What We Bought B for His 12th Birthday

12 year old birthday

We just celebrated B’s 12th birthday! I can’t believe we have a teenager. If you’re looking for some good birthday gifts for a 12-year-old boy, here are some ideas.


This week was B’s 12th birthday! He is our oldest, so every birthday is an adventure, trying to figure out what gifts will be best for him.

If you need some inspiration for your preteens this year, here’s what got for him!


Birthday Gifts for a 12-Year-Old Boy

Harry Potter Collaborative Game

  • My sister in law bought this game for her kids for Christmas and when we went to visit them at New Year’s, my boys loved playing it with their cousins. I’d never played a collaborative game like this, where you’re playing as a team against the game itself. It’s also fun because it has different packs for each Harry Potter book so there are no spoilers, and you get to open a new pack when you’ve read the next book!


Chromebook Mouse

  • Our schools use Chromebooks and B has to use his everyday. He had an old mouse that broke, so he got a brand new one for his birthday. It was a simple gift but he was so excited to have a working mouse again!


Volume Control Kids Headphones


New Appaman Suit

  • My boys have worn Appaman suits since they were tiny and they’re literally the best quality boy’s suits out there. We hand them down over and over and they still look brand new! B wears a suit to church every week, so we got him this new one since his old one is getting a little bit small.


Star Wars watch band for his Gabb Watch



  • This is one of my favorite games, and somehow we lost our deck of cards a few years ago! So of course I had to get a new set, and it was a perfect game to play as a family while we ate dessert on his birthday.


Finder’s Seekers At Home Escape Room

  • My sister, Janssen, introduced me to Finder’s Seekers, after her in-laws gave them to all the children for Christmas. They’re at home escape rooms, and although we haven’t done them yet, I got two of them and we’re excited to try them out! They’re a subscription, so I just signed up and then canceled after two arrived.


Hogwarts T-Shirt

  • We’re big Harry Potter fans around here and when I saw this t-shirt, I knew I had to get it for him. The metallic details make it look really cool and he immediately put it on after opening it and wore it to school.


His big gift is a trip with Philip and me to New York City this weekend…follow along on Instagram if you want to see what we do!


Have any other good gift ideas for preteen boys? Share them in the comments!




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