The Free Meal Planning App I Use That Makes My Life Easier

This meal planning app is a game changer!

This meal planning app called Favoreats has become a lifesaver for me. You can save recipes, see what others are making, make a grocery list, and get a generated grocery list, all in one app. It’s genius for busy moms!


If you struggle with weekly meal plans, this meal planning app is for you!

A few months ago I discovered a really awesome meal planning app, and I wanted to share!

Meal planning is one of those things that I love/dread. I love knowing what I’m making for the week and buying groceries accordingly. But I hate sitting down and planning out a bunch of meals.

I swear every time I sit down to meal plan I think to myself, “what in the world have I cooked for dinner for the last 12 years??”

And then after I decide on meals, I still have to go through and make a grocery list. Not to mention actually going to the grocery store.

So discovering this meal planning app has been such a time saver for me.

It’s called Favoreats, and it’s free!

Here is why I love this meal planning app so much.

  • It connects with your Pinterest boards so you can import your food boards directly into the app and see all your saved recipes.
  • You create a meal plan for the week (or month, or indefinitely), and then it automatically generates a grocery list based on the recipes
  • As you shop, you click the grocery list items and they disappear (appearing down below in the completed section), so you can easily make your way through your list and see what’s left.
  • It’s easy to import other recipes that aren’t on your Pinterest boards, either by hand, or through their URL.
  • The app has a homepage that allows you to see and save recipes other people are saving and/or cooking and loving.

They have a whole site dedicated to the app to show you how it works — I definitely recommend checking that out.


It’s a fairly new app, so I’ve experienced a few bugs along the way, but it seems to constantly be updating and improving, and honestly it’s been such a game changer.

This isn’t sponsored or affiliated with them at all, but if you need something to make your life a little easier I absolutely recommend this app!

Come be friends with me on the app and we’ll cook dinner together!

If you want to check it out and see what I’m cooking, find me on there under Merrick White!

This meal planning app is a game changer!


  1. Heidi Barrus says:

    i LOVE YOUR FASHION POSTS BUT HOLY COW YOUR LIFESTYLE/FAMILY/HOME POSTS ARE ABSOLUTE GAME-CHANGERS FOR ME!! truly have made my home life better. This one is no different, i will totally be looking into this app.

    • Merrick says:

      I’m so thrilled to hear that! I’m always trying to share helpful content – both fashion and lifestyle. Thank you for taking the time to tell me it’s helping you. So grateful to have you here, Heidi!


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