My Favorite Influencers Over 40

favorite influencers over 40

I try to share a lot of other style bloggers, but I’ve had a ton of requests for influencers over 40. Here are my favorite ladies to follow!


Are you looking for influencers over 40 who offer style tips? I have followers of all ages, but I’ve received a lot of requests for someone to follow who’s a little bit older than me but still has a similar style. On THIS INSTAGRAM POST there are a ton more recommendations in the comments! Here are some of my favorite influencers over 40.

SO SUSIE: @susie.wright on instagram, sosusiewright.com. I met Susie last year at a blogging event and she is so kind and genuine. She’s a former Nordstrom stylist, so she has years of styling experience, and has lots of great tips for daily outfits, flattering silhouettes, packing, and more for women forty and beyond!

LAST SEEN WEARING: @lastseenwearing on instagram, lastseenwearing.com. This is a darling duo of moms over 40 who share tips for updating your wardrobe, trying and styling new trends, and keeping that youthful style as you age.

STYLE AT A CERTAIN AGE: @styleatacertainage on instagram, styleatacertainage.com. Beth is targeting women over 50, so if you’re looking for even more mature style tips, she’s the one for you. She has practical, chic, and timeless style, always with a bit of fun thrown in.

TRINNY LONDON: @trinnywoodall on instagram, TRINNYLONDON on YouTube. Trinny is the former host of London’s What Not To Wear. If you were a What Not To Wear fan back in the day with Clinton and Stacy, you’ll absolutely love Trinny. She has high energy, a fun and eclectic style, and lots of fun videos on youtube.

ERIN BUSBEE: @busbeestyle on instagram, busbeestyle.com. My mom introduced me to Erin’s page last year, and she has a fun and classy style with a youthful vibe, lots of good shopping options, and style help for those trouble areas many women pick up as they age.

KARLA REED: @karlareed on instagram. I’ve been internet friends with Karla for years, and I love her cool and effortless style. She shares outfit combinations I would never have thought of, and is so creative and fun with her closet. She’ll teach you how to do the same!

CASSIE SUGAR PLUM: @cassiesugarplum on Instagram, hisugarplum.comWhen I asked about some of your favorite influencers a few weeks ago, so many of you recommended Cassie, so of course I immediately started following her! She’s got a really gorgeous, feminine style that you will LOVE.

BETH CHAPPO: @beth.chappo on Instagram, bethchappo.com. I love Beth’s style. It’s creative and colorful and chic but interesting. She shares lots of good high and low shopping options too!

ANNA MAE GROVES: @annamaegroves on Instagram. I absolutely love Anna’s style. She’s a beauty expert, so along with her outfit ideas and try-ons, she’s got lots of makeup tips. She also has such a fun personality that you’ll love!

If you have other favorites, I’d love for you to share!




  1. Amanda says:

    Its really good of you to do this post. Thanks!

  2. Josie says:

    IT WOULD be great to see a wider variety of body types and sizes represented as well!

  3. Allison Davidson says:

    Jo lynne Shane has a good fashion blog too. She TYPICALLY wears higher end clothing and ACCESSORIES, but offers some SIMILAR options for less a lot of the time as well. She follows current style trends and my FAVORITE part of her blog is her “what i wore lately” posts.

  4. Liz says:

    I love love love the recruiter mom!!

  5. This style seems to be very simple, but it gives me new suggestions for outfits for my upcoming trip.

  6. Hannah says:

    Would love to see a list of great business/professional style bloggers like docketblog or pumpsandpushups.

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