What Hairstyles to Wear With Different Necklines

I get questions all the time about how to style your hair with various necklines. There’s a viral guide going around, but I chose the hairstyles I think work best with these necklines.


I get asked all the time what hairstyles work with different top necklines. Like, which hairstyle works best with crew neck tops versus hoodies, or collared shirts, or boat necklines?

I’ve seen a viral hairstyle/neckline guide on TikTok, but not all of them resonated with me, so I created my own!

Of course, this mostly applies to longer haired girls, but some you can certainly try if you have shorter hair. And if these don’t work for you or your style, that’s ok! These are just ideas that might help if you’re feeling frustrated about your hair.



Styles of shirt necklines and my favorite hairstyles to compliment them:

TURTLENECK: A low bun is one of my favorite hairstyles to do with necklines that come up high on my neck. This applies to mock neck and decorative necklines as well. When there’s a lot of fabric creeping up toward your face, it’s nice to have your hair pulled back so your face can show.

HOODIES – High buns are often my hairstyle of choice when wearing a hoodie, especially if the hoodie is made of a thicker material and stands up on its own. If you have your hair down, where does it go? In the hood? Inside the shirt itself? In front? It’s a lot of fabric and hair all in one place. So pulling it up on your head is a great solution.

SWEETHEART:  A sweetheart neckline is so feminine and pretty, so a half up hairdo is a great choice to compliment that feminine vibe AND pull some of the hair off your shoulders so the neckline can shine. Pulling your hair all the way back is also another great option — a low messy bun gives that effortless romantic feel that matches the sweetheart neckline.

COLLARED SHIRT – Collared shirts are similar to hoodies, in my mind. Extra fabric at the neck means that hair should go up and get out of the way. So a low messy bun is a great option. I also love to do a hairstyle that’s a little more feminine and romantic when wearing a collared shirt to offset the masculinity.

links to the tops I’m wearing above:




Styles of shirt necklines and my favorite hairstyles to compliment them:

CREW NECKLINE – When I’m wearing a crew neck tee, doing my hair down and curled is often my favorite way to wear it because it gives a little femininity to a more masculine neckline. I also love to do my hair in low buns with this style as well, but I usually add a pair of large earrings to bring that femininity.

DECORATIVE NECKLINE – These beautiful decorative necklines are feminine and beautiful — lace, ruffles, scallops, etc…it calls for a more feminine hairstyle! I love a low messy bun with the front pieces curled, because it adds to that romantic, feminine vibe of the shirt.

V-NECK TOPS – Anything goes with a v-neck top, but I think a high half up-half down style is a great option that pulls the hair off the face and elongates your neck and really shows off your face.

SQUARE NECKLINE – A low half up half down style is a great option for a square neckline – anything that pulls some of the hair or all of the hair back so the neckline can shine and you can see your face. A low bun or ponytail would also be a great option, but again, I think the open necklines feel more feminine and I love pairing a feminine hairstyle with these kinds of tops.

links to the tops I’m wearing above:

AMERICAN GIANT TEE (wearing size XS, use code MERRICK20) | SEZANE LACE TOP (wearing size 4) | PUMIEY V-NECK BODYSUIT (wearing size small, size up!) | PUMIEY SQUARE NECK SHIRT (wearing size small, size up!)


Remember, these are just ideas, and I certainly don’t follow these all the time. But it’s fun to mix things up and show off your neckline with various hairstyles. I hope this is helpful!




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