Top Trending Gifts This Year

What are the top trending gifts this year? Here’s a breakdown of the most popular gifts from my guides and beyond! 


I share a ton of gift ideas every year in my gift guides, but I wanted to share a few of the top most popular gifts for 2023. Here’s a breakdown of the top gifts by category and age.

Top Trending Gifts for 2023

Men’s and Women’s Trending Gifts

  • Ninja Creami – This is THE GIFT of 2023. For yourself, husband, family, anyone. A few girls on my team all own it and can’t get enough. If it’s a great gift the whole family will use! There are two versions – the smaller one and the deluxe one. Crate and Barrel currently has the cheapest DELUXE version, and Walmart has the cheapest SMALLER VERSION.
  • THE Chelsea Boot: These are by far my top sellers every year. They would make a great gift for any women in your life – so many of you have already grabbed them!
  • Intimacy Adventure: I created this with Coconu to make a fun intimacy challenge for you and your significant other. It would make a great gift for your spouse. Use code MERRICK for an extra discount!
  • Swiftie Sweatshirt: This has been a top gift recommendation this year and works for any Swifite, old or young!
  • BabeLash Serum: Any beauty lover of any age could use some new lash serum – it works SO well. Use code MERRICK15!
  • Leather Watch Carrier: I grabbed this for PW and I think it makes a perfect gift – especially if your guy travels a lot.
  • Transport Tote: The most basic and well-made bag I own. It’s a bit of a splurge for a gift, but I promise you whoever you gift it to will use it for years to come.
  • Personalized Toiletry Bag: Another great gift for any traveler that so many of you have grabbed already this year.
  • COOP Pillow: Grab this pillow for yourself, your spouse, parents, grandparents, ANYONE! I’m telling you – it’s life-changing and 100s of you have grabbed one already.
  • Family Garden: This has been wildly popular gift for grandparents.

Kids and Teens Trending Gifts


  • Chelsea Camper: This is THE Barbie gift of 2023 – and the price point is great too. This would be a great gift for any newer Barbie fans with little hands!
  • Barbie Pet Salon: Little animal toys and Barbie’s go hand-in-hand. This Barbie set encourages lots of free play and creativity!


  • LEGO Friends Pet Day Care: This is such a fun gift! Little builders who love animals will love this fun set with a lot of added accessories.
  • LEGO Star Wars Ship: This star wars LEGO set Is perfect for fans both young and old – it ends up building bigger than you think!


  • Mario Wonder: After the Mario craze this summer, Mario video games are the biggest hit. This is the newest version of classic Super Mario games and is available on the Switch.
  • Spider-Man 2: The oh-so-popular Miles Morales and the original Spider-Man team up in the newest PS5 game. This game just released and is one of the hottest gift options this year!


  • Tonies Box: Tonies are the PERFECT gift for little hands. Each comes with a character (you can continue to add on) that has 7+ hours of stories and songs loaded. It’s super toddler-friendly and can be parent-controlled from an app.
  • MagnaTiles Add-Ons: THIS Dinosaur one and THIS Ocean one. Any parent of toddlers knows how fantastic Magnatiles are – now there are Magnatile setst! From construction vehicles to jungle animals to dinosaurs there’s a great add on set for every interest!


  • Throw Throw Burrito: Everyone loves this game! It’s a combination of a card game and dodgeball where players go head to head collecting cards, earning points, and throwing squishy toy burritos at one another.
  • Family FaceOff: Imagine if charades, a scavenger hunt, and karaoke night had a baby. That’s Family Faceoff. This game is meant to get you moving and thinking.


  • Gravity Maze: My 9-year-old got this as a gift recently and it was an instant hit. My husband and kids played it together for hours!
  • Terrarium: Different than an adult plant terrarium, this let’s little kids layer the design and decorate the terrarium based on their own interest and skill level – plus the price can’t be beat!


  • Record Player: Teens are super into records right now – this player comes in a ton of colors and is pretty affordable!
  • Photo Printer: This photo printer can connect to their phones via Bluetooth and print photos for them to hang in their room, lockers, everywhere!

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