How We Handle Sports And Extra Curricular Activities In Our Family

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We’ve teamed up with Academy Sports + Outdoors to share how we handle extra-curricular activities in our family, and where you can find the best selection of all things outdoors.

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My childhood looked very different from my kids when it comes to sports

I grew up in a very non-athletic family. I took dance, gymnastics, and ice skating, but I was never very good at any of them and it was more like the once a week kind of commitment. No intense practice-everyday kind of situations.

Philip grew up very athletic, and basically spent every waking moment playing sports of all kinds, was very involved, played competitively, the whole shebang.


Extra-curricular activities are a balance that we’re currently figuring out

As our kids have gotten older, we’ve had to figure out how to balance sports and extra-curricular activities in our home so that they don’t take over our lives but our kids are still involved in ways that they want to be.


Academy is the most amazing resource for getting back to sports!

We’ve teamed with Academy today to share a little bit about how extra-curricular activities look for our family, and also how we’re prepping for heading back to school and sports.

Academy has locations across the Southeast US, and a huge online store with tons of your favorite sports brands, like Nike, Adidas, Champion, and more, for women, men, and children. They have shoes and cleats, weight sets, yoga mats, and treadmills, and they even have fan gear for your favorite sports teams.

Literally, they. have. it. all.

They even have a whole page on their site called EXPERT ADVICE where you can see articles and videos with BBQing tips, advice on which running shoes to buy, and other helpful tips. So cool.

You can see it all on their website RIGHT HERE!

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How we handle extra-curricular activities in our home

So how do we handle extra-curricular activities in our family? Right now our kids are 9, 6, and 3. I understand it’s going to change as we get older.

But for now, they each have to PLAY THE PIANO, and they also get to choose ONE SPORT. They may decide to do another musical instrument in the future, but piano is such a foundational musical skill, so we’re starting them all with that. And when it comes to sports, one sport per kid is what I feel like I can handle as a mom. So this is working for us for now.

B is the only one who plays the piano right now, but Fos starts this fall when he turns seven, and Sanny will start in a few years when he’s seven.

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B is playing golf this year

Benson has decided to play golf this year, so he will begin taking lessons at our local country club in a few weeks. Academy has the cutest selection of little DRI-FIT POLO SHIRTS, GOLF SHORTS, and even the most amazing lightweight GOLF HAT. When he put this outfit on I about died, he looked so cute.

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basketball with academy

Fos is playing basketball for the third year in a row and loving it

Foster is playing basketball again this year, and starts in a few months. He has loved basketball for a few years, and is really committed to getting good, especially after a fun clinic camp this summer. I bought him his first real BASKETBALL SHORTS, and this cool BASKETBALL TEE that he wants to wear everyday. Academy even has a big selection of BASKETBALL SHOES for kids!


Sanny is doing gymnastics this year

I wanted to put Sanny in something this year, now that he’s three, but I wasn’t sure what to do until I realized that all he does all day is roll around and jump off of things and practice somersaults. So gymnastics was the perfect fit for him.

I told him I signed him up for classes and he has asked every single day since when it starts (sorry, dude, not for two more weeks).

I got him a lightweight pair of SHORTS and a little lightweight ATHLETIC TEE, and they’re both perfect for running and jumping around in his gymnastics class.


Check out Academy’s huge selection of items RIGHT HERE!

And I’d love to hear from you mamas about how you handle extra-curricular. Especially if you have older kids — what do you do that’s working as it gets busier and more demanding? Leave a comment below or head over to my Instagram post this morning and leave a comment!


photos by Aubrey Stock
this post is sponsored by Academy Sports + Outdoors



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  1. Julia says:

    I grew up in a super athletic family, and my mom was always okay with the 4 of us kids doing more things as long as they overlapped. So I played up an age group in soccer so I could play on the same team as my sister, all 3 girls took dance lessons from the same studio, we took swim lessons and my sisters did competitive swim all at the same pool, and additional things like volleyball and basketball just had to be close enough to home that it wasn’t too much to add. And each season was different with how many sports we could do based on schedules and finances. Other than a few Summers of competitive swim at the local pool, though, we weren’t allowed to do competitive sports until high school (when we could drive) because it was just too much time and money for something we were just doing for fun ‍♀️ we all did a variety of sports until we picked one to focus on by our junior year in high school, and my older sister and I both ended up each doing ours through 3 years of college (and my college coach loved that I’d played multiple sports for so long). I definitely enjoyed getting to do so many things! We also took a variety of music lessons (starting with piano) and did art camps when the local rec center put them on.

  2. Britney says:

    My nephws are similar in age to your boys and the oldest is a GReat athlete and plays at least one sport every season. It seems like the entire family is always running to a practice or game for someone. It has sparked some coNversation between my husband and i about how we want to balance activities with our kids once they are older. Its always great to get multiple perspectives on something like this.
    Are your kids choosing one sport per season or per year?

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