My Christmas Wish List (Plus My Team’s Christmas Wish Lists!)

christmas wishlist

One of my most popular posts every year is a list of what I and my team are asking for at Christmas. We’re all at different stages in life, so hopefully, these wish lists will help you build your own list or shop! 



I have four great girls on my team, and today they’re sharing their gift list for Christmas list inspiration! Sometimes it’s hard to decide what to ask for yourself during the holidays, so hopefully, these lists will help.

  • Mary is a mom of 4 – a college-aged oldest and an elementary school youngest. She lives by me in St. Louis!
  • Kristy is a mom of 4 – two teenage boys and two younger girls. She lives in Texas!
  • Laura has 3 little kids 6 and under.
  • Shelby is in her twenties and in college.

We are all at different stages with different wants and needs.

My Christmas Wishlist

  1. Video camera for office monitor – Last year I asked for a desk monitor for Christmas. It attaches to my laptop and allows me to have a nice big screen when I’m working from home. The only problem is that I do lots of video calls and the monitor doesn’t have a camera. So this year I’m needing one of those to attach to my monitor. This one has a built in ring light, which seems like a must-have all the sudden!
  2. Meat chopper tool – I don’t know how I don’t have one of these meat chopper tools for ground meat, but I’ve heard about them for years and I definitely want one. This will be used all the time in my house!
  3. Lemon squeezer tool – This is another kitchen tool I’ve wanted for a long time and never purchased!
  4. Zester tool– I have literally wanted a zester tool for the last 10 years and I don’t know why I don’t have one!
  5. Large cheese grater – Our cheese grater broke this year so I’m needing a new one and want a big heavy duty one!
  6. Dermaclara facial patches – I’ve heard amazing things about this and keep getting Instagram ads about them, so I want to give them a try.
  7. 1 more Pura machine for the house plus a scent subscription – I finally got a Pura machine this year and I’m obsessed. I want to get one more for the house and get a scent subscription!
  8. New pretty Temple bag – I’ve had the same temple bag since I got married and I’m ready for a new one. I’m still on the hunt for the perfect one, so if you have a good recommendation, leave it in the comments!
  9. Large lazy Susan organizer for medicine cabinet for my supplements – My supplement cupboard is such a disaster right now with things everywhere! This lazy susan will help keep things super organized.
  10. Kitchen spoon rest – We had one of these in Texas and tossed it when we moved cause it was in bad shape. I think this stone one is so gorgeous and will hold up a little better.
  11. Bombas Running Socks – I asked for Bombas socks last year for Christmas, and PW gave me these running socks, which I didn’t even know existed! They have been a game changer. They’re lightweight, super stretchy and comfy, and don’t get holes. They’re my favorite socks ever. So now I need many more pairs!
  12. Stocking: Hu Chocolate – I’m absolutely obsessed with Hu Chocolate and don’t want any other treats in my stocking this year!

Laura’s Christmas Wishlist

  1. Utility Wagon – If you’re a parent, you KNOW how necessary a good utility wagon is. Mine broke and I need a replacement. I truly use this for everything, Christmas light walks, sports games, the beach, travel – everything!
  2. Dyson Airwrap – I put this on my list every year, maybe Santa will get the hint this year ;). I’ve been eyeing it for so many years, that I know it’s worth the splurge.
  3. Nutrafol Supplements – I have a few friends who SWEAR by Nutrafol, and I really want to try it our for my postpartum hair loss!
  4. Crossbody Phonecase – I’m sure you’ve seen these everywhere – I love anything that helps me be hands-free. This case is so chic and cute.
  5. Weekender Bag – This is a very popular bag that’s a more affordable option than some on the market. Ever since having 3 kids, we don’t all fit in one suitcase so I’d love to have this to add shoes, toiletries, and more! Plus it’s under $50 – you can’t beat that!
  6. Greta Ballet Flat – These are THE shoe of the moment – Merrick has shared them a ton. I want to add them to my closet, and a classic brown pair will work the best with my wardrobe and style.
  7. Royal Blue Scuba Hoodie – I love every single scuba piece I have from lululemon (and trust me, it’s way too much) but I just can’t pass up this gorgeous royal blue color!
  8. Hot Pink Tumbler – Listen, I’m a neutral girl (and a Stanley die-hard) through and through but THIS hot pink color, is just too fun!
  9. Mini Ice Cube Trays – Our precious pebble ice maker gave out this year, and I miss it! But to be honest, it was such a hastle to maintain and took up so much counter space. I’m hoping this easy (and super cheap!) alternative will fill the void.

Kristy’s Christmas Wishlist

  1.  Buddha Girl Bracelets-  I love my gold set of these bracelets and have been wanting to get this color.  I literally wear them everyday and so I want another color to mix in!
  2. Anthropologie Sling Bag–  I love this bag! I have started wanting smaller bags now that I don’t have to carry around things for my kids anymore.  I love the woven look of this bag and think it would be a great bag to just keep for everyday wear.
  3. Colored Glass Set – We have always traveled for Holidays and so I never thought about my table decor.  As I have gotten older and my kids have gotten older, we have stayed home and hosted more and more dinners at our house.  I think this glass set would be so cute to add color and be festive for any time of year.
  4. Ankle Wrist Weights– I am a walker.  I don’t really love working out, but I love walking.  I think these would add to my walks and give me more of a workout, which I need.
  5. On Cloud Running Shoes – Every year I buy new running shoes for Christmas.  I think I’m ready to try the on cloud sneakers.  The reviews are amazing and I love the look of them.
  6. Kindle Cover– I am a reader.  I have my kindle with me at all times.  I have a basic black kindle cover that I have had for years and it is wearing out.  I think I’m ready to add some personality to my most commonly used accessory!
  7. Bookish Sweatshirt– I love that there are so many sweatshirts and swag about reading now! It all speaks to my book loving heart! I think this sweatshirt is so cute, and I love the neutral colors.
  8. Anthropologie Scalloped Earrings– I am an accessory girl.  I will buy accessories more than I buy clothes.  My favorite place to get great earrings in Anthropologie.  I saw these and I literally want them in every color. They are classic but so cute!
  9. Candle Warmer Lamp–  I have been seeing this everywhere lately.  I burn a candle all day when I am home.  I think using this to slow the burnout time would save me so much money! Plus its so cute!

