5 Self Development and Business Podcasts I’ve Been Listening to Lately

my favorite podcasts

These five self development and business podcasts are in constant rotation while I workout. They’re fun, informative, and inspiring. Definitely add them to your list!

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These are some of my favorite self development and business podcasts

It has been ages since I shared about my favorite podcasts! I listen to an episode of a podcast almost every day when I run (which is currently three days a week), but I haven’t been as good about sharing my favorites.

So I wanted to share some of my current favorite podcasts that I’ve listened to recently.

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my favorite podcasts about self development


Show Up Podcast by Natalie Norton

I don’t remember where I heard about the Show Up podcast, but from the very first episode, I was hooked. She has such a great voice and her thoughts and ideas are so interesting and refreshing. The basis of her podcast is to take care of yourself and be your best self so you can show up in your life.

To be honest, I don’t love most podcasts that have interviews with other people, but Natalie always does them so well and brings on fantastic guests.

I think you guys will love her too.


Live Free Creative by Miranda Anderson

Miranda is one of my real life friends — I met her almost seven years ago at a sewing conference in Salt Lake City, and she’s one of those people who just exudes happiness and goodness and wisdom. I could listen to her talk all day.

She marches to the beat of her own drum, doing what’s best for her and her family, no matter what anyone or everyone else might be doing, and I respect the heck out of that.

Her podcast, Live Free Creative is all about that — finding the freedom to live in a way that’s true to you. Her episodes are interesting and funny and sweet and helpful. Definitely check hers out.


Marketing School with Neil Patel and Eric Siu

This Marketing School podcast is a recent find, and if you’re not running a business, it’s definitely not the podcast for you. BUT if you are running your own online business, their short and sweet episodes are really helpful and insightful.

Each episode is less than 10 minutes and packed with concrete and good business strategy advice. Highly recommend them.


3 in 30 Podcast

I’ve talked about the 3 in 30 Podcast many times before, but it’s been in my constant podcast rotation so I have to mention it again. Rachel invites the most fantastic guests on to her show to give concrete, helpful advice to moms. Each of her episodes is 30 minutes, so it doesn’t take a lot of time, and in each episode she gives three actionable takeaways.

I’ve learned so much from this podcast, and although not every episode applies to my situation, every one has resonated with me in one way or another. You should for sure listen to this podcast.


Young House Love Podcast

Most of the podcasts I listen to are self development kinds of shows. But the Young House Love podcast is a home improvement show! Sherry and John are a husband and wife team who flip, decorate, and design houses. They talk about the process, share advice, and also make me laugh a lot. They’re so fun to listen to, and they share much more than just home stuff. 

When I’m not in the mood to listen to an episode on self development, I always turn to their fun podcast. Whether you have a home or not, it’s a really good listen.


I’m always on the hunt for new podcasts — which ones am I missing out on??

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