What I Cooked For Dinner Last Week, August 19-25

weekly menu august 19-25

Trying to get out of a cooking rut? Here are a few mom and kid approved recipes we made last week.

A bunch of family friendly dinner ideas

Here’s what I made for dinner last week! I’m starting to share these weekly dinner ideas to help all of us get out of that cooking rut.

I promise, all of these are kid friendly and your family will love them.

If you missed last week, you can see it RIGHT HERE.


Here’s what we ate last week.

hamburger back to school dinner

On Monday, we ate HAMBURGERS.

It was our annual family back to school dinner, so I grilled up some hamburgers per the boys’ request.


  • boiled corn on the cob
  • watermelon
  • crispy tater tots
authentic texas peach cobbler

For dessert for our back to school night dinner, I made PEACH COBBLER.

I used the SALT LICK COPY CAT RECIPE HERE, and last time I made it I made a few alterations and it was much better. So here’s the recipe with the alterations:



Breakfast burritos from Mels Kitchen Cafe

On Tuesday I made BREAKFAST BURRITOS for dinner.

We don’t really use a recipe, but I always save THIS ONE in my Favoreats App (I wrote about this app HERE) to remember and make sure I get the right ingredients.

What we put in our breakfast burritos:

  • scrambled eggs
  • ground breakfast sausage
  • tater tots
  • cheddar cheese
  • salsa (I use THIS RECIPE)
  • Tortilla Land tortillas (these come uncooked and are the best ever)


  • Tortilla chips (to eat with our salsa)
  • Red grapes
creamy cajun shrimp and sausage pasta


This was a new recipe I’d never tried before and it was super good.


  • The only adjustment I made was with the heavy cream. 1 cup seemed excessive and heavy, so I just did a splash of half and half to make it creamy but not over the top. It was perfect.


  • Watermelon
Spicy italian panini recipe

On Thursday we had LEFTOVERS.

On Friday we had PANINIS again. We had this same recipe last week and it was such a hit (and we had leftover ciabatta rolls and salami) that we made it again.

This time I added the roasted red peppers to mine and it was delicious.


  • Watermelon
  • Kettle Chips


perfect pork chops

On Saturday, we had company in town, so we took them out for BBQ.

On Sunday, I made PORK CHOPS. I’ve got to be honest with you, I’ve never made pork chops in my life — Philip isn’t a huge fan (he loves all other pork), so I’d never bothered to make them. But for some reason he requested them, and then we found out company was coming.

Always scary to try out a new recipe when company was here, but they turned out so good, and they were really easy.

I actually combined two recipes:

Easy Oven Baked Pork Chops

Tender Juicy Pork Chops

I followed the BRINING INSTRUCTIONS HERE, and then used the BROWN SUGAR RUB HERE, and then seared them on the stovetop and finished baking in the oven with THESE INSTRUCTIONS HERE.



  • Take and Bake Italian Bread
  • Parmesan Roasted Cauliflower (recipe below!)
baked garlic parmesan cauliflower

This PARMESAN ROASTED CAULIFLOWER was also a new recipe I’d never tried before, and it was delicious.

When I went grocery shopping, I only bought one head of cauliflower, not realizing we’d be having company. I wish we’d had two heads of cauliflower cause everyone devoured this. Even my kids gobbled it right up. Will definitely be making it again.

chocolate scotcheroos

For dessert on Sunday night, I made CHOCOLATE SCOTCHEROOS. They’re a regular in our home and they’re so dang good.

They have approximately 1,000,000 calories per bar, but I don’t even care. They’re amazing.


  • The only thing I change with the recipe is to refrigerate them, and then take them out of the fridge about 5-10 minutes before you’re ready to eat. They’re best when the chocolate on top is hard but the rice krispies are a little soft.


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    Love THese new posts! So anxious to get new ideas! Was the cajun pasta very hot????????

  2. Brittany says:

    Thanks for the great ideas! Do you just grocery shop once a Week?

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