10 Birthday Gift Ideas for a 3 Year Old Boy

great gift ideas for a 3 year old

It’s Sanny’s 3rd birthday today, so I wanted to share a few birthday ideas of gifts for a 3 year old boy. I’m sharing what we bought him, and a few of his favorite toys he plays with constantly!


Our favorite baby is turning three today!

Today is Sanny’s third birthday!

I know every mom says this on every single birthday, but honestly I can’t believe he’s three.

He’s the funniest, silliest, loudest, most animated little boy, and he fills our family with so much happiness and laughter and joy.

We’re all completely head over heels for him.


Need some birthday gift ideas for a 3 year old? Here are some of our favorites.

Every time a toddler birthday rolls around, I swear I stew for weeks over what to get them. We don’t need anymore “stuff,” and really how much do toddlers understand or appreciate gifts?  But also I love giving gifts and want him to have a special birthday.

If you’re in the same boat for an upcoming birthday here are some toys for 3 year old boys that your little guy will definitely love. Plus, I few non-toy gift ideas.

And actually, every single one of these is a great idea for a girl too!!

These are the birthday gifts we got him, plus some of the best toys for 3 year old boys that we already own.



Micro Scooter

We’ve owned a good amount of scooters over the years, and Micro Scooters are our very favorite! The three wheels make them a really good transitional scooter, but one they can still ride for years without feeling like a “little kid.”

The steering and balance is fantastic, the quality is incredible, and although they’re a higher price tag, I think they’re worth every penny. We’ve had ours for almost five years and it’s still in impeccable condition.


You know by now that we’re a big LEGO family, and although Sanny definitely plays with LEGOs too, he loves the DUPLOS. They’re much bigger and easy to build with, and great for those little fingers who aren’t quite ready for the small LEGOs.

Dress up clothes

Sanny is super into dress up right now, pretending he’s a super hero, A KNIGHT, or A PIRATE. Melissa and Doug have tons of really cute dress up costumes that get amazing reviews. I’ve linked some of my favorites below!


I’ve started packing Sanny a lunch for his lunchbox every night when I pack the big boys’ school lunches. It makes him feel so grown up to have a lunchbox in the fridge too, and it makes lunch the next day so easy and quick.

These Bentgo boxes our favorite lunchboxes. They’re airtight so nothing will spill, each individual spot is the perfect portion size, and is completely sealed so you can do dips, applesauce, yogurt, etc without working about it leaking.

Audiobook CDs

A three year old is the perfect age to start listening to audiobooks. Sanny has been listening to them for years because of the older boys, but if your three year old hasn’t done it before now is the time to start.

I have a whole post about tips for getting your kids to enjoy listening to audiobooks, plus a few favorite titles. Right now Sanny is listening to the FROG AND TOAD COLLECTION on repeat and loving it.

CD Player

If you’re going to get audiobook CD’s, you’re going to need a CD player! Yes, you could use audible or overdrive, but then you have to have an Alexa or an iPad or phone in their room. So we opt for the old school CD and player system.

The big boys have an old CD player in their room, but Sanny doesn’t have one. So I bought him THIS ONE for his birthday.

None of the CD players I could find have great reviews, so I ended up buying this one and purchased the warranty protection for $2, just in case it gives out within a few weeks (like a couple of reviews said).

Puffy Stickers

Sanny is OBSESSED with stickers. My father-in-law got him this pack of 1200 stickers for his birthday and he’ll be in heaven all week (hopefully they last longer than a week!) sticking them all over the place.

The good news? They’re not so sticky that they’ll leave residue on your clothing or your furniture.


Our local library has THESE SELF INKING STAMPS and San is obsessed with stamping his hands, and paper.

So we got him a huge pack of 100 stamps on Amazon — they were so inexpensive and he’ll have a total blast stamping every single paper in our house.

Big boy underwear

This is the week we’re putting big boy undies on Sanny — he’s been counting down the days til he’s out of diapers!

I found these fun PJ MASKS and MARVEL UNDIES and he’s going to flip when he sees them. He calls himself “Spider Sanny” all the time, so spiderman underwear was perfect for him.


These magnetic blocks are a toy that we have never purchased, but I hear nothing but rave reviews from everyone about them. My boys have played with them and love them, so if you’re looking for a hands-on toy for your child, definitely check these out.

THESE ONES are actually not the Magnatile brand, but they get higher ratings and are half the price!



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    Our little guy turned three a few days ago and these ideas are spot on. Do you have the frog and toad book for him to look at while he listens, or does he just listen? Thanks!

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