Outfit Hack: How to Fix a Pilling Sweater

easy fix for pilling sweaters

Do you have any sweaters that are pilling? Don’t toss them yet!  Here’s a sweater shaver recommendation that will fix your pilling tops in seconds.


Do you own a sweater shaver? They’re a game changer for keeping your sweaters in great shape.

Lots of sweaters will pill over time, so if you have a sweater that’s pilling, do yourself a favor and grab one of these little tools to remove the pilling. It’s on sale for only $11 and it’s a game changer.


Here’s how to use a sweater shaver

  1. Lay your sweater flat, or place it on a dress form.
  2. Turn on the sweater shaver and slide it back and forth across the fabric. If the fabric is knit, run it in the direction of the knit.
  3. Repeat until all the pilling is gone. If your sweater shaver gets too full from the fuzz on your sweater, empty it out to make sure it works at full capacity.

Easy peasy!

Grab one of these tools right here!



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