My Amazon Favorites: March

Since you guys loved the last Amazon favorites post in February, I decided to do another one this month. There are so many items I love buying on Amazon and today I’ll be sharing a few more of them with you.

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1. Drawer Dividers 

My bathroom drawers used to be a complete disaster with my makeup, skincare, and beauty products all scattered inside. I got these CLEAR DRAWER DIVIDERS and my drawers are now organized, and more importantly they stay organized!!

2. Memory Foam Pillow

I set out to find a good side sleeper pillow last year and found this one. It’s super comfortable and you can adjust it to your specific comfort level by opening it up and adding or removing the filling to make it fuller or flatter (you can purchase additional filling HERE). This pillow gives great neck support and the best part is it has a 100-day money-back guarantee, and a five-year guarantee that it won’t go flat!

3. Vitamin C Serum

I’ve been using a dermaroller for a few months now (I wrote about it HERE), and was using a pretty strong retinol formula on my skin right after rolling. My esthetician recommended a more gentle but still very effective product for after dermarolling — this Vitamin C/Hyaluronic Acid serum. Just a couple of drops on your hand and pressed into your face and honestly it gives you a glow!

4. Revlon Hair Dryer and Volumizer

I just recently got this hair dryer and it’s a game changer. It blow dries, volumizes, and straightens in one step! I’ve seen a lot of other tools similar to this on the market and they’re pricey! This tool is under $60! I wrote a full review of my experience using this tool HERE.

5. Clean it Zero Cleansing Balm

My friend brought this face cleansing balm to a “favorite things” party over Christmas, and she SWORE by it. She said she owed her really good skin to this product. Of course I immediately went home and ordered it. I use it before washing my face with my Tula face wash, and it takes off all my makeup and leaves my face feeling crazy clean and hydrated.

6. Got2B Hair Gel For Boys

This is the only hair gel that keeps my wild boys’ hair in place all day! I’ve tried so many hair pomades and gels, and this one by GOT2B is far and away the best. I send my boys off to school and they come home with their hair still perfectly in place.

7. Dr. George’s Dental White Gel

I’ve been using this teeth whitening gel for the past few months and I love it. My teeth are sooo sensitive, and it doesn’t bother them at all! I use my fluoride trays I got from my dentist, but on the back, it lists a couple of other ways you can use it if you don’t have personalized trays.

8. Tinkle Eyebrow Razor

Have you guys tried these Tinkle razors? They have the worst name, but they’re my favorite thing. I hate plucking my eyebrows, and these do the job in just a few seconds. Also I use them to shave off any hair on my upper lip, AND to shave off the peach fuzz on my face. It makes my makeup go on so much more smoothly. Seriously, try it!!

And I promise you, your face hair will not grow back in darker if you shave it off. That’s an old wives tale!!

9. Hair RePear Hair Towel

Before using this cotton towel, I would use my regular towel to dry my hair and my hair would be so frizzy because of it. This towel is super soft so it doesn’t create friction with your hair which causes frizz, breakage, and dull hair. It’s big enough for my long hair, and you can get two towels for less than $20!

10. Stila Mascara

This mascara does everything it claims. With just one coat of mascara, I get super long and thick lashes that are dark and flake free. If you’re on the market for a new mascara, definitely give this one a try.

11. Workout Leggings

These leggings were a recent purchase — they are an Amazon bestseller with incredible ratings. So, of course, I had to try them. They are buttery soft and actually feel much more expensive than they are. They have a pocket on each side of the legs so you can store your phone, or keys while running. You cannot beat this price for this quality of leggings. They’re under $30!

12. It’s A 10 Leave-In Conditioner

This Leave in Conditioner was another product that someone brought to the favorite things party over Christmas. When she brought it out, literally 10 girls in the room shouted out that they swear by it too.

It’s a leave in conditioner you can spray on your hair when it’s damp, and it leaves it feeling super silky and smooth. So many people use it on their kids hair too if it’s curly or gets tangled easily!

13. No Show Socks

A couple of years ago I went on the hunt for the best no-show socks. I ordered a bunch and THESE ONES were my favorite. I wrote a whole blog post about them HERE — they don’t slip down, they’re a perfect nude color, and they do not show at all on low cut sneakers!



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  1. tiffany says:

    So many great produCys! Some i use & some are new to me. I came across Peds no shOw socks at Target and THEY’VE become my faves!

  2. Sarah says:

    I have a little obsession with denim jackets….I probably own more than one person needs….and I’m not opposed to buying another! They go with SO many things! The joggers and tee is the perfect example. The jacket really pulls the look together!

  3. Katie says:

    How often do you Shave your peach fuzz? I’ve been wanting to try those razors but I worry about the upkeep. But my mustache is getting more and more noticeable

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