A Fun Galentines Party Idea to Try This Year

galentines party

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Want to make February a little more fun this year? Throw a Galentine’s party with some girlfriends! Here’s a really easy and fun idea that everyone will love.


If you’re feeling the winter blues, I think a Galentines party is just the thing you need to add some fun to February! This is a super fun idea that I’m doing this year, and I think you should too.

Here’s the Galentines Party Idea:

Pick a group of girlfriends, maybe 5-10 people, and have everyone bring a different food board. For example, one friend brings a meat and cheese board, like a traditional charcuterie board. Another friend brings a candy board with a variety of fun and interesting candies. Someone else could bring a dip board, with a variety of tortilla chips, salsas, guacamole, or queso!

Get the idea?

You want to make sure everyone brings a different board, and that your boards create a variety of foods that will help your meal be fairly well rounded. Some bring main dish kinds of foods, some bring appetizer foods, some bring fruits or veggies, and some bring desserts.

Here are a bunch of fun Galentines Party food board ideas

  • Meat and cheese (traditional charcuterie)
  • Fruit
  • Candy
  • Dips (queso, salsa, guacamole, bean dip)
  • French fries — check the freezer section for waffle, curly, shoestring, crinkle, even tater tots
  • Pastries/donuts
  • Ice cream – buy tiny containers in a variety of flavors so everyone can sample
  • S’mores board with a variety of chocolates to create a s’more
  • Hummus board with pita bread and veggies
  • Popcorn

You could come up with so many other fun ones, and if you have a bigger group of girls, have them collaborate on a board together so you don’t end up with insane amounts of food.


My saving grace for parties

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Need some Galentines Party inspiration?

Check out some of these fun board ideas to get your wheels turning!


Image Credits: XOXO Wall, Candle Centerpiece, Pink Tablescape, Streamer Table

Now it’s time to text your friends to make this party happen, and then sign up for Walmart+ to make your life so much easier!







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