My Favorite Purchases from 2023

I share a lot of different things on my blog and Instagram…but, not everything can be my very favorite. Here are my favorite purchases from the year! 


I love sharing my favorite things, and also reading about other’s favorite things. I’ve shared my top purchases of the year for the last few years (you can see the 2022 list HERE and the 2021 list HERE)

Here are a list of the best things I bought and used this year. Hopefully, you’ll try and love these in the new year!



Some of my favorite purchases this year

  • Madewell kick flare jeans
    • These are some of my most worn, favorite jeans. They’re super comfortable, stretchy, soft, and go well with a lot of different shoes. I’ve done a post about what shoes to wear with them RIGHT HERE! They run one size big, so size down – I normally wear a 26 in jeans, but I always size down to a 25 in Madewell jeans. Use code MERRICK10 to stack on top of any other sales or deals they currently have!
  • Frownies
    • I’ve heard about Frownies for years, and finally got myself a pack, have been using them for the last month, and really like them. They’re a non-invasive alternative to botox, and they help smooth out your skin (particularly your forehead) while you sleep. You activate them with water so they become sticky, and then put them on your skin, overlapping, to make a sort of “paper mache mask” on your forehead. It hardens in a couple of minutes, and then you wear it all night and remove in the morning. It bothered me the very first night, but after that it didn’t bother me at all or interrupt my sleep. Definitely recommend!
  • Peepers Sunglasses
    • I got these sunglasses in the “Tokyo Tortoise” color this summer and they are my new favorite sunglasses. They’re polarized, so I can see very clearly through them, they’re a good size and shape, and they are SO lightweight and comfortable.
  • Red headed hostess
    • I’ve been using The Red Headed Hostesses products for the last few years since I was serving with the children in our church congregation a few years ago, and finally bought her subscription this year so we could have access to her weekly Come Follow Me packets for teens. We do a daily scripture study with my oldest (who is 13) before he leaves for school, and this has been a great resource for us. You also get access to Drawn In videos with David Bowman, who is fantastic!
  • Triple hoop gold earrings
    • I actually got my gold triple hoop earrings from Lulu’s, but they sold out super fast. But these ones from Amazon are basically identical and are only $14! They’re a great statement earring that’s not too big, and still nice and classic. If you need a good gift, I definitely recommend these!
  • Faherty jeans
    • I have talked about my Faherty jeans so much, and worn them about 100 times since I got them a few months ago. They’re so soft and comfortable – literally they feel like sweatpants!! And they they are a fun new trendy style with the patch pockets and wider leg. You can see them RIGHT HERE with a bunch of different shoes!
  • Spanx Lounge Set
    • This is truly the best loungeset I have EVER tried. The fabric feels like a squishmallow and is so comfy and soft. It doesn’t pill, it doesn’t sag, and it washes beautifully. It’s pricey, but it was worth the splurge for me cause they’re so fantastic. Use code MERRICKXSPANX for 10% off plus free shipping and returns!
  • Marco Polo plus
    • I’ve used the free Marco Polo app for years, and love how it allows me to video message my sisters, mom, friends, and the girls on my team. But this year I splurged and bought the Plus version because you can listen on double speed, you can scrub, respond with a video in live time, and lots of other good features. It’s been worth every penny for me!
  • Eyebrow Growth Serum
    • I’ve struggled with overplucked eyebrows for years, and always hated them. All the serums I’ve tried have worked a little, but not as much as I want, until I tried NeuBrow’s serum. It has a spoolie brush, and has a pretty large tube that lasts over a month (depending on how often you put it on), and my eyebrows have never grown so much! I got a two-pack on sale during the Nordstrom Sale, and then bought a second two-pack as a backup just a few weeks ago when they were on sale. If you have sparse brows too, definitely check this out.
  • Pillow talk lipstick
    • This is my all-time favorite lip color. It’s neutral and hydrating, and I love that it comes with the liner — for me, that helps it stay on better throughout the day!
  • Nordstrom sports bra
    • I’ve become absolutely obsessed with this sports bra. It’s from the Natori brand, who makes my favorite regular bra, so I took a chance on this sports bra even though it had underwire and that felt like it could be uncomfortable. But it is actually the best sports bra! You can’t even feel the underwire, and it’s so supportive. If you need a new sports bra, make it this one.
  • Micro Stitch Tool
    • This is such a cool little tool that does one little plastic stitch to help close a neckline, hold up a sleeve cuff, temporarily hem a pair of pants, and anything else you need it to do! I use mine ALL THE TIME for various clothing help.
  • Madewell Leather loafers
    • These are one of my most worn pairs of shoes. They are chic, comfortable, and make any outfit feel a little more cool. They are true to size, and code MERRICK10 stacks for an extra 10% off.


A few bonus favorite products from the girls on my team


  1. Red Light Mask – This was for sure a SPLURGE and I got it with Christmas money last year, and it was worth every penny. I’ve loved incorporating this into my routine. My skin feels brighter and more even-toned (I always struggled with redness) and I can’t recommend it enough. I do it about 4x a week.
  2. Snail Mucin – Yes, I know everyone is talking about this – but I’ve loved it so much. It’s cheap and a bottle lasts me around 3/4 months. I live in Utah and my skin gets so dry in the winter so it loves soaking this up!
  3. Ugg Tasman Slippers – I have worn these almost every day for 3 months. They have been the BEST purchase. I opted for the flat version (the platform version is very trendy) because I feel like the platforms made my feet look a little too clownish.
  4. MZ Wallace Bag – MZ Wallace is my FAVORITE bag brand ever. I wish I could own their entire collection. I have a few of their bags but I used THIS ONE in Europe this summer and it was the perfect bag. It’s crossbody so I felt secure and it has multiple pockets, so I stored my valuables closest to my body. We brought our 8-month-old with us on the trip and I was able to fit all her necessities in it for a full exploring day.
  5. Nike Phoenix Crew – Don’t ask how many colors I have of this crewneck. It’s the perfect oversized fit while staying cropped, but also long enough for my tall frame. They even have matching sweats so you can make a set.