Shelby’s Christmas Wishlist

  1. Patagonia Backpack – This is one of the top things on my list this year. As a full time student and someone who loves to take weekend trips having a good backpack is key! My current backpack is great, but I’ve had it for almost eight years and it’s starting to show a little wear and tear… I love the Husk Tan color of this Patagonia backpack. It looks super functional, cute, and I know it will last a long time.
  2. Sambas– I’m definitely late to this Pinterest famous shoe, but there are so many times I’m getting dressed in the morning and think they would go great with what I’m wearing so I know I’ll wear them a ton.
  3. Laptop Cover – I take my laptop pretty much everywhere I go and don’t always want to take my whole bag. This cover looks protective and a little nicer than the flimsy cloth covers I’ve had in the past.
  4. Owala – I never leave my house without my water bottle and I’ve heard great reviews about these! They come in the cutest colors and are pretty affordable! I’ve had my current waterbottle for years so I’m hoping to swap it out this Christmas!
  5. Roasting sticks for campfire / Rechargeable lighter – On the weekends, I love hiking and roasting s’mores with friends. I’m always asking friends to bring roasting sticks or searching around in the woods, so these would be a game changer!
  6. Anomia – I’m not always a huge game night kind of person, but this game has been a hit at every game night I’ve been to or hosted. I always ask friends to bring it, but I’d love my own!
  7. Diffuser – I’m always looking for ways to make my apartment cozier and I think a little diffuser like this would be so nice!
  8. Gel Nail Colors – I have a gel nail kit super similar to this one and I love it! I’d love some new colors and I think this pack looks like it has some really pretty colors that are both trendy and classic!
  9. 5 Panel Hat – I’ve been super into baseball hats lately and I also love hiking so I think this 5 panel hat would be super cute for outdoorsy outfits and activities!


Mary’s Christmas Wishlist

  1. Dyson Hair Wrap – I have ignored the popularity of this hair dryer for years because I was not going to pay that much for a hair dryer.  BUT, I was visiting my in-laws and used my Mother-in-laws while staying at her house, and I finally understood all the hype.  With my shorter hair, it dries it so fast, and it gives it just the right volume with the different tools you can choose.
  2. Ninja Creami – I have used this with friends and I am obsessed.  I can’t wait to try it out at home with my family, which is why I opted for the bigger XL size.
  3. Gucci Flora Gorgeous Gardenia Eau de Parfum Gift Set – This perfume has become my most favorite scent ever.  I love, love, love it! It isn’t overwhelming but still noticeable. I get compliments on it all the time. Nordstrom has this gift set right now which comes with a little travel pen spray which I love taking with me when I travel. When bought together the little travel size is basically free.
  4. StrawberryAvocados Apple Watch Band – These watch bands are so cute! I am dying over the green and pink one, but this more neutral beige and white one is so cute as well.  The bee charms make me so happy.
  5. Linjer Eternity Ring – I like to change up my wedding ring and bands from time to time just to keep things fun and fresh.  I love the dainty look of this ring. My original wedding bands are pretty thick, so it gives my wedding ring a whole new look!.  I love that the stones go all around the ring so I don’t have to continuously be adjusting and fixing my rings.  It’s such a great price for trying something new, but this brand also has a real diamond version (for a great price), so if i decide I love the look, I can upgrade.
  6. Herd Mentality Festive Cheer Bundle – I love getting a new game for our family to play at Christmas.  My Sister in Law had this on her list and I quickly added it to mine.  I love the Festive Cheer bundle as well for a little extra Holiday fun!
  7. Stanley Ornament – How adorable are these?!!  We get an ornament in our stocking every year, and I don’t think there could be a more perfect one for me.  I can’t go anywhere without my pink Stanley.
  8. Batiste Dark Brown Dry Shampoo – Another great stocking stuffer that is always on my list.  I have tried many, many dry shampoos, but I keep coming back to this one because it is dark brown so it blends so nicely with my dark brown hair.  Plus I can pick it up at Target, so it’s super convenient to keep on hand.
  9. Lates by Kate – These are my most favorite PJ’s ever!  They are so soft and comfortable and the only PJ’s that I will sleep in.  They have some cute long sleeve ones that I would love to have for the colder months.




  1. Cynthia Rasmussen says:

    I’m looking for a new temple bag too!! If you find a good one, please post!

  2. Katee Hatch says:

    Yes! Please share if you find a good temple bag. I am also on the hunt for a new one!

  3. Bridget says:

    What is a temple bag? A nice bag to take to temple or does it have to do something special with special compartments?

  4. Tammy Anderson says:

    I wanted a new temple bag this year too! I bought this one a couple of weeks ago. I like the way it looks and it’s definitely an upgrade from what I had before.


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