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If you’re anything like me, you’re a regular over on Amazon. My prime membership is my best friend, and you better believe I take full advantage of my yearly subscription price.

And while I buy all my kids’ Christmas and birthday gifts on Amazon, and plenty of other random things, I have a few items that I can’t live without! Below are 15 of my favorite items I buy on Amazon.

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1. 3 Pack Sports Bras 

A while back I went down the research rabbit hole to find a great sports bra. I discovered this three pack sports bra set for only $23 and ended up loving them. Super comfortable, supportive, padded, hold up in the wash and don’t dig into my shoulders or sides. I HIGHLY recommend them.

2. Wunderbrow Waterproof Brow Filler

I bought this last December before our trip to Hawaii, and I’ve been hooked ever since. It’s a waterproof brow filler, and although mine doesn’t last 3 days, as it claims, it lasts all day long without ever smudging. You can see how I apply it in this post! I buy the color Brunette.

3. Wireless Headphones

Earbuds that have good sound AND stay in your ears while you’re running is tricky. I got these ones from Plantronics almost a year ago and love, love, love them. They’re comfortable, they don’t fall out, and they’re really small. Also, the battery life is very long. I only charge them every week or two, and I’m using them for at least thirty minutes every day.

4. Revlon Hair Dryer and Volumizer

I just recently got this hair dryer and it’s a game changer. It blow dries, volumizes, and straightens in one step! I’ve seen a lot of other tools similar to this on the market and they’re pricey! This tool is under $60! I wrote a full review of my experience using this tool HERE.

5. L. Erickson Hair Ties

I went on the hunt for the best hair ties that could hold my hair in place when I run, and found these amazing L. Erickson Grab and Go Ponytail Holders that work for so much more than just running! My hair doesn’t budge in them, and they don’t leave creases!

6. St. Tropez Self Tanner

This is my go-to self tanner. I wrote a full post about it HERE, and I use it every single week. Sometimes I do my entire body, but usually, it’s just a quick fix for my pale arms and legs before church on Sunday. It dries quickly, has a really nice natural color, doesn’t transfer to my clothing, and doesn’t feel sticky.

7. Portable Phone Charger

This is just as important as my phone. This charger is small enough to fit in my purse, and can charge my phone multiple times before I need to recharge it. I take it with me whenever I travel or am away from home for an exteded period of time. It also has over 14,000 amazing reviews!

8. Apple Watch Leather Band

I have the Rose Gold 38mm apple watch, and use the blush pink athletic band for sleeping and exercise, but purchased this Apple Watch leather band for daytime. It goes with everything and looks less sporty and more chic. It’s under $20 and comes in a ton of colors! I have the “Brown + Black Buckle” color.

9. Phone Screen Protector

Phones are expensive, so I try to keep mine as protected as possible. These screen protectors are the best. They are so easy to install which is huge for me. These screen protectors are under $14 for a pack of three and they have over 10,000 reviews on Amazon!

10. Electric Toothbrush For Kids

We all know kids are not the best at getting their teeth clean when they brush, that’s why I love this toothbrush! When you buy this toothbrush you also get access to their magic timer app that helps your kids brush for the full recommended two minutes.

11. Book Light For My Boys

Both of my kids love to read in bed for a bit after lights out. These little lights clip onto their bed or their book, are easy to travel with, are inexpensive, and have lasted us for years!

12. Wellness Vitamins

With flu season upon us, I made sure to stock up on my favorite wellness vitamins. I take these at the first sign of a stuffy nose or a sore throat and within a few days of taking them, I’m feeling great again. They also have a kids version I give to my little ones.

13. L’Oreal Mascara Primer

I’ve been using this mascara primer for years and it’s a great, inexpensive white mascara that I put on before my black mascara. It adds fullness, and thickness, and keeps your mascara from flaking and your eyelashes from drooping throughout the day. If you don’t use mascara primer, fix that right nowThis stuff is under $5!

14. Running Fanny Pack For Phone

This running belt is one of my running essentials, cause it holds my phone, a key for my house, and doesn’t bounce around while I run. The best part is that it’s $10!

15. Handheld Steamer

I found this handheld travel steamer on Amazon a while back. It heats up almost instantly, works so well, and because it’s travel-sized, it’s easy to store on a shelf in my closet for easy access. Also, it’s only $25 and it has amazing reviews!


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