What We’re Actually Getting Our 3 Boys for Christmas

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I’ve shared a lot of gift guides over the last month, but here’s what we’re actually getting our boys for Christmas this year!


What we’re giving our kids for Christmas

There have been tons of gift guides here on Merrick’s Art for the last month (you can see them all RIGHT HERE), but today I wanted to share what we’re actually giving our kids for Christmas this year.

I absolutely love giving gifts…it’s one of my top love languages. So choosing gifts for my boys is so fun, and I try to get them a variety of things that they’ve asked for, and what I’ve chosen.

I’ll usually give them a new item of clothing or two, always some new socks and underwear in their stocking, usually a new book series, a new family game, and then some other things I’ve found or they’ve been hoping to receive.


What we’re giving our 13 year old son:

  • Playstation Portal
    • This is B’s big gift this year. We already have a PS5, but this allows him to play all his PlayStation games on the go. This will be great for traveling and he has been talking about this non stop since it launched a couple of weeks ago. It’s very similar to a Nintendo Switch (which we have), but he has a few games (specifically Madden) that he really wants to be able to play when we travel.
  • Football Gloves
    • This year B has gotten VERY into football. He’s not playing on a team, but he’s obsessed with watching football, fantasy football, and playing with his brothers. Honestly, his request for football gloves was a surprise to me, but he’s asked for them a bunch of times now so he’ll be excited about this under the tree on Christmas morning!
  • Nike sneakers
    • B hasn’t had a new pair of sneakers since last Christmas when I bought him Nike By You designs, so it was time for a new pair. I found this cool gray and red pair on sale, and it’s actually his school colors, so I think he’ll love them!
  • The Secrets of Nicholas Flamel Series
    • I honestly cannot keep track of what books B has read, so I’ll have to sneakily mention this one before I purchase the series. But he’s a huge Harry Potter fan, so I think if he hasn’t read it, it would be a good series for him to try!
  • Harry Potter cookbook
    • I found this book at our school’s book fair and wanted to support the school and thought B would love this cookbook. He’s been really into cooking and baking this year, so this would be a fun one that we could use together!
  • Royal Army BYU Hoodie
  • Gravity Maze Puzzle
    • This puzzle was recommended by a friend and she said it’s super fun for STEM loving kids. I don’t really know anything about it, but it was on sale for Black Friday so I’m giving it a go and hope my kids like it!
  • Nike basketball shorts
    • These are my boys’ favorite basketball shorts. They’re super comfy and they love the satin edging. They’re on sale for Black Friday/Cyber Monday, so I bought them each a pair.
  • Metronome
    • Our oldest is the one most invested in playing the piano, so my husband picked out this beautiful metronome for him. Much nicer than the one on the iPad that we’ve used the last few years!
  • Glow in the dark football
    • This glow in the dark football was on his wishlist and I think this will be so fun! It’s on sale for Black Friday!
  • Amazon puffer jacket
    • B needs a new coat for winter, so I got him this one!
  • Grandpa Beck Toile and Trouble card game
    • B asked for a few new card games this year, and this was one othat he specifically requested. Grandpa Beck games are our favorite…I’m excited about this new one in his collection! I think code MERRICK15 works on Amazon!
  • Quixx Game
    • This is another game B requested this year. I love dice game, so I’m excited to learn this one!
  • Harry Potter Socks
    • We got B some great Harry Potter socks earlier this year and he wore them until they had holes splitting through them. Time for some new ones!

In his stocking:

What we’re getting our 11 year old:

  • Basketball court stencil
    • Our new house has a basketball hoop in the driveway but no lines, so this is a big gift we’re getting Fos this year so he can practice his free throws and three point shots and actually play a game on the driveway!
  • Otrio deluxe game
    • This STEM game was recommended by a friend, so I got it and think the boys will love playing it!
  • Genius files book series
    • I always give my boys a new book series for Christmas, and this year I found this book series second hand and am so excited to give it to him. I’ve heard of this series, but haven’t read it, but it’s about undercover twins, so I think it’ll be a winner.
  • Royal Army BYU shirt
    • This is another cute find from our small business collab with Royal Army Brand! This cute tee is hilarious and I know Fos will love it.
  • Nike Basketball shorts
    • These are my boys’ favorite basketball shorts. They’re super comfy and they love the satin edging. They’re on sale for Black Friday/Cyber Monday, so I bought them each a pair.
  • Nike shoes
    • Fos is in need of some new shoes, and this pair was on sale, so I snagged them for him. He loves brightly colored shoes, so this will be a perfect fit for him!
  • Patrick Mahomes Jersey
    • Sports jerseys were one of the main things on Fos’ wishlist. We just went to a Chiefs game a month ago and borrowed a friend’s jersey, and the whole time Fos kept mentioning that he wished he could keep it. Now he’ll have one of his own! I found them on major sale and snatched them up, cause jerseys are pricey!
  • Josh Allen Jersey
    • This is one other jersey that I found on sale and was top of Fos’ wishlist. He’ll be so excited that these are showing up under the tree!
  • BYU hat
    • Fos requested this BYU hat, and I think it will quickly become a favorite. The design is so cool!
  • Football Prints
    • Fos found these on Amazon and immediately wanted them. His room is decorated with sports artwork, so these will fit right it. I think we’ll put them in his bathroom.
  • NFL socks
    • Fos said he wants to collect cool socks now. Not sure how long this collection idea will last, but I’m getting him two pairs of these NFL socks that he picked out. We’re doing Chiefs and Bengals, but they have tons of other teams!
  • Splendor Game
    • I love getting the boys a new game for Christmas so we can play it as a family, and my sister has raved about this game for a long time, so this is the one I’m getting Fos this year!

In his stocking

What we’re getting our 7 year old:

  • Alarm clock
    • San has been begging for a clock in his room for months. He loves to know what time it is, so I’ll finally get him one for Christmas!
  • Lego star wars saga nintendo game
    • A fun new game for the Nintendo Switch!
  • Nike Basketball shorts
    • These are my boys’ favorite basketball shorts. They’re super comfy and they love the satin edging. They’re on sale for Black Friday/Cyber Monday, so I bought them each a pair.
  • Crab squishmallow
    • My boys are obsessed with squishmallows, and they definitely have more than they need, but I couldn’t resist this cute one! He will love it so much!
  • Diary wimpy kid book set
    • I honestly am not a big fan of this book series, but I try not to discourage any books cause it just makes them want it more. S has been begging for more of these books, so we’re getting him the whole set cause we found it on sale on Amazon.
  • Deep dark LEGO set
    • This was one of the LEGO sets that S requested — it’s on sale!
  • The Crafting Box LEGO set
    • This is one of San’s big gifts — he is obsessed with Minecraft and will be so excited about this LEGO set.
  • Coruscant guard gunship LEGO set
    • This is the other of San’s big gifts! He’ll be so excited about this LEGO set.
  • Yoto carrying case
    • San loves listening to books on his Yoto player, so I got him this little carrying case to keep his player and cord and cards inside!
  • Yoto pixar stories
    • I love getting yoto cards that have a whole series on them so it’s more than just one book! I think S will love these Pixar stories.
  • Yoto Star Wars stories
    • This is another yoto series that I found that I know he’ll love!
  • Knights of the lunch table 1-3 books
    • I love getting book series for my boys for Christmas and found this cute one with 3 books! I found them second hand for a really good deal.
  • Mr. Figster
    • This is a really fun small business started by an awesome teenage kid. These are the coolest little display cases for your LEGO minifigures! Code MERRICK works for a discount if you want to grab one for your kiddos!


What we’re putting in his stocking





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