What I’m Getting My Husband For Christmas

15 year anniversary

Husbands are always the hardest people to shop for. Here is what I’m actually getting my husband for Christmas this year. 


The most requested gift guide every year is a gift guide for MEN, specifically husbands. I have a ton of men’s gift guides RIGHT HERE, but I wanted to share specifically what I’m getting my husband this year.

My husband is VERY particular about pretty much everything, and he has very expensive taste. So buying him gifts is tricky! He loves clothing, watches, traveling, good food, home decor, plays golf occasionally, and prefers to go without if you can’t get good quality.

These are a few things he’s asked for this year, and things I’m getting him!


What I’m Getting My Husband For Christmas 

1. YEARLY PHOTO BOOK. I’ve made one of these books for him every year for the past 16 years. I always do it for the previous year so I can do the entire year and not miss Christmas or New Years or our wedding anniversary photos.

2. COCONU INTIMACY ADVENTURE. I created this amazing intimacy adventure kit with Coconu this year, that’s basically an advent calendar that you don’t have to do in December (when it’s your busiest month and it creates extra pressure and stress). Instead, you do it all year long, to keep things fun and interesting anytime! Code MERRICK30 works for 30% off right now (through 11/28) and then after that it’s back to MERRICK for 15% off. I spent so much time working on this, and cannot wait to give it to him. I’ll put it in his stocking!

3. D&G “LIGHT BLUE” COLOGNE. PW has been wearing this cologne for the last few years and it’s SO GOOD. I got into an Uber in NYC a few years ago and the driver smelled so good, so I asked him his cologne and he told me it was this one! I immediately went home and bought it for P. He’s been wearing it ever since and it’s time for a refill, so he’ll be getting a new bottle under the tree this year!

4. LULULEMON ABC JOGGERS. PW is obsessed with these joggers. They’re his most worn pair of casual pants, and they are super comfy, sturdy, and don’t sag out. He has a few pairs and wants a few more navy blue and black ones to add to his closet.

5. TRAVIS MATHEW POLO SHIRT. If your husband golfs, or just wants nice polo shirts, this is such a good brand with polo shirts that fit really well. PW has a few of these and I’m going to get him another one for Christmas.

6. TRAVIS MATHEW QUARTER ZIP SWEATER. This is another fantastic Travis Mathew’s top. You can wear with a tee, polo, or button up shirt underneath and it looks so nice. PW wears the size medium.

7. SNOW SHOVEL. Now that we live somewhere that gets some snow, it’s time to get a good snow shovel! I debated getting a snow thrower, but I don’t think we get quite enough snow to justify the cost and storage space, so we’re going to start with a good snow shovel and go from there. Maybe we’ll upgrade to a legit snow thrower in a few years if we feel like we need it.

8. MONOGRAMMED TRAVEL WATCH CASE. This was on my men’s gift guide this year and I had to get one for PW cause it’s perfect for his watch collection and the large amount of traveling he does! I got it monogrammed, and it turned out so beautifully! It would make such a good gift for your husband or boyfriend if he loves watches too.

9. FOOTJOY SOCKS. These are PW’s all time favorite socks that he wears all the time. They’re super comfy and cushioned, and hold up for so long without getting stretched out. They’re also really affordable at $15 for two pairs! These go in his stocking!

10. RALPH LAUREN DRESS SOCKS. I bought these on a whim a few years ago for him, and they became some of his favorite dress socks. They’re crazy soft and stretchy, don’t sag, and come in a bunch of solid color options. I’m grabbing him a few extra pairs to get him through this year! These will go in his stocking.

11. PRINTED PHOTOS. Since moving and hanging some of our photos up on the wall, we have a few framed photos that we need to replace. Mixbook is my favorite place to do this. They’re affordable, great quality, and quick turnaround time. If you need large photos printed, definitely use them.

12. SILLY SODAA few years ago I started a funny stocking stuffer tradition…I went to a local sweets shop that sold lots of crazy and fun sodas, and I picked out one silly soda for each of the boy’s stockings. They love opening up the stocking on Christmas morning and seeing what “Santa” chose. I got a Bacon flavored soda for PW the first year, and Dill Pickle flavored soda last year, ha! We always taste test them on Christmas night after dinner. I’ll see what I can find this year since we’ve moved and I don’t have access to the same shop as years past, but I’m sure I’ll find something good.


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