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You guys asked for an Amazon Favorites for Kids, so here it is! Fifteen of our favorite kid items that we’ve purchased on Amazon. Come check them out!


B: Timberland Boots c/o Rack Room ShoesAbercrombie Kids HenleyAbercrombie Kids Jeans, J.Crew Hat (borrowed from me)
FOS: Timberland Boots c/o Rack Room ShoesBuffalo Plaid ShirtH&M PantsTarget Beanie
SANNY: Highland Creek Boots c/o Rack Room ShoesOld Navy ThermalGymboree PantsAmazon Beanie


These are fifteen of our favorite items from Amazon for kids

Today’s post is a reader request! After sharing my personal Amazon favorites over the past two months (February Amazon Favorites HERE and March Amazon Favorites HERE), you guys asked if I’d do one for kids.

These are items that I have bought over and over again for the boys, or we bought once and loved.


Collapsible sand buckets

I bought these COLLAPSIBLE BUCKETS for my kids last summer and they are the best. They’re a nice solid plastic and rubber, so they won’t crack or leak like other sand pails. And then the fold up so they’re easy to store and transport!

Even if you don’t live near a beach, they’re great for playing with in the backyard or at the splash pad, or would be cute in place of Easter baskets!


Bentgo Leak Proof Lunchboxes

We’ve had these BENTGO LUNCHBOXES for years and they’re my favorite. They completely seal so you can put liquid or sauce inside without worrying about spills, and the compartments have perfect sizes for a balanced lunch. If I pack a huge lunch, my kids don’t usually have time to eat it all, so this is perfect amount for them. I have one for each of my boys!


Paint by Sticker Books

My sister, Janssen, recommended these PAINT BY STICKER BOOKS and we have loved them. It’s basically the traditional paint-by-number format, but with stickers instead of paint. I bought them for a road trip last summer and they kept my boys entertained for ages. Now we bring them to church for a quite activity. Personally I love doing them just as much as the boys!

Also I should note that there are some pretty small stickers, and you have to follow the numbers, so this is a better activity for Fos (age 6) or B (age 9). Sanny (age 3) can’t do it himself.


Large Drawing Sketchpad

My six year old, Fos, goes through SO MUCH PAPER in our house. He is drawing 24/7. So I’ve bought him a few of these big, nice SKETCHPADS to try to keep his art a little more organized, and less all over the house. They’re nice thick sheets so you can paint or draw or whatever on them, and there is 100 sheets of paper per pad.


Chocolate Pediasure

Last year we were working on helping Fos gain some weight. Our doctor recommended PEDIASURE, and after trying a few flavors we decided he liked chocolate best. I couldn’t ever find that flavor at Costco, and then I found it on Amazon! So if your kid is needing to put on a few pounds too, get yourself some Pediasure right on Amazon – delivered straight to your door, no run to Costco necessary. Boom!


Kid-proof iPad Case

When we gave the boys Philip’s super old iPad, we bought THIS SUPER PROTECTED iPAD CASE. Cause obviously kids are not careful with electronics. It’s held up super well for years and holds the iPad inside super tight (your kids couldn’t get the iPad out of there if they tried). Highly recommend if you have kids and an iPad. I also love that it has a handle so it’s easy to carry, or fold over an use as a stand.


Prismacolor Pencils

My mom bought these PRISMACOLOR PENCILS for Fos for his birthday last year and they’re amazing. I’ve bought a few other sets of colored pencils over the years and they are by far the best. They come out nice and smooth and are super pigmented.


Reading Light

My boys love to read or color in bed after lights out at night, and these little BOOK LIGHTS are great for that. They clip right to their book and bend around whichever direction you want. They also have two settings for a dimmer or brighter light, and are battery powered. We bring them on road trips too so they can read in the backseat without having to turn on the overhead light.


Two Piece Toddler Pajamas

We bought THESE TWO PIECE PAJAMAS for the boys for Christmas this past year and for only $10 I’m shocked at how nice they are. The big kid sized pajamas are sold out, but they still have sizes left in the toddler size!


All Natural Wellness Cough Medicine

Last year we all started taking wellness vitamins to help prevent us from getting sick. I wrote all about it HERE. When I was re-ordering the vitamins for the boys, I accidentally bought this COUGH MEDICINE. The next time they did get a cough, we used it and I swear it’s the best cough medicine for kids we’ve ever tried. It actually helps them stop coughing! Now I swear by this stuff.

Fruit of the Loom Socks

My boys go through socks sooo fast because they’re constantly running and sliding. I bought THESE SOCKS for them for Christmas, and three months later they’re still in perfect condition, despite dozens of washes and wears already. They’re also super soft and comfy!

Gummy Bear Vitamins

I’ve bought and re-bought these GUMMY BEAR VITAMINS so many times over the years. They’re my kids’ very favorite!

Got2B Glued Hair Gel

If your boys’ hair won’t stay in place, you have to try this GOT2B GLUED HAIR GEL. I’ve used it for years on my boys and it keeps their hair perfectly in place all day long!


CD Player

My boys have a super old boombox that we inherited from my mom (one that I used in middle and high school, I think!) and they use it to listen to audiobooks in their room all the time. I wanted a second one for Sanny’s room, so I bought THIS CD PLAYER from Amazon for his birthday. It didn’t get great reviews, but none of the CD players did. So I took a chance, and actually it’s been fantastic. I bought the protection plan for $2 just in case, but so far so good.

Kids Electric Toothbrush

My kids don’t really love to brush their teeth, so I bought them THESE ELECTRIC TOOTHBRUSHES. The toothbrushes have a corresponding app that you play while you brush, and helps them brush for the full 2 minutes. It was a game changer and has helped them be happier about brushing their teeth everyday!

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