My Top Five Investment Purchases That Are Worth The Splurge

madewell leather tote and j.crew wool coat

Investment pieces can be scary purchases; what if I spend all this money and it’s not worth it? Or it goes out of style immediately? Today I’m walking you through how to make wise investment purchases, and my top five splurge purchases that have been 100% worth the higher price.

Wool Topcoat
White Sweater
Black Jeans
Nude Loafers
Madewell Leather Tote

Let’s talk about investment pieces. Which ones are worth the splurge?

I try to show a wide variety of price points here on Merrick’s Art, from under $20 finds on Amazon,, or Old Navy, but also I really believe that there are investment pieces, including some designer pieces, that are absolutely worth the splurge.

So today let’s talk about splurge pieces.

For me personally, I’d consider items in my closet that are over $150-200 to be a “splurge,” but that definition absolutely varies from person to person. Maybe your definition is anything over $100. Or anything over $500. That’s fine!


These are some important questions to ask yourself before splurging on something.

  • Is it a classic style that will still be fashionable in 10 years?
  • Is it truly my style and I’ll love it for years to come?
  • Is it versatile and can be worn a lot of different ways?
  • Does the quality match the price?
  • After several days or weeks or months am I still thinking about it?

Answering these questions honestly will help you decide if it’s actually a smart purchase. If your answers are positive on all of these, then it’s probably worth the splurge!


These five investment purchases were absolutely worth the splurge in my book.

Designer sunglasses.


My top choice is my Karen Walker sunglasses.

I debated about buying these sunglasses for years before finally getting them. I even bought dupes for a few years because I just wasn’t sure I could pay $250 for one pair of sunglasses.

But once I bought them, I realized the difference between low price sunglasses and designer glasses. They fit like a dream, the lenses are high quality and don’t scratch after one wear, and the frame colors are vibrant and gorgeous.


A great leather bag.


My top choices are my tote bag and crossbody bag from Madewell.

I bought this tote last year and have used it almost exclusively for the entire year. It goes with everything, it’s incredible quality, it still looks brand new, and it holds everything. 

Also, I loved this tote so much that I bought the smaller crossbody version a few weeks ago. It’s become my go-to everyday bag that holds everything I need without being too big!

I like these because they’re great everyday bags. If I’m going to spend a lot on a bag, I want to be able to use it often.


Black stiletto pumps.

My top choice is my Manolo Blahnik pumps in black patent leather. (I have the 105mm heel height)

Philip surprised me with these black pumps four or five years ago for Christmas and they were my first pair of designer shoes. But after years of wearing cheap heels, the difference was stark. I’ve actually tried other designers, and not every pair of expensive shoes is amazing or comfortable — but my Manolo’s? They are so comfortable. Also, the black patent leather goes with absolutely everything, and the shape is so sexy and gorgeous. They make literally every outfit look amazing and expensive.


A fitted wool coat.

My top choice is my J.Crew Boiled Wool Topcoat.

Obviously, we’re heading out of winter, but I got a boiled wool coat from J.Crew last fall and it instantly became my coat of choice. It’s easy to dress up or down, looks super sleek, it’s flattering, and it’s warm!

I have worn this coat 100 times this winter.


High quality everyday flats.

My top choice is my M.Gemi Leather Loafers.

These loafers were definitely a splurge at over $200, but they are probably my most worn shoe to date. They’re made with super high-quality leather, so they mold to your feet and feel like they were made specifically for you (they’re a little tight the first few wears, just FYI). They also are great for casual outfits, dressy outfits, work outfits, and everything in between. The neutral color also makes them so easy to wear. I will wear these for YEARS to come.


These aren’t the only investment pieces that are splurge worthy, but these are my top five.

Obviously, these are not the only pieces worth the splurge. Other kinds of handbags, sneakers, boots, little black dresses or jewelry could be included in this list.

But these five are absolutely my most used and worn splurge purchases!


  1. Marta says:

    I completely agree with your tips, I’m a really cheap person but over the years I’ve realized that I end up spending more money constantly buying cheap things than if I were to buy something a bit better so I always feel a bit insecure about what I buy and following those steps definitely help. I agree with you on the sunglasses and the coat, I also think sneakers and jewelry in silver or gold or stainless steel are also things to splurge on, they’ll last a very long time if taken care of properly.

  2. I have been seeing the madewell leather bag everywhere and I want one now! i love how cute and functional it looks

  3. golu dolls says:


  4. Ros says:

    YES for the quality leather bag – shoutout to I Medici for those too! The bag I’ve worn every single day for 12 years still looks gorgeous, and I just had the lining on it redone. Amazing quality!

    I’d personally add a good leather jacket in there- I just paid to get the lining on mine Redone after it literally fell to pieces and fell out of the coat, I’ve worn it so much. The leather still looks impeccable though!

  5. Ros says:

    Question about those flats: do they scuff/look dusty, since they’re pale? (I am horrible about keeping shoes tidy and walk everywhere…) and are they made slender or wider?

    Because aesthetically they’re exactly what I’ve been looking for.

    • Merrick says:

      I’ve had a little bit of the leather scuff off on the very tip of the pointed toe, but I’ve worn them constantly for over a year. So they’ve held up really, really well. Besides that, they haven’t scuffed or looked dusty at all. They’re fantastic quality.

      Also I’d say they’re a pretty normal fit – not wide or narrow. They honestly mold to your feet, so they might feel a little too fitted at first, but with a couple of wears they’ll be perfect.

  6. Naomi says:

    Isn’t Karen Walker great? I am a Kiwi so am always super proud when people love and recommend a New Zealand Designer 🙂

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