christmas, Philip got me an Apple Watch. Since then, so many of you have asked how I use, how I like it, and if it’s worth the investment.

So today I’m sharing a review of it, plus the best apple watch apps.

apple watch series 3 38mm best apple watch apps
A review of my apple watch and which apps I use

What size/model Apple Watch do I have?

I have the Series 3 38mm Apple Watch. I’ve had a lot of questions whether I like the size or not. Large face watches have been popular for the last few years, so since I was used to wearing those, it was easy to transition to this watch. But the face is pretty large, and if you’re not used to wearing a large watch it might seem big at first. It’s the smaller of the two sizes (38mm + 44mm), and really any smaller than this would be difficult to see the text and information on the screen. So it’s about as small as it can be.

If you have small wrists and hands, I’d definitely recommend the 38mm instead of the 42mm.

Do I like the band, and does it get dirty?

I really do like the pink band – it goes with pretty much everything and definitely feels more feminine than a black band. However, I’d like to get a second non-sport band, like this leather-look one, that I can wear every day and have it look less sporty. In fact, these are $11, so I’m totally getting one right now.

I’ve been really surprised that it’s stayed very clean, especially since it’s so light in color. I’ve actually never even thought to wash it off because it has no marks or scuffs at all.

How often do I wear it?

I’m actually surprised that I love wearing it so much. I wear it almost 24 hours a day. I work out in it, I sleep in it…I literally wear it all day every day. I only take it off to charge while I’m getting ready in the mornings and evenings.

It charges very quickly, so I toss it on my charger for 10 minutes while I’m getting ready for bed and it’s almost back to the full battery by the time I hop into bed.

What do I use it for? What Are the Best Apple Watch Apps?

Best Apple Watch Apps

1. Tracking My Sleep:

  • I didn’t know if I would like sleeping with my watch on, but after trying it for a night I realized I didn’t even notice it. I’ve been using the Sleep++ App, but I don’t like it much because it gives very limited information, AND in order for it to track you have to go into the app and press “start sleeping” and “stop sleeping” when you get into bed and wake up. That drives me nuts, especially if I forget one night. But it was a free app that at least tracked something while I figured out if I liked sleeping with the watch on.
  • I just downloaded AutoSleep Tracker, which was $2.99 in the app store, and it tracks automatically, shows your heart rate throughout the night so you know when you’re in deep sleep, shows you your sleep patterns over the last week, shows you how long it took you to fall asleep, etc. It has incredible reviews in the app store, so I’m excited to try it out.

2. Tracking My Exercise

  • For exercising, I use the Workout app that comes with the watch. The icon is a green circle with a figure running inside of the circle. Inside the app you can choose which exercise you’ll be performing – running, cycling, strength training, etc, and as soon as you select, it begins tracking. It tracks your time, calories burned, distance traveled (if you’re running/cycling/walking/etc), and your heart rate.
  • I turn this on every time I do BBG or go for a run in the mornings. I find that it tracks distance much more accurately than other apps on my phone.
  • The Activity app that also comes with the watch is great for tracking your movement throughout the day. I use this to see how many calories I’ve burned with my workout AND just regular movement during my day, to see how many hours I stand during the day, and to track how much exercise I perform during the day. These make up three rings, and in order to close those rings you have to stand for 12 hours, burn 500 calories, and exercise for 30 minutes. I don’t always close all three rings, but it’s a good way to measure my activity throughout the day and stay on track.

3. Reminders:

  • I love having my watch remind me to take my vitamins, or that I have a doctor’s appointment tomorrow. I typically keep my watch off of Do Not Disturb during the day so I get those little buzzes at my wrist to remind me to do something. It’s like a little helpful nudge that keeps me on track.
  • I’ve been using the Productive App for the last year, and it’s easy to set daily reminders to do various things like water your plants, take your vitamins, go to sleep, etc.

4. Alarm clock:

  • Since I’ve been wearing my watch to bed, I’ve been using it as an alarm clock instead of my alarm clock on my phone. I hate rolling out of bed to turn off my beeping alarm clock each morning, but the watch just buzzes on my wrist and it’s the nicest, most gentle wakeup call ever. Like your mom just gently nudging you awake in the morning. It’s made waking up so much happier for me.
  • I just use the Alarm Clock app that comes with the watch.

5. Listen to Podcasts:

  • I’ve been researching how to listen to podcasts on my watch so I can run without having to take my phone, and just discovered Outcast. It gets good and bad reviews, but for only $.99 I had to check it out.  Apple doesn’t have a specific Apple Watch Podcast app yet, so this seems to be the best alternative. You can search for podcasts, download episodes, and then listen to them directly from your watch without your phone, which is great for running if you don’t want to carry your phone. The only downside I’ve seen so far is that the podcast downloads take a little longer — like 3-4 minutes, instead of 10 seconds like they do on my phone. Just a heads up.


6. Other…

In addition to these apps I regularly use, I also use it to read and send texts (it has a pretty great talk to text system for responding), check my heart rate throughout the day, check the weather, check the date, and of course tell the time. I love having a digital watch because telling time on an analog clock takes me twice as long and drives me crazy.

Overall, I think the Apple Watch is an incredible investment and worth every penny. I’m actually surprised how much I’ve used and loved it. I had a FitBit in the past and wore it for a few weeks, but then gave up on it because it really wasn’t that helpful besides just knowing how many steps I took during the day. The Apple Watch, though, is helpful to me in basically every aspect of my life and I highly recommend it. And I’ve loved using the best apple watch apps too!

If you have any other apps you can recommend, leave a comment and let me know!

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  1. Kelly says:

    Hi Merrick, Are you able to use the Sweat App on your watch? I am on Week 8 of BBG thanks to your $1 link and am loving it so far. The apple watch would totally be worth the investment if I could see my workout on my wrist!

    • Helena says:

      Now the Apple watch is a really good investment, as you can fully control your workout and load, listen to music, get tips, know your pulse and more. From the last review https://ontechedge.com/ I decided that I want to buy myself the last 4 series of watches to be as efficient as possible always

  2. Jody says:

    Hi! LOve this review! I juSt bought my apple watch but i haven’t lIsTened to podcasts or music on it yet. What kind of wireless headphones do you use/recommend? Thanks!!

  3. Maverik says:

    I love the app on my apple watch the “Streaks Workout” its best.

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  6. Tran says:

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  7. I’m actually surprised that I love wearing it so much. I wear it almost 24 hours a day. I work out in it, I sleep in it…I literally wear it all day everyday. I only take it off to charge while I’m getting ready in the mornings and evenings.

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