  1. Black Puffer Vest: This vest quickly became a staple in my wardrobe and I love it for both everyday and more outdoorsy activities. It’s been especially nice for the warmer winter we’ve had! The exact vest I bought is sold out in some sizes but on sale for $24! You can find similar ones here and here.
  2. Gola Sneakers: These Gola sneakers are super comfortable and are some of my most worn everyday shoes. They’re a super flattering cut for a sneaker and match everything!
  3. Initial NecklaceI wear this initial necklace pretty much every day and think it adds a nice touch to so many outfits. Even if I’m just wearing a plain tee or simple sweater, adding this necklace makes it look more put together and intentional. I found my version of this necklace from a small shop this summer, but this necklace looks identical.
  4. GlotionI’m obsessed with this glotion! 2023 was a year of figuring out better skin and makeup and this is a product I can’t live without now- it leaves my skin looking so hydrated and glowy! I usually pair it with a little concealer and blush for a natural everyday look.
  5. Amazon Running ShortsI started running this year and aside from my Hokas, I would say these shorts have been my favorite purchase! I love the flattering high waist and the pocket is perfect for keeping a key or other small things secure. They’re both great quality and a budget friendly option.
  6. Clip on Strainer: This kitchen gadget has been so nice! I use it every time I make pasta, gnocchi, etc and it’s so convenient! Saves space in my cabinets and is super easy to clean.
  7. Custom Phone Case: I found this phone case during our small business features and I’m obsessed! I got the stamp case and had it customized with European stamps which was so special because I lived in Italy for a few years recently and when I was growing up. The case is great quality- both incredibly cute and protective and would make such a useful meaningful gift. Use code MERRICK15 for 15% off.


  1. Glucose Revolution by Jessie Inchauspe – I can honestly say this book changed my life! After finding out I had diabetes earlier this year, I have been trying everything I can to keep my glucose levels steady and have been working so hard to take back my health. This book has been a pivotal part of that. Once I wasn’t having large glucose spikes anymore, so many ailments that I struggled with fixed themselves, and my body naturally went to a healthy weight which I haven’t been able to accomplish for several years.
  2. Boldify Hairline Powder – Upkeep on dying your hair can be expensive – my roots aren’t completely grey, yet, but they are just light enough that it bugs me when my hair starts to grows out.  This hair powder has been a lifesaver!  It blends my roots with the dark brown, and it doesn’t get all over my hands like some sprays that I tried.  It can easily help me push another 2-4 weeks in between colorings.
  3. Nike Air Max Platform Sneaker – I bought these shoes towards the end of the summer this year and they have become one of my FAVORITE sneakers!  The colors are very neutral and I find myself pairing them with so many different outfits.  I got these ones about a month ago because if something becomes your favorite, you have to have more than one color/design, right?!  Loved the leopard detail on them. These are TTS, btw.
  4. The Volo Hero Hair Towel – I know I’ve shared about this hair towel quite a bit as we’ve highlighted small businesses, but truly, this towel is amazing! It has been a game changer in my hair routine.  I don’t know how I ever lived without it.  The code “MERRICK” will still get you 20% off.
  5. Kelsi Dagger Brooklyn Logan Over the Knee Boots – I LOVE these boots. I bought them last year, and because I was heavier than I am now, I had to get the wide calf option.  They fit so well and were so flattering that I wore them as often as I could.  This fall when I tried them on, they were way too big around my legs so I bought them again in the regular calf option.  Again, they fit so well and were just as flattering.  I mention that because I know how hard it can be to find wide calf boots that truly fit and I know from experience that these are truly a great option either way.  I love to wear these boots with skirts and dresses.  They keep my legs warm when it’s cold here in Missouri.
  6. The Microstitch Tool – Merrick influenced me to try this tool out and I use it all the time!  I know how to sew, but this is so easy and convenient for quick little fixes to my outfits.  I rented a dress from Rent the Runway for an event, and when it came in, the neckline was much deeper than I was expecting.  After a little fix with this tool, it worked perfect for the night and I was able to remove the stitches and return the dress without any damage.  It also comes in handy for when my dog tries to rip her bed open and dig all the stuffing out.  Took me about 1 min to fix the 4 inch hole that she had created.


  1. Spanx Pants – I literally own this pant in every color and I LOVE them!! I have worn them all summer and even into fall with THE chelsea boot.  I get compliments every single time I wear them and they are my go to pant!
  2. Nike Waffle Shoe – I bought this shoe for a trip to Europe this fall and I am loving them.  They are so comfy and the neutral color goes with everything.
  3. Madewell Crossbody  – I was completely influenced by Merrick on this bag.  I took it to Europe and will never travel with another bag.  It was perfect to hold my phone, passport and credit cards close to my body while going thru airports, train stations, and all the Europe tourist stops!
  4. Anthropologie Somerset Dresses – I wear and Anthropologie Somerset dress almost every Sunday and literally for anything I have to dress up for in Summer.  I love the fit, I love that I know exactly they quality I am getting and I love that I will be able to get new patterns each season to continue my collection!



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